Snowboard Reviews

Review: Burton Chicklet Snowboard


This is the snowboard that my daughter rides. I definitely think when you’re looking for the smaller girls, this is the best snowboard I have in the shop. More tech goes into this one than pretty much any other kids’ snowboard. First off, we got a cap construction. It’s gonna be a lightweight, torsionally forgiving…


Review: Burton Malolo Snowboard


Dave here at The House talking about the Burton Malolo snowboard. What you are looking at here is really nice ride snowboard from Burton. This one is starting to get definitely a little bit Powder specific. You got 2 cm extra nose for the width than you do in the tail. It is definitely going…


Review: Salomon Sanchez Magnum Snowboard


Salomon Sanchez Magnum snowboard is one of their highest snowboards. True twin tip madness on this one. Softer flex for pressing rails and boxes, flat ground, funny farm – all that kind of stuff. Graphical layup is pretty sweet on this one. Complete with see through windows to the core along with bright colors and…


Review: Signal Park Series LTD Snowboard


Dave here at The House, talking about the Signal Park series snowboard. This is the Signal that I have ridden quite a bit, super, super good snowboard for like Midwest, east coast park rat or somebody out West that isn’t doing the booter over 40 or so. The name of the game on this one…


Review: Burton Fix Snowboard


This is Dave here at The House talking about the Burton Fix snowboard. It is a really, really cool twin-tip kill-it-all freestyle snowboard. It is with sintered flex and sintered side-cut. You got the channel on this one. It has got pretty much the biggest performance jump I’ve seen Burton make in the 22 years…


Review: Burton Operator Snowboard


Dave, here in The House, talking about the Burton Operator snowboard, Shaun White’s Pro Model. This one is going to be a traditionally cambered snowboard. We’ve got the high point in the center. You know, all the hype now is going toward the reverse camber or rockered stuff, but these snowboards still ride great. They’re…


Review: Rossignol Retox Snowboard


David at The House talking about one of my favorite snowboards from Rossi- the Rossignol Retox snowboard. We’re looking at true twin madness here; it’s going to work good for an all mountain rider for like say an entry level to an intermediate range, and then for a freestyle park guy from like entry level…


Review: Burton Moto Snowboard Boots


D-Mac here talking about the best-selling snowboard boot on the market for the last 8 years running, the Burton Moto snowboard boot. Super awesome price-point snowboard boot. Don’t be scared away by the price. These things actually are pretty supportive; about a 4 on the 1 to 10 scale. They’ll work for a lot of…


Review: Capita Saturnia Snowboard


Dave here at The House talking about the Capita Saturnia snowboard. Love on it because it’s awesome. Truly amazing stuff. This is Saturnia, basically you’re looking at the women’s Stairmaster. Saturnia and the Stairmaster are by far their best selling snowboards. They’re really what put Capita on the map. Just a ton of value for…


Review: Burton Custom Smalls Snowboard


Dave here at The House talking about the most popular snowboard of all time, the Burton Custom Snowboard. I already did the video for the V Rocker version. This is the traditional Camber version. They offer in both because Camber is still a viable technology. You will get a more lively turning snowboard. It will…