Review: Burton Bullet Snowboard

Dave here at The House talking about the Burton Bullet snowboard. Definitely our best selling wide snowboard. It’s the most affordable wide snowboard that Burton makes and we sold a ton of them. Definitely going to be better than lot of other manufacturers’ high-end wide snowboards. What you are looking at, this one, it’s got their Fly Core, tons of different laminates going into this core to make it lighter weight, which is important on the wider snowboards, but it is very lively, very responsive with the full tip-to-tail wood core.

From there it has a Cruise Control technology. The snowboard will be rolled like this ever so slightly just to keep the edges off the snow so that the person that might be just starting a ride or going through the intermediate stages isn’t going to catch an edge quite as quick. This one does come with their Grip and Rip Tune. It’s already detuned, especially at the nose and the tail. So, it’s pretty ready to go right out of the bag. It has an extruded vision base. Got really good clarity, really good clearness with the P-Tex. See the graphic easily. You don’t have to wax this one as much and it’s really easy to repair if you get hit from a rock or rail or something like that.

Other than that, you’ve got slant wall construction. Really, really good at holding the edge on icy hardpack terrain. Really good at resisting damage. This one will come with the Go Snowboarding sticker. Really, really cool program that Burton is doing. You buy the snowboard, you fill this out online and it’s going to give you a free learn-to-ride lesson and a Lift Ticket at participating resorts, something super cool that only Burton is doing. Definitely throwing a lot of money into this program, throwing a lot of love back to us. So the Burton Bullet snowboard is a good one to support, awesome snowboard, super durable, will last forever. So, awesome, pureness, magical.


Review: Forum Youngblood Chilly Dog Snowboard – 2010


Old Dirty Bastard, here at the house talking about one of the best selling twin tip freestyle jibsticks. This is the Forum Youngblood snowboard. This one in particular is upgraded with Chillydog, which is Forum’s really really cool reverse camber stuff. Kind of got an elliptical smile, really mellow, going on throughout the whole snowboard. So it kind of combines rocker in the middle with rocker on the outer, but with really smooth, predictable lines to it.

This one’s going to have basically just a really simple radial side cut, really predictable nothing too hooky here. It’s going to be nice when you are rolling away from landing and stuff like that. Really stable roll in flat base, up to that quadruple kink you’re about to slay.It’s got a little bit of dual density side wall action going on here. That is going to help you lock onto rails. It is going to absorb impact, and just make it all around a more forgiving ride.

Like I said before, true twin stance, side cut, flex, everything is symmetrical on this one. From there, you’re rolling into die cut, extruded base. Really easy to take care of, doesn’t require much waxing. Easy to repair if something goes wrong with it. Got a nice poppy, bright graphic to it. Comes in some alternate colors that if you get the green on the nose and the tail, or the other neons, you get a little glow going, so maybe if you call me up I can scope one of those for you.

Good Wood Award from Transworld. The Chillydog stuff is killing it for the Good Wood Awards and Snowboard Magazine awards, as well as with all the other mags, it’s crushing it. Every length going too represent a different floor of this building. I chose this one because it has Jesus with his iPod. That, amongst many other things, but this is the highlight for sure. That’s good stuff.

Guys at Forum know what they’re doing, definitely been killing it for years. This is their best selling snowboard and it’s for a damn good reason. Forum Youngblood snowboard, get on it.



Review: DC BDR Snowboard

Dave here at the house. Talking about the DC BDR snowboard. Rocker or Anti Camber, or as they refer to it Bender Done Right (BDR) snowboard. Now this one’s jumping on the band wagon, but it’s jumping on definitely the right way.

What you’re looking at on this one its to be flat between the snowboard bindings and it rolls up ever so slightly at the nose and the tail. What that’s going to do is give you pretty good contact with hard pack or icy conditions. Definitely still stick to the rail when you’re doing a 50-50, but definitely makes it a little more versatile as floating through the good stuff or any kind of natural terrain you may be coming across. Obviously your pressing is going to be a little bit easier since it’s pre-dispostioned to bend that way.

From there you got 4×2 insert patterns Really good micro stance adjustments, you can definitely bang out about a 25.5 stance in this one. So you can definitely do the wide street stance. Sidewall construction on this one is multi colored Sidelwall construction actually, in all four corners. Definitely a bright snowboard. Sidewall is always going to give you a real good grip. It’s going to be really durable, hold up to metal damage a little bit better.

This one you have a 7200 sintered base. DC is crazy with their bases especially on twin freestyle snowboards. There is 7200-7500 on it, It’s what most companies include in their $600 and $700 snowboards. Definitely very fast.; requires a little more waxing than the extruded bases but it’s definitely there and it will get faster throughout the life of the snowboard with that. It’s got there infinite blend side cut. A little bit different from what they’re doing with the 7 Radius stuff. This would represent a smoother, almost radial blend to it. That being said it will be a more predictable and forgiving snowboard than some of the other offerings.

Moving on you have an Aeron Core, which is a really light weight tip to tail wood core, with a carbon stringer running down the center line. This will keep the snowboard light with good support down the middle where you need it while still loose and torsionally forgiving. Biaxial fiberglass will complement the carbon centerline in keeping the snowboard nice and forgiving.

This is an really really good rocker snowboard from DC and will not last until Thanksgiving.

The DC BDR snowboard…check it out!


Review: Burton Hail Snowboard Boots

Dave here at The House talking about one of the cooler snowboard boots we got in the shop: the Burton Hail snowboard boots. Tons of features go into this one. It’s one of their Park series of snowboard boots.
What you’re looking at here is, first off, you’ve got the shrinkage tech. It’s going to basically take the snowboard boots they had from previous years and reduce it by one full size on the exterior, really good if you’ve got a larger foot and you’re looking to avoid the toe or heel drag. From there, you got an articulating cuff, which actually you can see easier here. It totally separates the upper part from the lower part of the snowboard boot, allows it to flex on itself more like a hinge would. You don’t get the bunching or crimping that you typically would get on a snowboard boot that’s solid all the way through. It does also have more flex panels here to keep the snowboard boot from deforming when your knees are bending, which you constantly do while you’re riding.
Other than that, this year they added a 270 airbag. Pretty much three quarters of the snowboard boot has an airbag directly underneath the foot. Super good at absorbing hard, icepack landings. It definitely acts as a suspension as you’re going through uneven terrain. They also gave it the power lace 2-to-1 power lacing system. Basically this little tab will go back to the tongue. As you tighten the laces, it pulls the tongue back; really gives you good heel hold with that lacing setup. Also added new hooks this year, a little bit quicker to get on and off. Another airbag on the rear here; that’s going to be really, really good at keeping the high rack from biting on the top of the snowboard boot there. A nice series of snowboard boots.
This is the one that has the harness for the liner actually attached to the snowboard boot, so when you pull on the laces, it not only holds your foot in the liner but it holds the whole liner into the snowboard boot itself to give you really, really good heel hold. The liner itself is going to be a Flex 2 liner. This is second in command for the Park series of liners. A nice, tall back here; a flex panel is going to keep you from getting bite on the back of your calves, super comfortable. It does have the Velcro to center the tongue. You got rid of the power strap. This makes them a lot quicker to get on and off, and it holds a lot better throughout the day. As always it’s going to be fully heat moldable liner. The best way to do that is to rock around the house for two or three nights in a row, or just go ride in them. That definitely is the way I prefer.
If you have a hot spot or some pressure point, you can take them to the shop and mold them out. It will alleviate that point of pressure. You got really good Achilles grabbers in the back of the liner there, directional nap so it holds your sock in place. It gives you heel hold, once again, and keeps your socks from moving around throughout the day. Lycra toe panel is going to be really good for letting your toes wiggle. It’s going to promote blood flow to the extremity of the foot and keep your toesies warmsies. You got a three layer foot bed in this one, really, really good shock absorption in this one. It’s definitely going to help take up the icy landings along with that airbag. And then all of it as far as the liner and the foot bed go are coated with the Aegis antibacterial lining so it doesn’t smell. It keeps the funk away, keeps them fresh.
The Burton Hail snowboard boots. Super, super awesome freestyle snowboard boot, definitely a lot of bang for the buck here.


Review: Vans Encore Boa Snowboard Boots

Dave here at The House, talking about the Vans Encore snowboard boot. What you are looking at here is basically a high standard with a Boa. Super, super good selling snowboard boot, a lot of value in here for sure.

What you’re looking at, sole on this one is going to be the Vans light. It’s mostly phylon in all these black areas, and then the yellow, green and red will be rubber, really good at gripping ice. But, they use the phylon, most of it, to keep the weight down. From there, you got the Rasta color way. This one is the ‘bad brains’ Rasta color way. So, definitely going to be a very hot selling color way, I probably won’t be hold on to these to terribly long, I imagine.

That rolls into the main feature, which is the Boa. Basically, Boa just makes it really easy to get your snowboard boots as tight as you want them to be, they are not going to loosen up throughout the day. This is nice, because this one has included the coiler, which eliminates the one thing I didn’t like about my Boa snowboard boots, which is when you pull the tongue out, you have to sit there forever to crank the cable back in. The coiler actually will retract it in there, so you that you don’t have to do this quite as much. Other than that, very durable, very proven system the Boa is. It’s 29 strands of stainless steel, definitely going to hold up to any kind of abuse that you can throw at it.

Outer on this one, is going to be a mixture of cordura and then the synthetic leather. Definitely very water proof. A very, very lightweight snowboard boot. Into the interior, you got a 3D molded tongue, a really good at sucking up next to the shin. It’s not going to deform under the pressure of the Boa. It provides really good fit. It does have a lace harness as well too, something I consider a necessity on my snowboard boots. It just keeps the liner and your foot pulled into the back of the snowboard boot, rather than the ones that have the laces on liner, where you’re just securing your foot in the liner itself. Speaking of that, I’ve got a very nice heat multiple liner from them. This one’s body heat active, so you just ‘rock’ them and they mold to your foot as you wear them. Got a lycra panel in the toe here, it’s going to let you wiggle your toes circulating the blood flow out to the extremities of the foot, which will keep you warmer than a battery powered sock would. You got some nice reinforcement right around the ankle here.

Once again, to provide good heal hold, and stiffen it up just a tad. 3D molded tongue on the liner as well. There’s Velcro on the one side just to keep it from shifting while you’re riding. And has a nice deep ankle pocket in this one, really going to give you good heal hold there as well too. Into the insole, real nice dual component, you got nice soft foam, really deep heal counter, nice arch support, then they put in the extra soft stuff in just to give you more swish on the landings, kind of acts like a suspension when you are riding. I love the Vans snowboard boots. This one is a very solid seller for us, and this color way is definitely probably not going to make until Christmas.

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Review: Technine T-Money Snowboard

Technine T-money snowboard. Dave here at The House talking about one of the sicker Technine snowboards we got in the shop. One to ten scale for flexing for this bad boy, you are looking at about a 5. It’s got a lot of Technine going into it. First off, got the Rasta topsheet, that’ll make sure it’s sold pretty much by Thanksgiving. Other than that, on the core, you got high-end wood mixed with honeycomb. That makes it, like I said, very lightweight. It’s definitely going to be a very poppy snowboard. This one versus a team series, this one’s probably going to be a little better at high-speed cruising or larger tabletops, pipes, stuff like that. Just really versatile, directional twin-shape foam. You can ride it twin-dial with a little more powerful tail or you can set it back a little bit if you’re going through some uneven terrain or some good stuff.

From there, sidewall construction. Basically going to be saying that for these other videos, but durable, holds an edge good on hard-packed terrain and holds up to more rail damage, which is important to the Technine guys.

Di-cut base. Definitely gonna be a nicer base than this one. It’s a higher grade extruded, so you don’t have wax it quite as much, but it’s definitely gonna be faster than the base line extruded bases. The Technine stuff pretty much sells itself, this snowboard is no exception. Super high-end, gonna kill it all freestyle going out on this snowboard. Technine T-Money snowboard.


Review: Morrow Spoon Snowboard

Talking about the 15th Anniversary Morrow Spoon snowboard. This one was the original spoon nose and tailboard. It has been around for as long as my snowboarding career…almost not quite.

What are you looking in this one twin shape twin flex, super high end nose to tail wood core. Does have the nice sidewall construction, dual angle, puts a lot of meat right over the edge goes into the sidewall at the top to reduce the weight of the sidewall. What you read on this is the standard 4 x 2 insert pattern lots of stands width adjustments definitely does have the ability to bang out a wider stands.

From there kind of a mid wide with definitely will work well with 10-11 snowboard boot size crowd in most of the lengths. You get the 15th Anniversary package going on to it. You are looking definitely the kind of an original graphics on this one only updated with the die-cut rather than the sublimated – as such it has a lot of pop to it. They do have a nicer sintruded base on this one too, kind a like the best of both worlds base mixture of the extruded in the sintered bases. You know have a snowboard that you do not have to wax quite as much but one that is a little faster than a regular extruder and one it is a little bit more repairable than a typical sintered base. It is kind of a good merger on that one other than that you got a full wrapping metal edge.

Just really really good value as what was quite the cult classic when it was first around. They are bringing it back now just really really cool all mountain freestyle deck. Flex on this one was going to be definitely in the middle of the road about 4 out of 10 – you know might not be the snowboard you necessarily take up to AK but for everything less than that it is pretty slick for sure…Morrow Spoon snowboard.



Review: Ride DH2 Snowboard

Dave McCaul here at The House. Talking about the uber-misty, limited-edition Ride DH 2 snowboard.1 snowboard. Super-awesome snowboard, you’re not gonna see many of this on the slopes. They are limited in productions on this one.
What you’re looking at here, they got a very high-end true twin. You’re gonna have a lot of carving on this snowboard running underneath the bind positions to the tails like so. It’s gonna take all the power from the snowboard bindings, really put it to the contact points. Rattles and runs on a slightly thinner core but still has the same stiffness and definitely adds a lot of pop. From there, we got their LowRize technology. There’s a little bit of rocker in this one, its gonna be flat through here, goes into just a little bit of rise right by the contact points. It’s gonna keep the edges off, make it more forgiving, help you switch around… you know the spins if you come around a little short. Its got a membrane top sheet to it. They infused the top sheet with a top layer of fiberglass I would say, that’s gonna save some weight through the whole construction.
You got the sidewalls going on to it. It’s definitely gonna be a shock absorbent material. It’s gonna not cracked like an ABS Sidewall would. Rocks on the rails really, really good. You’ve got the Cleave Edge, double material to the edge. Really, really good if you are detuning and you want to get your edge back later on. High-end centered base, die-cut and subliminated. Coarsing about this snowboard definitely is the Michael Zepeda graphics. He’s done work with a lot of companies out there including Volcom. Really cool gloss-matte details. You got your skulls, you got your birds, snakes, scantily-clothed women… I mean, its really got it all. Super-cool snowboard.
If I rode a Ride snowboard, this would be the snowboard that I would be on. So definitely pick it up. This will not last long. They’ve got different graphics coming up every couple months or so that they’ll gonna release. Kind of like the Nike SP program, you gotta get on it quick otherwise they’re gone. RideDH2 snowboard is a sick, sick snowboard.


Review: Flow BFF Snowboard

OMG, it’s the Flow BFF. Dave here at the house. Talking about the Flow BFF snowboard. What we are looking at here is definitely a nice true twin snowboard. Definitely going to be really, really good for the beginner to intermediate freestyle rider. Great park snowboard. You’ve got the centered stance, a center flex. Everything is symmetrical on this one.

You’ve got the 4×4 insert pattern; you can bang out a wider stance with this one because it’s a par 4. It does have a progressive side cut, meaning that your turn initiation, it’s going to be really easy rolling your snowboard up on edge. But as you arc thorough the turn, it’s going to really power you through to the next one. Really good when you are looking to carve out the ramp of a jump and get the inertia to spin off of it.

From there, the base on this one is going to be an extruded, good for a park snowboard. It’s a little bit easier to repair if you get a nick in it. Also you don’t have to wax it quite as much. Full wrapping metal edge. You got an even core profile on this one. It’s going to flex really true from the nose to the tail. Flex rate on this one, probably 3 ½ or 4.

Definitely forgiving park snowboard good on the rails, boxes, jumps stuff like that. Other than that, just a really, really solid, park snowboard beginner that doesn’t necessarily go on the park can also get on it. Like I said that it is forgiving. But full tip to tail wood core–really good reliable flow construction. The Flow BFF snwoboard, a super good snowboard check out.


Review: Dub Logo Snowboard Boots

Dave, here, talking about the super, awesome, mega-fantastic, Dub Logo snowboard boot. What you’re looking at here is, definitely, a nice price point snowboard boot for the entry level to intermediate, all-mountain rider.
This one is going to have the synthetic leather and Cordura construction. That’s going to help keep the weight down. This one’s, actually, a pretty low volume snowboard boot, for snowboard boots in this price range. You’ve got a skate style lacing system. It moves up into the three lace hooks at the top, here. Real easy to engage, disengage. From there, you’ve got a full rubber out-sole. Really good at gripping ice, good snow traction on this one, for sure. Moving into the liner, you’ve got sewn construction. Really good fit, right out of the box, on these. It does have a three D formed tongue. A really easy to use tensioner, so the laces will stay put all day long.
The bottom of this is reinforced, so if you’re out and about, you can rock these out of your snowboard boots and be a little bit more comfortable. The outer does have a three D molded tongue, so it’s, definitely, not going to deform when you get the pressure of the laces on it. And then, finally, the insole. This is, kind of, a basic insole. It’s, definitely, got a nice, deep, heel pocket. It’s going to keep your foot centered and give you a little bit more cushion on to the bottom of the snowboard boot.
That’s the Dub Logo snowboard boot, got a rocking price point on these.