Review: Burton Clash Snowboard

Dave here at The House talking about one of our best sellers. You get the Burton Clash snowboard, just a super good entry level to intermediate all mountain broad. Great first time snowboard or great snowboard for somebody that’s looking maybe at the intermediate range, looking for a beater snowboard or a park snowboard. Got directional shape and directional flex on this one, slightly different tail than nose and definitely set back stance. It’s going to be for that rider that’s maybe not riding switch quite as often as some of the twin riders would be.

Got the traditional inserts on this snowboard. It’s going to mount up with the Burton 3D hole pattern snowboard bindings or ones compatible with that. Fly Core on the interior of this one. Burton’s base core is better than other company’s high end cores. Very light weight and very poppy, tons of different laminates going into it. And even their lowest end snowboard will have some engineered grain directions kicking the grain from the insert patterns directly to the edge like so in these areas. Just better power transmission, better edge hold, better durability; they’re really cool with technology in a snowboard of this price.

Also you got a slant wall construction; a lot of other companies in their low end will cap off their snowboards. This one gives you a side wall which protects the internals for the snowboard. Gives it better edge hold on icy hard packed terrain; just makes it more durable against those skiers that constantly ram you in the lift line. You know, the ones you want to beat the living crap out of! Yeah, you know who you are. From there you got the pro tip construction, meaty side wall running into a very thin nose and tail, which reduces the swing weight and makes the snowboard torsionally more forgiving. Definitely lightens up the snowboard overall.

From there you’re moving to the extruded base, just really easy to maintain. If you get any kinds of nicks from rocks or rails, it’s really easy to repair. Doesn’t require much waxing, pretty much a maintenance free base. Like I said, really good technology for a snowboard of this price range. Burton Clash snowboard. Check it out! Sorry if I offended you skiers.


Review: Burton Chicklet Snowboard

This is the snowboard that my daughter rides. I definitely think when you’re looking for the smaller girls, this is the best snowboard I have in the shop. More tech goes into this one than pretty much any other kids’ snowboard.

First off, we got a cap construction. It’s gonna be a lightweight, torsionally forgiving construction. That rolls into their base tech, which on this one is very unique. The base rolls every so slightly, so when you’re on the snow, these edges are very, very hard to catch. As a beginning snowboarder, that’s the most frustrating thing, is your catching your edges constantly. This thing you can pretty much spin around all the way down the hill and you’re not gonna fall. I’ve witnessed it work very, very well with my daughter numerous times out.

From there, we got a really cute graphic; subliminated graphic. Really good clarity to their P-tex that they use. You don’t have to wax this one much. It will be easy to repair if they do abuse it. The edge is a full wrapping metal edge. It protects the snowboard very well. It is detuned from the factory, so you don’t have to worry about it. You can take this one right out of the bag and go shred it up. It’s a twin shape, so its very balanced, very playful, very forgiving. It can definitely be ridden by an entry-level rider, but as they progress you can take it into the park. Another thing I love about Burton is they actually have a really soft flex. Sometimes with the kids’ snowboards, it’s hard to mill the core down to where its thin enough to where it actually has a flex that their smaller, lighter bodies can manipulate. But my daughter can press on this, no problem whatsoever.

Shorter lengths won’t include this foam pad. With the curvature of the topsheet, if you put a snowboard binding on it, it would make the snowboard go flat, negating the benefit of that technology, so they just a riser pad on there. This here, you got the Riglet, a super-cool feature. You get the Riglet from Burton. You attach kind of like a dog leash, essentially, and as they’re going down the hill, you can control their speed, keep them in front of you. Or if you’re at like a golf course just doing the small hills, you can pull them up while they’re still strapped in and not have to worry about having to strap them in and out everytime.

Like I said, really, really lightweight. Flex on this one is easy to manipulate. Comes with the Go Snowboarding program, it’s a free lift ticket and lesson at the Burton Learn To Ride center. If you’re riding out west and you combo up those two, it can easily be the cost of the snowboard for that freebie. So super cool program. Only Burton is doing that. They’re throwing a bunch of money back to snowboarders on that one. As always, full tip-to-tip wood core. You got that Burton reliability, Burton performance. One-year warranty, which is probably never going to be used.

Burton Chicklet. I could choose any snowboard in the shop for my daughter and I chose this one. The Burton Chicklet snowboard.


Review: Burton Malolo Snowboard

Dave here at The House talking about the Burton Malolo snowboard. What you are looking at here is really nice ride snowboard from Burton. This one is starting to get definitely a little bit Powder specific. You got 2 cm extra nose for the width than you do in the tail. It is definitely going to promote really good float and the good stuff. Give you a little less weird leg burn, still can be ridden on a hardpack, but if you are doing a lot of hardpack too, you might want to take a look at the supermodel. I have this snowboard and on a pow day it is fun for sure.

What you are looking at is you got the Channel system. Really, really good one combined and compared to the EST snowboard bindings. Really when you have that combo, it is the biggest performance jump I have seen Burton make in the 22 years that I have been riding. From there you have got the cool Get Lifted program, you get a free Lift Ticket at half the resorts in the country, fill it out online, get a free Lift Ticket just for buying the snowboard, no other company is doing that.

From there we move into the sidewall, pretty cool sidewall on this one. You got 10:45 in the rear blended to a slant wall in the front. They are figuring that this snowboard is going to receive most of its abuse in the rear quarters when you are navigating through and kind of nose having the pow. This is what is going to be picking out the rocks and stuff like that. So they make it with beefier in the rear, light weight in the front. It does have the Powder Fly II Core. What you are looking at is they use lighter weight wood in the nose of the snowboard to combat the fact that it has got a bigger nose than tail, makes the snowboards really balance. It is going to maneuver through the tree wells really well and this would be even more playful, more balance than the rest of the hill.

Moving from that you got a super high end sintered base. It is going to be folding impregnated with wax from the factory. They got the best base finishing in the industry, ready to rip right out of the bag and only gets faster the more you wax it. Doing kind of like it is laminated die-cut deal on this one. Definitely, really good graphic on this one this year. Other than that, just super sick free ride snowboard and starting to get definitely a little bit Powder specific on this one. Burton Malolo snowboard, I have this one myself and I recommend it highly.


Review: Salomon Sanchez Magnum Snowboard

Salomon Sanchez Magnum snowboard is one of their highest snowboards. True twin tip madness on this one. Softer flex for pressing rails and boxes, flat ground, funny farm – all that kind of stuff. Graphical layup is pretty sweet on this one. Complete with see through windows to the core along with bright colors and skulls; everything really hot in snowboarding right now.

From there we have bright yellow sidewalls which is going to be really durable to protect the innards. As well as giving your really good grip in icy hardpack terrain and defiantly absorb a lot of damage coming in from rails; kinks and stuff like that. Salomon also puts rubber into the sidewalls of the snowboard right under the snowboard binding positions that act as suspensions as well as allowing it to lock onto the rails in that position. It just makes it a little smoother riding – for sure.

From there we have a really to care for extruded base. Good clarity on this one with solid pop to the graphics. Super easy to maintain base that does not need frequent waxing as well as easy to repair when it does get gouged.

Super awesome snowboard with a hot graphic. One that always crushes it for us. Guaranteed not to be on the shelf for long so if you like what you see jump on it…Salomon Sanchez Magnum snowboard.


Review: Signal Park Series LTD Snowboard

Dave here at The House, talking about the Signal Park series snowboard. This is the Signal that I have ridden quite a bit, super, super good snowboard for like Midwest, east coast park rat or somebody out West that isn’t doing the booter over 40 or so.
The name of the game on this one is it is incredibly soft flex yet so durable construction. Typically the snowboards that are soft would usually be like entry level or beginner decks and they don’t hold up to the abuses that the park can dole out. This one definitely has very meaty sidewall, almost vertical, putting a lot of heat over the snowboard edge. It will give really good bite on icy hard pack park terrain, again it can absorb a lot of damage if you are misusing it.
It has a full length wood core, simple bi-axial fiberglass, real lay up, on this one, they really want to promote that flexibility. It is two twin and has extremely jibberiffic kind of extruded base. You can basically fix it really easy if it gets gouged out, doesn’t require that much maintenance. It is a just really simple, really good riding, really durable deck made by the folks at Signal. Definitely you are going to see a lot of these running at bare mountain high and down a fissure. Like I said this is the snowboard that I ride, I have been just abusing the living piss out of it, weighing 200 pounds, and I am not a skinny guy and this thing has held up for me great.
Give it a shot, you will not be disappointed. The Signal Park series snowboard.


Review: Burton Fix Snowboard

This is Dave here at The House talking about the Burton Fix snowboard. It is a really, really cool twin-tip kill-it-all freestyle snowboard. It is with sintered flex and sintered side-cut. You got the channel on this one. It has got pretty much the biggest performance jump I’ve seen Burton make in the 22 years that I’ve been riding. It is mounted up with EST snowboard binding. You get better snowboard feel, increased cushioning, easier adjustability, and tons and tons of the extras.
From there we got the P-Rocker. It’s going to be flat between the snowboard bindings and they have a little bit of kick in the nose than the tail. Burton is smart. They don’t do it super aggressive. 90% of the time when you run flat base, you’re still going to have contact with the snow. What it does though is it makes the snowboards a lot more forgiving. Say you come around a little short on your switchback 10, it’s going to allow you to scoot you through and roll away from it, also pressing rails, box and stuff like that. It’s already predispositioned to do that. Moving from there, it will have a scoop nose and tail, slightly bold out nose and tail. So, if you’re doing like any kind of butters, manuals, flat ground stuff like that, super forgiving snowboard and combo’ed with the P-Rocker, it is almost impossible to catch your edge at the point of contact.
From there, you’ve got basically a 1045 sidewall, puts a lot of meat directly over the edge, but moves into a slight wall at the top to save weight. On this one, you have got a sintered base, die-cut graphic on this one. The fixes are going with violent tools, which is always fun and stuff. Really poppy graphic. It takes a lot of wax, only gets faster the more you wax it. Flex on this baby is going to be probably I would say about a 3 out of 10. It is definitely your softer and more freestyle oriented snowboard.
Other than that it comes with the Rail Ready tune. It’s already got the edge detuned. So basically take it out, hit the rails with it, and ride away. It has got Park Fly II core in this one. It’s going to have lighter weight woods in the nose than in the tail. It’s going to promote quicker swing weight or faster swing. This makes it come around a lot quicker. It’s going to make it react quicker as you’re carving through the freestyle after school and stuff like that. It comes with the Get Lifted program. It is really, really cool. If you can sign up online, you get a free Lift ticket for buying the snowboard. No other company does that. It is definitely a cool way that the Burton is kicking back to the folks that actually do this stuff.
So, yeah, Burton Fix snowboard man, awesome deck!


Review: Burton Operator Snowboard

Dave, here in The House, talking about the Burton Operator snowboard, Shaun White’s Pro Model. This one is going to be a traditionally cambered snowboard. We’ve got the high point in the center. You know, all the hype now is going toward the reverse camber or rockered stuff, but these snowboards still ride great. They’re still gonna be some of the snappiest, most powerful riding snowboards you can get on; they’re kind of predispositioned to fight against the carve and really flex you into the next turn, or really pop you off the lip of the pipe.

What you’re looking at on this one is a directional Shape, directional Flex. It’s got slightly setback stance and setback sidecut, just the way Shaun likes it. You know, it can still definitely kill any type of freestyle terrain, but he does want one snowboard that he can kind of ride anywhere from powder to pipe, so he chooses the directional shape to be more universal.

From there, you’ve got the Channel on it this year, which is awesome. You’re definitely gonna want to get a pair of EST snowboard bindings to mount up on this. Otherwise, you’re only getting half the performance off the snowboard. EST is gonna give you more snowboard feel, more cushion, easier adjustability, yada, yada, yada; lots of cool things go along with that.

From there, you’ve got a pretty deep side cut to this one. It’s definitely gonna be good for carving across icy flat bottoms, or just a responsive all-mountain snowboard for a lot of people too. Moving down to the base on this one, we do have a Sintered Vision base. It’s definitely gonna hold a hot wax good. It’s gonna get faster throughout the life of the snowboard. This one does have a Triax glass around it, so it’s definitely gonna be a little more supportive than say other jib snowboards would be. This one is about a 4 to a 5.5, depending what length you go with. As you go uphill, it will get a little bit stiffer.

It does have the Infinite Ride process where they stick into a machine that simulates about three years of usage. Basically, a long story short, you get it out of the bag, flex it, and it flexes the same three years down the road. It really does work for sure. This one does have a Carbon I-Beam running down the center of the snowboard. That’s gonna give it good stiffness, but still keep it torsionally loose and forgiving. This snowboard does have a lot of pop in the tail; definitely for the Burton boards, if you’re looking for an extra height on your ollie, or extra air time on the pipe, this snowboard will definitely provide it for you.

Other than that, he does put the Pressure Distribution Edges on this snowboard. Being a pipe rider, he’s looking for extra edge grip in his time on the pipe wall. This one will bump the edges out just a little bit right underneath the snowboard bindings. It’s hard to see with the naked eye. It basically establishes two extra point of contacts, one under each snowboard binding along with the traditional one at the nose and tail here. Really good for climbing the icy pipe walls, or if you’re like a Midwest or East Coast rider, it’s just gonna be good grip shredding anywhere on the mountain. It’s a really versatile snowboard. Like I said, it can be ridden in the pipe or if you’re in powder. You can definitely take laps through the park. It’ll work anywhere. If you’re looking for one snowboard to kill it all, this is a good one to check out: Burton Operator snowboard, Shaun White’s snowboard.


Review: Rossignol Retox Snowboard

David at The House talking about one of my favorite snowboards from Rossi- the Rossignol Retox snowboard. We’re looking at true twin madness here; it’s going to work good for an all mountain rider for like say an entry level to an intermediate range, and then for a freestyle park guy from like entry level to advance. Very versatile shaping and performance on this one.

Flex is going to be a little bit more than their base twins. You’re probably looking to rock around like a 4 or 5 which kind of gives it that all mountain versatility that I mentioned before. From there we’ll go into the specific features about it. First off we got a lightweight tip to tail wood core. Definitely going to be really lively. It’s going to be durable as far as maintaining its flex. Really poppy as well. This one will have kind of a matte gloss detail to the top sheet that you might not be able to see- but looks cool in person. The graphic that you can obviously see is killing it. Good stuff. Definitely good collage rocking on this one.

From there, traditional camber, still works great, it definitely has its pros over the reverse camber trend going on now. Sidewall construction: really good grip on icy hard pack terrain. That’s paired up with this progressive side cut that is going to be really easy at turn initiation and then really powerful arcing through the turns, hooks up on icy hard pack terrain a little bit better.

From there you roll into a sintered base. It actually has the sublimated and die-cut mixed together. Kind of an extra special graphic treatment on this one. From there like I said it’s a true twin super versatile high end sintered base. Just a really, real, good all terrain freestyle deck. It does have the blunt nose and tail to reduce the swing weight on it too. Give it a little bit of a different shape, look to it. This snowboard wins tons of reviews. The Rossignal Retox snowboard-give it a spin.


Review: Burton Moto Snowboard Boots

D-Mac here talking about the best-selling snowboard boot on the market for the last 8 years running, the Burton Moto snowboard boot. Super awesome price-point snowboard boot. Don’t be scared away by the price. These things actually are pretty supportive; about a 4 on the 1 to 10 scale. They’ll work for a lot of riders that don’t think they would.

We got Speed Zone lacing on the Motos vs. on their lower-end snowboard boots, they’re going to use a single-pull. They don’t have the dual-zone, they wanted convenience on this one. So you just do the single pull, push it towards the back of the leg, cams in the locks, and it stays that same tightness all day long. Really good durability with the Speed Zones. I haven’t had one issue with the three snowboard boots that I bought. By far the quickest in and out lacing system I have in the shop. Super convenient, easy to use. Don’t have to re-tighten throughout the day.

Moving to the outer. We got a full synthetic construction. Waterproof up until the gusset on the tongue. Sole on this one is a full rubber sole with the ice spikes in the front. It’s gonna do really good at gripping icy parking lots or if you’re climbing up the side of a pipe, it holds you really good. Color way on this one looks amazing on the blunt. It almost seems like it was designed together. Moving into the interior, you got a 3D molded tongue. It’s gonna wrap around your shin really nicely. Sucks in, gives you a nice heel hold, but doesn’t bunch or crimp at all, which is definitely a nice feature. They’ve 3D molded in every direction on these.

Moving to the liner. You got an Imprint-1 liner. This thing is going to be heat moldable. Typically with heat molding, I prefer just wearing them around the house or actually riding them to mold them I find it a little bit more natural way of molding versus shocking them with the heating towers at the shop. Although if you do have a pressure point right out of the box, take them down to your local shop, through them on the heaters and that will back right off. But you can definitely mold them either way. Super versatile in that respect. Laces will be on the liner on this one. It’s got the Burton toggle which is the best in the industry as far as being durable, holding well throughout the day and easy to release at the end of the day. You got a really comfortable, soft almost fleece-like surface on the inside. Burton always has really good achilles grabbers to give you good heel hold. You can see on the outside it’s got some reinforcement going on, too, to help stiffen it up and also to give you that good heel hold that you’re looking for with the snowboard boots.

In-sole on this one is a really nice simple level-1 in-sole. Definitely a deep pocket to keep your foot centered in there. You don’t feel the seams from this one at all. Good arch support. Lot of cool stuff, really easy to use. Best selling snowboard boot of the last 8 years. Burton Moto snowboard boot.


Review: Capita Saturnia Snowboard

Dave here at The House talking about the Capita Saturnia snowboard. Love on it because it’s awesome. Truly amazing stuff. This is Saturnia, basically you’re looking at the women’s Stairmaster. Saturnia and the Stairmaster are by far their best selling snowboards. They’re really what put Capita on the map. Just a ton of value for the price we got these things at. Right around 3 for a two-twin gib stick. Actually it will work good for entry-level to intermediate riders. The snowboard is build really durable. It’s got a 2-year warranty. Made in Austria. Super solid construction on this one.

Like I said, twin on this one. Symmetrical nose and tail. Get the 4×2 insert pattern it’s gonna allow you to really dial in your stance quite nicely on this one. Of course you’re got super 80’s graphics being applied to this one. Definitely graphic-wise, Capita just pretty much crushes it and then crushes it some more cause every snowboard is done by a collaboration of artists.

Base on this one is extruded. Really good pop on the graphic. You get really good clarity. You’re not gonna have to wax it as much. It’s going to take repairs really well, more so than a centered-base would. You got a bi-axial glass on this one. Pretty soft, forgiving snowboard. One being soft, 10 being stiff, we’re coming in 3.5-4 level. It definitely can be ridden anywhere on the mountain. It’s gonna be good for beginners to intermediate on mountain or beginner to advanced freestyle rider.

A lot of versatility here. A lot of bang for the buck. Definitely gonna leave you some cash to throw at your snowboard boots. Capita Saturnia snowboard…