Ray Ban Aviator Sunglasses Review

This ladies and gentlemen is the Ray Ban Aviator sunglasses. It is the design that started it all. It was originally designed for US military fighter pilots in 1937. GQ magazine and Esquire magazine have rated these sunglasses as one of the top things that you should never let out of your wardrobe. Again, timeless style, that make you look good and feel cool. Ray Ban Aviator Sunglasses. Go get some.

Ray Ban Aviator Sunglasses

Ray Ban Aviator Sunglasses

K2 Parkstar Review

2011 and 2012 K2 Parkstar

The K2 Parkstar could be the board for you. This is actually a pretty cool board. It has the jib rocker technology so it is great for that jibber at heart in the park or pretty much all over too. It has 80% flat in between the tip and the tail and 20% in front of the tip and tail; a rocker that kind of kicks up. It has a hybrid taper technology so you’ll see the same construction sidewall that it has and it gradually turns into a cap construction, reducing the amount of weight in the nose and the tail and the amount of core inside the board on the nose and tail. It is nice and light.


The stance is centered, of course, which is great because it is a twin board with a hyper progressive side cut radius. Hyper progressive side cut radius means that it can go into turns nice and smooth, hold your edge aggressively in the middle of a turn, and then come out smooth again. It has bi-lax fiberglass. there are two pieces of fiberglass that stems the core, on the bottom and on the top and they’re rolled in that 45 degrees.

2011 K2 Parkstar Snowboard

2011 K2 Parkstar

What is great about this kind of fiberglass is the ICG fiberglass — it’s the integrated carbon glass so it has carbon inside. That makes it super light and super, super snappy. It also has a little bit more carbon in it. What K2 is doing now is called the Carbon Web . On the nose and tail of the board there is going to be a spiderweb of carbon that helps this board get you a little bit higher when you need to ollie over a barrel or a little crumb or a skeet or something like that. The 4000 Sintered base that is super and it is going to absorb wax and hold wax a little bit longer than a traditional board. This is the K2 Parkstar.

2012 K2 Park Star

Features of the K2 Parkstar:

* BASELINE: Jib Rocker®
* DAMPING: Standard
* CONSTRUCTION: Hybritaper™
* SHAPE: Centered
* Twin Hyper Progressive
* CORE: Triax / ICG10
* GLASS: NEW! Carbon Web™ I
* ADDITIVES: 4000 Sintered

K2 Parkstar 2012

K2 Happy Hour Review

2012 K2 Happy Hour Snowboard

K2 Snowboards, Snowboard Boots, Bindings, Skis, HoodiesThe team freak out board. It is a bizarro, genius fun board. It does absolutely everything. The guys and the team riders at K2 got locked in a cabin like this one and decided to make a board. They designed the core, the glass, the top sheet, the base, the graphics even, and this is what they came up with. I haven’t seen a shape like this in a long time and I absolutely love it.

The Happy Hour has Flatline Technology. The base is 100% flat except for the nose and tail. And it also has the Hybritaper construction; the wood inside the board has actually been tapered off to create less swing weight and to use less materials as well. It does have the Stabby Twin shape. Watch out when you ride it close with your friends. You could poke an eye out with the tail and nose.

It has a centered stance of course because it is a twin board and it has a WH3 wood core. It has three different species of renewable laminate wood inside this, but it also has the Bambooyah as well. Basically it has Honeykomb
material that runs in couple spots in the board:  between the inserts and in between the rails on both edges. It’s gonna cause for a lot of pop and a great flex pattern.

It has K2‘s Triax fiberglass with IGC10. The fiberglass runs in three different directions: at 45 degrees, negative 45 degrees, and at zero degrees. TCG, Integrated Carbon Glass, runs from tip to tail and ollie-bars that runing in between you feet, adding a little bit more pop for those riders out there that need a little bit of ollie help.

It also has a couple other additives as well. The Happy Hour also has the Carbon Web 1 additive, meaning there’s carbon web that runs underneath the inserts to the tip and the tail for added pop as well. The base is gonna be a high maintenance, very, very slick base called the 4000 Sintered base.

You’ll see by the rad graphic, that’s a die cut, that this thing is going to stay fast; because if you have a knife on your board that means you’re probably gonna be hauling ass down the hill all the time. The base bevel edge is at 1 degree, and it’s going to be rad! It’s the K2 Happy Hour, the team edition board that everyone is going to fall in love with this year. I can’t wait to do some tail grabs and nose grabs with these things; hopefully I won’t stab myself.

Capita Charlie Slasher FK Snowboard

Capita Charlie Slasher Flat Kick Pow board. This thing is for the best times of your life. It’s a flat kick board. Meaning that it’s basically flat in between the bindings and throughout the tail. It actually has a really unique shape to it. It’s pretty much flat from here to here. Has a normal shaped tail. The nose however, is very interesting. It rocks up like a normal reverse camber board and then continues to rock up even harder. That’s called flat kick or that’s what Capita likes to call Flat Kick. It basically has two different angles of reverse camber on that nose to keep your board from sinking when you’re riding ten feet of fresh.

The Capita Charlie Slasher FK Snowboard shape has a directional shape. It’s a little bit wider in the nose and gradually tapers down to a little bit narrower on the tail. It has a progressive side coat radius. Meaning that it’s kind of like an egg shape. So it’s easy to get into turns and then aggressive getting out of turns.

The stance is set back one inch. The core is pretty unique as well. It’s from reforested forests. The core is 100% reforested certified so the trees that are in this have been replanted in places where trees were cut down before. The glass is called Form 6 glass which means it’s a Bilax fiberglass. Meaning there’s two directions of fiberglass on the top, two directions of fiberglass on the bottom when they sandwiched the core. And the base is made out of high transparent extruded base.

You can see the graphic. It definitely pops. It has a flex of about a six, and one of my favorite things, besides everything, beside the cool looking graphic, is the carbon fiber beams that it has in the nose. There’s two different carbon fiber beams that run to about here in the nose. So when you’re running through some choppy stuff, because of the flat kick technology, it will kind of damper the vibrations when you’re going 6000 miles an hour down the hill.

Capita – Charlie Slasher POW Flat Kick Technology.


K2 Believer Snowboard Review

This is the K2 Believer Snowboard. It’s a Flatline technology snowboard which means that it’s completely flat. That’s it, it’s flat, 100 percent flat except for the nose and the tail where there’s, well there’s no effective edge beyond that. It has a Hybritaper technology which means that K2 actually has taken a little bit out of the core so that the nose and tail are nice and tapered. It has the Twin Hyper Progressive side cut radius .

ITt’s a Twin board, the stance is centered. The Twin Hyper Progressive side cut radius means that when you’re going fast down the hill, it’s going to keep you going nice and fast and holding an edge. And when you’re jibbing around at the bottom of the hill, the thing is going to treat you just well. It has the WH4 wood core. So it has three different species of laminate wood core inside. K2 also put in urethane skin HoneyKomb technology. So there’s going to be three pieces of HoneyKomb technology between the binding. The glass inside is the integrated carbon glass, which means that in the glass there’s going to be carbon fiber, actually. This thing is going to stay nice and poppy, nice and fun. It has a sintered 4000 base. So this thing is going to absorb a lot of wax. This thing is going to stay fast pretty much in any condition, even if you treat the base well or not. This is the K2 Believer Snowboard.



Capita Horrorscope FK Snowboard Review

This is the Capita Horrorscope FK Snowboard , bo ya kasha, “Flat Kick” board. “Flat kick”, you guys will know what that term means by the end of the season from watching some of these videos and for riding. You will get to know flat kick for riding. These Capita snowboardsboards are flat in between the bindings, rocks up a little bit before the nose and the tale then there is an extra little lift or what Capita calls “Flat Kick”. Again, so it’s flat, up a little bit and then up a little bit more. Great for that jibber at heart and let me tell you what, this horoscope “Flat Kick” board is for that urban warfare Jib terrorist out there.

If you like hitting the streets hitting the rails, hitting the ledges, doing bomb drops, this is going to be the indestructible board that you can thrash all season long. True twin of cores, seven stains of cores, and it has a wood derived technology of core, which means that inside of here is pressure bonded wood composite core. So, it is not normal tip to tale wood core, its pressure bonded wood composite. It makes for a nice flex. On the glass it is called pre cured 420 glass. Which means that on both the top and the bottom of the sandwich core there is 370 grams of fiber glass that runs tip to tale, and there is 50 grams of glass that runs from edge to edge. The base is an extruded base. You won’t have to maintain this thing very often because you’re probably going to be running parking lots and sand lots. What other lots are there, car park lots? Anyway, flex is a 3 this thing is soft you could butter a sandwich with it if you wanted to, yep super soft! And, Transworld has rated this thing Good Wood in 2010. Horrorscope, Capita, Flat Kick, Matt Guf, The House.


Arbor Draft Snowboard Review

This is the Arbor Draft. This is part of Arbor three part series. The Arbor Draft is the jib system. There is also the park system and there is the mountain system. This, as you can guess, is for the jibber. It has bronze edges. It is a little bit softer so you won’t catch your edge if you are riding a sketchy rail. It has jib-specific rocker that has an absolutely fantastic flex. If you want to get your front tail, back nose pretzel out, this is probably going to be the board to do it. It has a low maintenance base so you won’t have to worry about grinding around in parking lots or grinding around in rails. It has robust tips. As you can see, it has a little bit more of a blunt nose and tail shape which is a lot of fun. It brings me back to 1993. One of my favorite things about this board besides the graphic, this is a specific graphic from an artist named Jeff Sato. Check it out – skulls, rainbows, happy faces all over. This thing has a sumo stance. You can give your stance, a standard stock stance, of 25.5 inches. For those of you guys that like to have those wide stances, you won’t have to t-bolt this thing. This thing already has a super sumo stance. This is a just one of Arbors great park boards.

Ride Slackcountry Snowboard Review

Ride Snowboards

Hey, ladies and gentlemen, Matt Guff here for the House Snowboard Shop and I’m presenting to you the Ride Slackcountry. It’s a high rise board. As you see when I lay this thing down, this thing cambers out a lot. There’s a lot of flex to that thing. You could drive and park your car under the nose and the tail of that thing. What’s interesting about this powder board right here, this back country board, is that even though it has a lot of high rise, the nose and tail really sweep up. It’s a super, super stiff board. It has the carbon array seven or the C7 inserts inside. You can actually, you can see some of the carbon inserts right through the hempbrain topsheet. I’m going to flex this thing. That doesn’t flex well. And every once in a while you can like, this is a good flex to do in the shop, just do the butt flex. A lot of people don’t think this works well, but as you can see that’s stiff board right there. It has the slimewall sidewalls. These things, you can put your finger in them and they’ll flex a little bit. The base is absolutely fantastic. “Wish you were here”, and that’s true. This is the Ride Slackcountry, enjoy.

Ride Rapture Snowboard Review

Today we are going highlight the Ride Rapture Snowboard, this is a low rise rocker. As you can see, when I lay it flat, it has a little bit of rocker to it. This humps up when you’re riding, jibbing, not to catch your edge when you stay flat based on the boxes or on the snow. Has P-tex sidewalls, so if you do ding into anything, it’s just going to bounce right back. Sintered 1500 base. It’s an easy base to maintain. I don’t know if you wax, but you should. Bringing it into your local shop, this is going to be a nice base to wax up, going to be easy to maintain. Also has a thin conic construction. It’s a little bit thicker in the middle, and gradually tapers out to a nice thin tip, nose and tail for better swing weight. That’s pretty much for this fantastic board from Ride.

Arbor Del Rey Snowboard Review

Guf here for The House Snowboard Shop, and this is an Arbor Del Ray. This is a twin tip snow board. It has a standard width; it’s not too wide and not too narrow. What I like most about it, it’s right in the middle of the flex zone. It has a little bit of camber. It’s easy to get into turns and easy to get out of turns with this board. It also has what’s called a progressive side-cut radius. Most side-cut radius’s are part of a circle. This actually looks like a shape of an egg almost. It’s an easy end to the turn, and it snaps you out of the turn, which is a lot of fun. This is really, really playful. It’s great and interesting riding switch because it snaps you into the turn really, really hard and gradually releases you out of the turn where you’re riding switch. A wonderful board. 4 X 4 inserts. Awesome graphics. This is the Del Ray By Arbor.

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