Review: Burton Custom Smalls Snowboard

Dave here at The House talking about the most popular snowboard of all time, the Burton Custom Snowboard. I already did the video for the V Rocker version. This is the traditional Camber version. They offer in both because Camber is still a viable technology. You will get a more lively turning snowboard. It will pop you from turn to turn a little bit quicker with the Camber version. So, with the popularity, Burton decided to do both.

Basically, on this one, you run in the Channel and it will hook up good to the EST snowboard bindings. This is the best interphase available for snowboarding. This has a way better snowboard feel, way better cushion and easier adjustability. For every reason, the snowboard binding on the snowboard is the best. It has Pro-Tip construction, nice meaty sidewall through the center into a really thin nose and tail. It is going to reduce the swing weight and make the snowboard’s torsionally a little more forgiving.

Instead of just doing the engineered grain direction, where they run the grain from the track to the edge, they added lightning bolts. These are little carbon rods that you can actually see when you view the snowboard from the side. They are just right out from the track directly to the edge. This will give it more reaction and more edge grip on an icy, hard pack terrain.

Base wise, we’re runin a sintered, very high end and holds wax really well. It will come from the factory very heavily waxed and will go for quite some time. This will only get faster through the life of the snowboard as you wax it more and more. The Infinite Ride is always built into the Customs. It will have the same flex when you first get it as it will even after five years down the road. So, it makes the snowboard last a really long time. This is really the jack of all trades for the snowboards we have. It will handle power, ice, park and will even handle Alaska. So you can do anything with this snowboard. You can ride directional or twinned out. It is just a super cool snowboard. I mentioned the B Rocker video, that I’m rocking that one. But either version and would recommend either one for anybody from intermediate to advanced skills to check it out. Burton Custom snowboard.


Review: Forum Star Snowboard

Dave here at the House, talking about the Forum Star snowboard. What you’re looking at here is an intermediate all mountain snowboard from Forum snowboards. Super good build quality. Good durability, good quality coming out of the Forum guys now a days.

What you’e looking at in this one is a directional snowboard, slightly longer nose than tail with a 4×2 insert pattern. That’s gonna be really good for dialing in your specific stance that you’re looking for. Slant wall construction on this one, really, really durable. Protects the innards of the snowboard, gives you good grip on the icy hard packed terrain. From there moves into a nice thin construction around the nose and the tail. It’s gonna reduce the swing weight and keep the overall weight of the snowboard itself down.

Moving into the base; you’ve got an extruded base, its die cut, so really crisp, really bright lines to this one. You won’t have to wax this one quite as much. It will be easy to repair, if you get a lot of nicks from rail or rocks.

Stiffness level on this bad girl here, you’re rocking about a four out of ten. I would say entry level to intermediate all mountain. Probably the same for freestyle usage too; but definitely really, really good bang for the buck, middle of the road construction so it’s super versatile, a Forum Star snowboard.


Review: Burton Feelgood V-Rocker Snowboard

Dave here at The House, talking about super awesome snowboard the Burton Feelgood V Rocker snowboard. New snowboard form this year. This is basically going to be a ladies version of the Custom V Rocker. So you’re looking at a slightly thinner waist width, slightly softer flex. This is the snowboard that our ex-employee and peace corps sensation Becky Haag is riding. Got the channel through the center line. It’s really really good at making the mounting a lot simpler if you rock it with the EST snowboard binding.

From there, you’ll have better shock absorption. You’ll have better snowboard feel. You’ll have less dead spot right underneath of the snowboard binding that you would have with traditional snowboard binding. So if you’re buying this high end of a snowboard with a channel, you definitely got to do EST on top of it too. Escapades work really, really good on it.

From there, you’ve got engineer grain direction, which is running the grain of the wood from the channel to the edge of the snowboard. Gives you really good grip. This year, they added lightning bolts on top of it. Also, extra little carbon strings on top of that, running from the track to the snowboard edge. Really, really good edge grip. That will actually run into their pressure distribution edge. It’s kind of hard to see with the naked eye, but it actually does bow out ever so slightly underneath the snowboard binding positions. So you have a point of contact here, here, here, and here; versus the tradition snowboards which will just be here and here. Really good icy hard pack grip. Really good grip when climbing the icy pipe wall. This is a super versatile snowboard.

V Rocker, as the name implies, is a reverse camber, or rocker of the snowboard. V Rocker is nice because when you stand on it, the snowboard almost goes completely flat. You have really good contact with the snow when you’re doing icy hard pack terrain, if you’re doing a 50-50 on a rail or a box. You still have really good contact. It does lift up ever so slightly after the snowboard binding positions, but that’s nice. It basically just keeps that effective edge beginning off the snow. That’s the spot where most of us are going to hook our edge, causing us to scorpion. So it just makes it a little more forgiving. Definitely going to make it float really really good in the pow, should you come across it.

From there, you got a super fly 2 core. Very, very high end wood core running throughout the core. Tip to tail with the Burton cores. So it’s going to be lively, light. It does have the infinite ride process built into it, which is where they stick it into a machine that simulates about three years of usage. So you get it out of the box and flex it, it’s going to flex the same about three or four years down the road too. Super cool technology that only Burton does.

These are handmade in Canada, so definitely good quality control and a rival product coming from them. Combine that with a high end sintered base, really really fast, absorbs a lot of wax, it’s going to get faster throughout the life of it. Pretty cool sunset theme graphic going on with this one. You can see through the wood core in a few windows. Got some gold details rocking. Super solid cosmetically, but even more performance wise. Burton Feelgood V Rocker snowboard.


Review: Burton Ruler Snowboard Boots

D. Mack here at the House, talking about the second techiest snowboard boot I got in the shop after the SLX. This is the Burton Ruler snowboard boot, an awesome free ride snowboard boot from these guys. Definitely looking at a firmer flex in this one, sitting at around an 8 out of 10 for stiffness.

Lots of cool stuff going on with this snowboard boot. First off, you have the shrinkage tech, which basically takes a size 12 snowboard boot and shrinks it down to a size 11 snowboard boot. If you have a larger foot, it’s a good way to get on a shorter snowboard to give you quicker edge-to-edge transitioning time.

This one also has their EST midsole that will sink your foot further down in the snowboard boot. It works well with the EST snowboard bindings because you have more cushioning with those. You can take some of the cushioning out of the snowboard boot, so it enhances your overall snowboard feel.

This year they also added a pressure relief panel, because of the stiffness of the snowboard boot, that relieves the crimping pressure when you’re bending your knees. It also has the Speed Zone lacing, which happens to be my favorite lacing on the market due to its super quick in-and-out. There’s also a performance advantage: You’re always going to lock the bottom pretty tight to keep you nice and responsive in the setup. However, you can ride the upper zone looser for less demanding days to make it a softer flexing snowboard boot, or lock it in tight for uneven terrain, heavy powder or trees to stiffen up the snowboard boot quite a bit.

This snowboard boot also has their RX Cushioning System in the bottom of the outer, which includes gel for the colder days and air for the warmer days. Or you can change it out for personal preference rather easily, just placing it in the bottom of the snowboard boot.

There’s also B3 gel in the sole, along with gripping rubber spikes and a super lightweight shell. It also has the lace harness to hold your foot and the liner still, giving you a really good heel-hold.

The liner is a very high-end, Imprint 4 liner, the second best liner they make. As with all of the Burton liners, it’s extremely lightweight and really good at heat molding. You can ride them right out of the box, and they only get better with the more you ride them. The Infinifit sole only adds more cushioning, also helping to mold the bottom part of the snowboard boot just like the upper part. There’s now a Velcro cuff instead of last year’s Power Strap, very easy to get in and out of, which also holds better than the old cuff did.

The entire liner is equipped with Outlast, a space-age fabric that takes any heat your foot gives off and stores it, only to release it back to your foot once your foot’s temperature drops. It definitely keeps your feet at a consistent temperature throughout the day.

There’s also a lycra panel in the snowboard boot where your heel usually gets stuck to help it slide in. It also has good Achilles grabbers, letting you get a great heel-hold. The directional fabric helps keep your sock in place and improve the heel-hold, not letting the sock move around too much, and a micro-panel in the toe helps you move your toes around to increase bloodflow and keep your feet warm.

The tri-component footbed has really good cushioning in the heel, but a stiffer middle for good arch support, to keep your heel where it’s supposed to be. If you’re a free-rider, this is definitely one of the best snowboard boots in the shop. Or if you’re doing a lot of pipe, larger tabletop jumps, the Burton Ruler snowboard boot is definitely one of the most tech-ridden snowboard boots in the shop.


Review: Rossignol Viper Snowboard Bindings

This the Rossignol Viper snowboard bindings. Sure it is Rossignol’s entry level snowboard binding, but it packs all the same features that you are going to find in our high end snowboard bindings that give it the ultimate in performance.
First thing we are going to talk about, HCX base plate which incorporates our extruded heel cap technology, heel cup. Heel cup technology basically means that the heel cup is extruded three dimensionally and it is hollow. It makes it very light weight, about 15% lighter, and extremely rigid, 50% more rigid, more responsive. We have a patented 3D asymmetric, in step strap, EVA very light weight, very comfortable and integral impact pads in the base of the snowboard binding. To top it all up, with our B-Back Light High back. The Rossignol Viper snowboard binding is also available in black and blue.


Review: Burton Con-Dom Snowboard

Dave here at The House talking about the Burton Con-Dom snowboard. It’s a takeoff on the regular Dominant. Basically if you like free basing this is the snowboard for you, because it has Free Base technology. Long story short, look down the centerline. The whole snowboard rolls slightly like this. It lifts the edges off of the ground, so as you are sliding through the kinks, or you know you’re kind of just goofing around or whatever, it’s going to make it a really loose forgiving snowboard. You’re not going to catch as much on the rails.

Other than that, you have basically pretty much a flat construction on this one. Not really cambered, not really rockered; kind of the best of both worlds on that one. You got the Channel system which is good. It will mount up good with any EST snowboard binding; definitely get better snowboard feel, better cushioning, and more adjustability with your stance. For every reason, it’s better. Other than that, you got a twin snowboard with a directional flex. It’s going to have a little bit stiffer tail than nose, but otherwise it’s twinned out for its side cut and then for its stance as well too.

You got extruded base with this one; really easy to take care of. It doesn’t require much waxing. Easy to repair if you get like a nick from a rail or from a rock in the spring time. It has Infinite Ride built into it. Basically, it’s going to flex the same throughout the life of the snowboard. And then, it does come with the Get Lifted Program. Buy the snowboard, fill this out and they’ll send you a lift ticket for a resort near you. Really cool program that only Burton is doing. But like I said, it’s just a takeoff on the Dominant; big thing is that Free Base technology. It’s just going to be really loose, torsionally forgiving and really good for guys that are doing a lot of metal. Not the hair farming, but the park hand-rail metal type stuff. The Burton Con-Dom snowboard.


Review: Nitro Lectra Snowboard

Dave here talking about the Nitro Lectra snowboard. Over the 9 years that I’ve worked here it is definately the brand I’ve ridden the most. Nitro is a very solid company producing durable products backed by a 2 year warranty.

Nitro snowboards are traditionally very light and the Lectra is no exception. This snowboard features their power chore running the wood tip to tail. The sidewall construction will protect the innards of the snowboard and offer aggressive edge hold. Coming with a 4×2 hole pattern it offers a wide variety of stance options.

Its radial side cut offers a real mellow easy to ride snowboard with no surprises. Of the softer variety of about a 2.5 it offers a really good snowboard for an entry level to intermediate rider. The extruded base offers an easy repairable and limited waxing requirements. The bi-axial glass layup offers a more forgiving softer flexing deck.

Really good all terrain snowboard with a slightly directional shape…the Nitro Lectra snowboard.


Review: Burton Feelgood Smalls Snowboard

Alright, Dave here at the house. I’m going to trust you all, to keep a secret for me. This is the snowboard my daughter is getting for Christmas. What you’re looking at here is the Burton Feelgood Smalls snowboard, best girl’s snowboard I have in the shop. What you’re looking at is a scaled down version, of their of adult Feelgood model. Very, very high end snowboard for the kids. Will do any type of riding freestyle, free ride, ice, powder, everything. You can definitely throw a beginner on it, if they fit into the lengths. It’s a very forgiving high end snowboard.

What you’re looking at, really really cool watercolor top sheet graphics, you got a little see through window, a little gold accent going on. Looks really really good in person. Then you got a sidewall construction. This is something you don’t see all the time on the kids snowboards; is the higher end construction. It’s going to make it bite a little better on icy hard pack terrain; it’s going to make it really durable. This one will get milled out really nice in the nose and the tail, reduces the swing weight, keeps the overall weight of the snowboard down too.

Rolling into the base, you’ve got a light speed vision base. It’s a very, very high end extruded base, really good optical clarity see through to the graphics really really well with it. Flex in this one, probably looking about like a three out of ten, obviously you want to be a little bit softer, a little bit more forgiving for the kids. It’s got a super fly core to it. Very light weight, tip to tail wood core. Burton uses more wood pieces of wood in their cores than pretty much anybody else out there. Definitely going to be really poppy, really lively and it’s going to maintain its flex a lot longer.

Other than that its got the grip and rip tune. It’s ready to go right out of the bag. Contact points are detuned so you don’t catch your edge right there. Super super nice snowboard. Comes with the go snowboarding sticker which is awesome. Basically you sign up online and you can get a free lift ticket and a free learn to ride lesson at participating resorts. You ride out West and that package can easily be worth like 150, so super cool only thing Burtons doing. Really kicking a lot of money back to the shutters for sure.

Like I said you got to keep the secret until at least after Christmas, because I want her to get Stoked out. Burton Feelgood Smalls snowboard.


Review: Burton Feelgood ES Snowboard

Dave here at the House, talking about the best women’s snowboard I have in the shop. It’s a Burton Feel Good ES snowboard, it’s basically Extra Special Feel Good.

Look at this one; it’s got the channel which you do with all the Burton high end stuff. Especially if you’re rocking this snowboard you have to be rocking the EST snowboard binding, definitely Escapades are going to be the name of the game with this one for sure. If you’re looking at a snowboard of this caliber you already know what EST does for you.

This one this year is gonna have lightning bolts coming from the track along with the grain direction from the wood. They’re gonna have little carbon stringers that will run all the response and all the input from the track, from the snowboard binding right to the snowboard edge; giving you really good grip. This one will have pressure distribution edges; where the edge bows out ever so slightly underneath the foot, and that is just gonna give increased traction, increased edge hold in icy hard packed terrain or if you’re riding half pipe. Which this snowboard definitely does excel at.

The sidewall on this one is a nice slant slide-wall. It’s gonna be really good as far as protecting the innards of the snowboard. It’s gonna hold the edge on icy hard packed terrain, and just definitely what you’re looking for in a snowboard now a days.

Base on this one, it’s super, super high end. You’re looking at a centered N2O/WFO Vision. It’s got really good clarity through to the graphic. This one comes just slammed with wax from the factory; it is going to be lightning fast, you don’t have to wax it for a good three to five times out. But from there on the more you wax it, the faster it becomes. A really, really cool base. Definitely the best one they put into a women’s snowboard.

One more thing on the top sheet, it’s a carbon vapor light top sheet or vapor skin top sheet. They’re going to fuse the top sheet to the fiber glass. It really helps them reduce the overall weight of the snowboard. That combo’d with the dragonfly wood core, which is the best wood core that Burton makes; you’ve got an extremely light snowboard that’s incredibly responsive. Definitely a very high end snowboard. This is for an intermediate to advanced rider. Not gonna be the best thing to be taking on the rails and boxes, but anything else it is absolutely gonna slay it for sure.

Triax glass, nice stiff supportive glass, carbon I-beams running up the middle; it’s gonna make it flex-tru. But then still give it some flex torsionally, making it a little more forgiving. This model will feature traditional camber, really powerful from turn to turn and really poppy off of the lip of the pipe or the jump.

It’s got the Get Lifted ticket program on it. Basically what you do is fill out a form online and send it in to them and they send you free lift tickets to a ton of resorts nationwide. Super cool program, only Burton’s doing it. Definitely an added perk on top of the fact that you have the best women’s snowboard on the market.

Burton Feelgood ES snowboard.


Review: Burton Troop Snowboard

Man, this is the bang for the buck warrior right here, the Burton Troop snowboard.

What you’re looking at here is definitely, I would say, an intermediate to advanced, all mountain or all mountain tree style for sure. It’s got a stiffer profile to it. It’s definitely one of their more responsive woman’s snowboards. It’s really going to do good on natural terrain and powder, pipe, things of that nature. Not exactly the snowboard you want to throw a beginner on, but for everybody else it’s going to work out super sick.

Directional shape, directional flex, directional inserts on this one. A Slightly longer nose and tail. From there you’ve got the inserts for mounting the 3-D whole pattern snowboard bindings, whether they be Burton or another manufacturer. A slant wall, definitely giving you good grip and good durability for the snowboard.

Rolling into the base you’ve got a sintered vision base. It’s definitely going to absorb a lot of wax. It’s going to be fast and it’s going to have really good clarity. It also will only get faster the more you wax it.

This one does have infinite ride built into it. They stick it into a machine that simulates about three years of usage. What that means is it flexes the same throughout the life of the snowboard. It definitely does work too. These things maintain their flex better than any other snowboards on the market. Pro tip construction gives you a meaty side wall blended into a really, really thin nose and tail. Reduce in the swing weights makes it quicker to react in the tree walls and stuff like that.

This one will have pressure distribution edges. Underneath the snowboard binding position the edges bow out ever so slightly. It gives you a point of contact here, here, here and here. You’re going to have way better grip going up a pipe wall. You’re going to have way better grip on icy, hard packed terrain, something they’re featuring in a lot of their hard snowboards this year. But combined with the flex and the support of this bad girl right here, it’s going to a screaming carver for sure.

Other than that, triex glass is rounding up the construction. It’s going to be a really supportive, stiffer glass. It allows them to run a slightly thinner wood core, but still get the flex that the women look for in the Troop. Definitely a cult favorite. A super versatile snowboard. One you should definitely give a twirl.

Burton Troop snowboard!