Snowboard Reviews

K2 Parkstar Review


2011 and 2012 K2 Parkstar The K2 Parkstar could be the board for you. This is actually a pretty cool board. It has the jib rocker technology so it is great for that jibber at heart in the park or pretty much all over too. It has 80% flat in between the tip and the…


K2 Happy Hour Review


2012 K2 Happy Hour Snowboard The team freak out board. It is a bizarro, genius fun board. It does absolutely everything. The guys and the team riders at K2 got locked in a cabin like this one and decided to make a board. They designed the core, the glass, the top sheet, the base, the…


Capita Charlie Slasher FK Snowboard

capita charlie slasher Snowboard

Capita Charlie Slasher Flat Kick Pow board. This thing is for the best times of your life. It’s a flat kick board. Meaning that it’s basically flat in between the bindings and throughout the tail. It actually has a really unique shape to it. It’s pretty much flat from here to here. Has a normal…


K2 Believer Snowboard Review

K2 Believer Snowboard

This is the K2 Believer Snowboard. It’s a Flatline technology snowboard which means that it’s completely flat. That’s it, it’s flat, 100 percent flat except for the nose and the tail where there’s, well there’s no effective edge beyond that. It has a Hybritaper technology which means that K2 actually has taken a little bit out…


Capita Horrorscope FK Snowboard Review

Capita Horrorscope FK Snowboard

This is the Capita Horrorscope FK Snowboard , bo ya kasha, “Flat Kick” board. “Flat kick”, you guys will know what that term means by the end of the season from watching some of these videos and for riding. You will get to know flat kick for riding. These Capita snowboardsboards are flat in between the bindings, rocks…


Arbor Draft Snowboard Review


This is the Arbor Draft. This is part of Arbor three part series. The Arbor Draft is the jib system. There is also the park system and there is the mountain system. This, as you can guess, is for the jibber. It has bronze edges. It is a little bit softer so you won’t catch…


Ride Slackcountry Snowboard Review

Ride Slackcountry UL Snowboard

Ride Snowboards Hey, ladies and gentlemen, Matt Guff here for the House Snowboard Shop and I’m presenting to you the Ride Slackcountry. It’s a high rise board. As you see when I lay this thing down, this thing cambers out a lot. There’s a lot of flex to that thing. You could drive and park your…


Ride Rapture Snowboard Review

Ride Rapture Snowboard

Today we are going highlight the Ride Rapture Snowboard, this is a low rise rocker. As you can see, when I lay it flat, it has a little bit of rocker to it. This humps up when you’re riding, jibbing, not to catch your edge when you stay flat based on the boxes or on the…


Arbor Del Rey Snowboard Review

Arbor Del Rey Snowboard

Guf here for The House Snowboard Shop, and this is an Arbor Del Ray. This is a twin tip snow board. It has a standard width; it’s not too wide and not too narrow. What I like most about it, it’s right in the middle of the flex zone. It has a little bit of…


Arbor Formula Snowboard Review


This is the Arbor Formula. It’s from the Mountain Series. There’s three different series of Arbor Snowboards. The first is the Jib Series for Jibbers, second series is the Park Series for Park Rats, and the third one is the Mountain Series for the all mountain rider. This is a board that they highlight for….