Snowboard Reviews

Review: Forum Youngblood Chilly Dog Snowboard – 2010


  Old Dirty Bastard, here at the house talking about one of the best selling twin tip freestyle jibsticks. This is the Forum Youngblood snowboard. This one in particular is upgraded with Chillydog, which is Forum’s really really cool reverse camber stuff. Kind of got an elliptical smile, really mellow, going on throughout the whole…


Review: DC BDR Snowboard


Dave here at the house. Talking about the DC BDR snowboard. Rocker or Anti Camber, or as they refer to it Bender Done Right (BDR) snowboard. Now this one’s jumping on the band wagon, but it’s jumping on definitely the right way. What you’re looking at on this one its to be flat between the…


Review: Burton Hail Snowboard Boots


Dave here at The House talking about one of the cooler snowboard boots we got in the shop: the Burton Hail snowboard boots. Tons of features go into this one. It’s one of their Park series of snowboard boots. What you’re looking at here is, first off, you’ve got the shrinkage tech. It’s going to…


Review: Vans Encore Boa Snowboard Boots


Dave here at The House, talking about the Vans Encore snowboard boot. What you are looking at here is basically a high standard with a Boa. Super, super good selling snowboard boot, a lot of value in here for sure. What you’re looking at, sole on this one is going to be the Vans light….


Review: Technine T-Money Snowboard


Technine T-money snowboard. Dave here at The House talking about one of the sicker Technine snowboards we got in the shop. One to ten scale for flexing for this bad boy, you are looking at about a 5. It’s got a lot of Technine going into it. First off, got the Rasta topsheet, that’ll make…


Review: Morrow Spoon Snowboard


Talking about the 15th Anniversary Morrow Spoon snowboard. This one was the original spoon nose and tailboard. It has been around for as long as my snowboarding career…almost not quite. What are you looking in this one twin shape twin flex, super high end nose to tail wood core. Does have the nice sidewall construction,…


Review: Ride DH2 Snowboard


Dave McCaul here at The House. Talking about the uber-misty, limited-edition Ride DH 2 snowboard.1 snowboard. Super-awesome snowboard, you’re not gonna see many of this on the slopes. They are limited in productions on this one. What you’re looking at here, they got a very high-end true twin. You’re gonna have a lot of carving…


Review: Flow BFF Snowboard


OMG, it’s the Flow BFF. Dave here at the house. Talking about the Flow BFF snowboard. What we are looking at here is definitely a nice true twin snowboard. Definitely going to be really, really good for the beginner to intermediate freestyle rider. Great park snowboard. You’ve got the centered stance, a center flex. Everything…


Review: Dub Logo Snowboard Boots


Dave, here, talking about the super, awesome, mega-fantastic, Dub Logo snowboard boot. What you’re looking at here is, definitely, a nice price point snowboard boot for the entry level to intermediate, all-mountain rider. This one is going to have the synthetic leather and Cordura construction. That’s going to help keep the weight down. This one’s,…


Review: Burton Dominant Snowboard


Dave here at The House. Talking shop about the Burton Dominant snowboard. Super cool snowboard they’ve had on the line for quite a few years now. Definitely going to be a really, really affordable, kill it all, freestyle snowboard. It’s got the channel system this year so you can rock the EST snowboard bindings with…