Snowboard Reviews

Capita Charlie Slasher Review

capita-charlie-slasher powder board

  2012 Capita Charlie Slasher This is the world best powder snowboard, says Capita Snowboards. It is the Charlie Slasher Flat Kick. This is the key to happiness. It has a lot of great Flat Kick technology for a lot of powder riding. This is a powder board and they have done it right. The…


Capita NAS Snowboard Review

Capita NAS

Capita NAS Snowboard 2012 This is a Capita NAS Normal Ass Snowboard.This is an engineered board for the common man or the normal guy. This Normal Ass snowboard has classic technology in it. It has a traditional camber shape. The board actually arcs this direction instead of the opposite direction. Camber boards are great because…


GNU Street Series Review


GNU Street Series Snowboard 2012 This is the brand new GNU Street Series (2013 update). That’s right, if you like jibbing and if you like hitting rails, riding Banshee Bungees and things of that sort. This is going to be the bombproof board for you, pretty much indestructible. It has a lot of cool features, a…


Capita Horroscope FK Review


Capita Horroscope FK 2012 The Capita Horrorscope Flat Kick Snowboard is a reverse cambered Flat Kick freestyle snowboard for that urban assault warrior. This is for that jibber out there or an intermediate snowboarder who wants to take it to the next level. This board pretty much does it all when it comes to freestyle…


Capita Mid Life Zero Review

Capita Mid Life Zero Snowboard

Capita Mid Life Zero Snowboard This is the mid-wide snowboard that actually has zero camber. It was designed by TJ Schneider both in construction and in graphic. And it also runs Flat Kick Technology. From contact point to contact point this board is going to be completely flat. There’s no camber. There’s no reverse camber. There’s…


Good Wood 2012

Transworld Snowboarding Good Wood

2012 Good Wood Thirteen straight years of testing and 450 boards went into the forest of quality at the beginning of the season, and after a week of research the sticks emerged and the best beech and bamboo has gotten together in that special way that produces the annual 2012 Good Wood Awards. When Transworld…


Burton Love Private Stock Pin-Up Snowboard

JC's Burton Love Private Stock

Burton has released a limited run series of the Love snowboard for speciality retailers, which as of this year has been discontinued. Rumor has it that only 300 boards have been released globally, 99 of which are in the U.S. and dispersed out over 31 stores. If you are lucky enough to be given the…


K2 Brigade Review

2012 k2 Brigade

  2012 K2 Brigade Snowboard This is a K2 Brigade. You can learn how to ride for less with this board and explore the whole mountain. It does have a catch free baseline rocker technology. Eighty percent of this board is completely flat and the 5% by the nose and the tail actually rocks up….


Capita Totally FK’N Awesome Review


2011-12 Capita Totally FK’N Awesome Snowboard This is the Capita Totally FK’N Awesome snowboard with flat kick technology! As you’ve seen throughout all of Capita snowboards, they always have amazing graphics and I was really excited to review this board because the graphics again are pretty rad. Not only is the topsheet DTD silkscreened, but…


K2 Lifelike Review


K2 Lifelike Snowboard 2012 This the K2 Lifelike. This board will challenge you to shred a better day. It is for the rider that does it all in a single day, because this is a freestyle oriented, all-mountain board. It has Flatline technology, meaning that this board is 100% flat, except for the nose and…