Snowboard Reviews

Ride Slackcountry Snowboard Review

Ride Slackcountry UL Snowboard

Ride Snowboards Hey, ladies and gentlemen, Matt Guff here for the House Snowboard Shop and I’m presenting to you the Ride Slackcountry. It’s a high rise board. As you see when I lay this thing down, this thing cambers out a lot. There’s a lot of flex to that thing. You could drive and park your…


Ride Rapture Snowboard Review

Ride Rapture Snowboard

Today we are going highlight the Ride Rapture Snowboard, this is a low rise rocker. As you can see, when I lay it flat, it has a little bit of rocker to it. This humps up when you’re riding, jibbing, not to catch your edge when you stay flat based on the boxes or on the…


Arbor Del Rey Snowboard Review

Arbor Del Rey Snowboard

Guf here for The House Snowboard Shop, and this is an Arbor Del Ray. This is a twin tip snow board. It has a standard width; it’s not too wide and not too narrow. What I like most about it, it’s right in the middle of the flex zone. It has a little bit of…


Arbor Formula Snowboard Review


This is the Arbor Formula. It’s from the Mountain Series. There’s three different series of Arbor Snowboards. The first is the Jib Series for Jibbers, second series is the Park Series for Park Rats, and the third one is the Mountain Series for the all mountain rider. This is a board that they highlight for….


Arbor Westmark Snowboard Review

Arbor Westmark Snowboard

Arbor Snowboards Matt Guf here for The House Snowboard Shop. This is the Arbor Westmark. This Westmark is part of the Park system. Arbor has three different systems in their boards, they have the Jib system, the Park system and the Mountain system.  This thing is right in the middle. This is for the rider who…


2011 DC Tone Snowboard Review

DC Tone Snowbaord

DC Snowboards This is a review of the DC Tone Snowboard.  It’s a Transworld 2011 Good Wood Snowboard winner. It’s going to be a true twin board.  It has anti-camber.  Has four millimeters of anti-camber.   Basically, this thing is flat in between the bindings.  Then there’s going to be a four millimeter rising from you…


2011 DC Lauri Pro Snowboard Review

DC Lauri Pro Snowboard

DC Lauri Pro Tone Pro Model the  DC Lauri Pro Tone Pro Model. Yeah, DC Lauri Pro Model Board right here. Keeping it clean, keeping it classy, with a pearl top sheet that shimmers. This is a Transworld Snowboards Goodwood winner from 2011. Fantastic. It’s an anti-camber about -4 degrees. It’s going to be flat…


K2 Fuse Snowboard Review

K2 Fuse

This is the K2 Fuse Snowboard wide edition. This is a pretty cool snowboard. It has the catch free baseline rocker system, and it’s 95 percent flat. The likelihood of you catching on this is the likelihood of you catching a whale when you’re fishing in the middle of a pond; it’s not going to…


2011 Capita Stairmaster Snowboard Review

capita stairmaster

The Capita Stairmaster is a park board loaded with the features you need to pop yourself up onto the highest street rails and the press-ability to get your tail way up there on those nosepresses.   The Stairmaster is a true-twin camber to help you leave the park rookies spending their chair rides wondering if…


Review: Burton Ruler Snowboard Boot

Screen shot 2011-05-18 at 4.02.22 PM

The 2011 Burton Ruler Boot. It is a god amongst mortals. It has a lot of features and for rider’s that likes to charge hard. This is a rad boot. It’s been around for ten years or so. It has the new shrinkage foot bed or Foot print reduction technology. Even though your wear a…