Stepchild Latchkey Review

2011 Stepchild Latchkey Snowboard

Stepchild Snowboards, Hoodies, T-ShirtsThis is the Stepchild Latchkey Snowboard. The entry level twin tip board will keep any rider happy all season long. There are Stepchild Latchkey camber and Stepchild Latchkey reverse camber options, but this board is actually a camber board. The twin tip shape will keep you happy all season long because the nose and tail are exactly the same. The stance is centered and the Armadillo plates add a little bit of structural integrity. The Armadillo fiberglass reinforced plates go right underneath the bindings.The Armor core runs from tip to tail. It’s poplar wood with ABS inserts with the carbon stringers also run tip to tail, giving it a little extra pop you need to get going during your days of riding. The pre-cured Biax fiberglass runs in two directions — at 90 degrees and 0 degrees. The Structurn base is gonna keep you fast all season long as well. The laser-etched base has dimples in it kind of like a golf ball that reduce the amount of materials used and the amount of friction that will be applied to this board when you’re riding on the snow. The screened base keeps the graphic popping all season long. And the base has a One Ball Jay was finish and a soft belt sand, so when you take this board out of the wrapper you’re gonna be good to go. Throw your binding on and enjoy riding right away. The UV non-stick lacquered top sheet will keep your stickers on, and the snow off.  Stepchild Snowboards boards are made in Austria and designed and engineered in Canada. This is the Stepchild Latchkey Snowboard, go check it out!


Rome Artifact Review

2011 Rome Artifact Rocker Snowboard

Rome Snowboards, Snowboard Boots, BindingsRome here with the Artifact Rocker. New for this year is the QuickGrip sidecut. You get a little bit of nice tight radius here, a little bit extra edge hold along that side cut.

It has Glass Impact Plates with our Impact Core as well as our Impact Base, giving you tons of durability on a true twin board with our reverse jib camber line. It’s flat between the bindings and rocked out at the nose and tail.

Also giving you a reverse glass stringer to give you extra Ollie and Nollie power. This board is coming in 44, 47, 150, 153, and a 56 for your jibbing pleasure, Artifact Rocker.


2011 Rome Artifact Camber Snowboard

Rome SDS here, giving you the 2011 Artifact snowboard. The board is loaded, for me, good fun on the jib world. We’ve got our Impact Core coupled with a Biaxial glass — it’s nice, loose Biaxial glass that’s gonna give you that nice and loose fun in the park area. We’ve got our Impact Core then coupled in here with an extruded base material with a higher molecular structure that’s gonna give you a little extra impact resistance, as well as glass impact plates that are gonna do the same.

The glass impact plates are around your insert pack; it’s gonna give you a little bit more durability under the binding area. Also, new for this year is our QuickRip sidecut technology. So what you’re gonna do is get a nice turn initiation under foot, while also giving you extra edge hold along the full radius on our true twin board. It comes in sizes 142, 144, 147, 150, 153, and a 156, all with our mean Jerk Moves graphic.


2011 Forum Destroyer Chillydog Review

Forum Destroyer Chillydog With Pop
This is the board that’s going to do everything for you if you’re an aggressive rider. This is for the rider that literally does everything, jumps, jibs, drops, picks up chicks. It’s for that guy. It has a flex rating of about a five. It has a chili dog pop profile shape. It has a continuous rocker shape, so it’s going to be a rocker. It’s a little bit more forgiving in between the bindings. It has more pop on the nose and on the tail than a traditional reverse Camber board. It is a twin shape, and it does have a Gnar LE wood core. The Gnar LE wood core is an alternating aspen and 18% sustainable lightweight wood core from tip to tail. It also has aspen at 45 degree angles along the sides underneath the bindings for a little bit more stability. It has the triaxial fiber glass, which is a light glass combination. It has degrees of 45 degrees, negative 45 degrees and 0 degrees of glass that sandwich the wood core both on the top and on the bottom. It has the Formula Sintered Base. It has two of my favorite features in the Forum line. It has the swinger’s club, which is the tapering of the wood core on the nose and on the tail. It has the Booter Boosters Next Stream. That is carbon strips that start at the end of the binding inserts and go towards the contact points. You’re going to have a little bit more responsiveness when you’re take off and you want to snap off the jumps and land on jumps. And even when you’re pressing as well, you’ll be able to snap onto that rail as high as you possibly can. This the Forum Destroyer, cool board, cool graphic, rad die cut.

Forum’s Chilly Dog With Pop Staring Peter Line

Tthe Forum Destroyer Snowboard with Chillydog. Like with the Youngblood , it’s got the Chillydog with Pop. Basically, what it is is, you’ve got a continuous arc between, underfoot, with extra pop at the ends. It adds a little bit more ollie power, a little bit more response when you really load the tail. You can see how the contact points are lifted up off the snow quite a bit. Easier landings, more forgiving on take offs, landings, things like that.

This board is a twin. It does have a Gnarly Core in it, which is a lighter-weight core with the Grain Belt technology. So the grain of the wood underneath the foot is going at a 45 degree angle to the length of the rest of the wood in the core. The Formula base, a nice fast base. It retains wax well, really good high speed, a nice die-cut base here. This does have light triaxial, so it’s going to be a little bit more responsive, a little bit snappier. The twin shape; a blunted out nose so it’s a little bit easier, you’re not going to catch when you’re ollieing onto things or taking off. A kicker cool graphics story on this; this is a real skull from the Smithsonian Museum. This guy met the end of his life with a ball-peen hammer. So all the rest of the boards are going to have different skulls with a different instrument that they were killed with. So it’s kind of brutal, kind of dark, but definitely more for somebody that wants that kind of feel from their snowboard. A little interesting tidbit there. Swingers Club as well in this, so you have the core profile built out a little bit to reduce swing-weight. Make sure to check out all of Forum’s Snowboard Gear.

Last years Forum’s Chilly Dog Tech with Peter Line Video

Lib Tech Attack Banana Review


Lib Tech Snowboards Men's & Women'sThis is a Lib Tech Attack Banana. It’s an all-terrain freestyle killer for your killing needs. It has a flex rating of a 6 and a lot of really unique features. It has a twin shape, of course, and it has the new Elliptical C2 BTX shape. There’s going to be camber from underneath the bindings to the nose and the tail. And in between the bindings, there’s actually going to be a reverse camber shape. It’s going to make this board playful and fun, but also responsive at the same time.


It has Colombian Gold Eco-Timber from tip to tail wood laminates. It also has a very unique blend that sandwich the wood core. It’s called Basalt and Fiberglass blend. Basically, Basalt fibers are volcanic rock fibers that are very eco-friendly. If you have a volcano, you can basically make Basalt, with a lot of money too. The edges, of course, are going to be Magne-Traction. Magne-Traction technology is a wave-like technology that creates more surface area for your riding needs. The more surface area you have, the harder your edge bite is going to be. The top-sheet is made out of beans, it’s called Beans Bio-Plastic Top-Sheet. And of course, the power transfer internal sidewalls are going to keep this thing basically indestructible. The design was done by Steve Cobbs, and you can check this board out at Lib Tech. Thats is the Lib Tech Attack Banana, flex rating of 6, all-terrain freestyle killer. Rad graphic, I like it.

Burton Method Snowboard Review

Burton Method Snowboard Review

The Burton Method is part of the Heli package and tier of the Burton series. This is top of the line. It has UltraMeth construction. This is the ultimate riding machine. The research and development department at Burton pretty much had no end to what they could do. They put their brains together. They explored exotic materials, and this is what they came up with.  It has a field rating of a 5, right in the middle, that’s great. But this board is for the advanced rider who wants the top of the line stuff.  This is pretty much the Ferrari of the snowboard world.  It has a spring-loaded flying V Rocker shape, camber underneath the feet, reverse camber or V Rock in between the bindings, and reverse camber on the nose and on the tail. The Method is a directional shaped board that has a twin-flex.  The tail’s going to be a little bit shorter than the nose. It does have an AlumaFly core with multi-zone EGD and a negative profile. Inside you have an aluminum honeycomb that is 90% air by volume. This is stiff and light. The fiberglass is very unique.  It’s called the S-2 Method skin and it has carbon I-beams. You’ll see inside those carbon I-beams. It’s pretty much the backbone of this board, those carbon I-beams are with the S-2 Method skin. The base material is a space-age Teflon, but no one else is doing that. Teflon is possibly the world’s most slick surface that they put on pots and pans. They also put it on the base of snowboards and I don’t think any other company is doing it besides Burton. The edges have the frost bite edges. So underneath the bindings, the edges are actually going to extend out just a little bit. Other than that, they have the 360 wrap, grip and ride edges. The sidewalls are pretty interesting as well. They’re called slim walls. They’re not cap walls, but they are kind of similar. They are going to hold up and they lose a lot of materials using the slim walls.   The tips and the tails also have what’s called a ProTip. The materials in the tip and the tail have been reduced to reduce the amount of weight and swing-weight as well. And you won’t have to worry about breaking in the Burton Method because it is an Infinite Ride board. There is a machine at Burton that breaks it in for you and you won’t have to. This is the Burton method and it’s the ultimate riding machine. You can’t get any more high-tech or light-weight than Burton Method unless your talking about the new Burton Myster.

Forum Rat Snowboard Review – 2011

Forum Rat Snowboard

The Forum rat snowboard is an urban dweller’s dream. Not only is this thing amazing, it has pretty cool all black graphic. The base is absolutely phenomenal. Look at that, “no trespassing, private property”, I absolutely love it. This board, even though it’s an urban type board, actually has camber with pop. The camber with pop that Forum has, creates a larger surface area in between the nose and the tail where the board actually sits on the snow with an effective edge. So it seems to me like there’s more camber right here instead of just from the nose to the tail. So, you’ll be able to get a little bit more pop with this board.

It has a Bad Ass core. That’s actually what it’s called. A tip to tail laminate wood core aspen and poplar. And re-enforced wood 45 degree laminates underneath the bindings for more stability and more indestructibility for this board. It has Bad Ass glass as well. Bad Ass glass is 90 degree glass and zero degree glass, but it has 18% more; and it’s 20% stronger than the normal Biax fiberglass that Forum Snowboards has. It has a free base; you’re not going to have to worry about this too much. It’s going to stay quick; it’s going to stay low-maintenance all season long. It does have a beveled edge. It has a three degree beveled edge right out of the factory, so you won’t have to round these things off. So if you’re in the parking lot or you are riding a rail or a box or ledge or whatever you’re not going to catch up on the ledge with these three-degree beveled edges. The Forum Rat, all black, rad graphic, flex of a 2, if you weigh over a hundred pounds you’ll be able to flex this thing no problem. Check it out.

Burton Supermodel Snowboard Review

Burton Supermodel. It’s part of the Gondola Tiered Burton Series, which is a five Teared Series. This is pretty much at the top. With this board, Burton has set the industry standard in performance, technology, and overall awesomeness. It does have a feel rating of 5, which is right in the middle. This board is for the all mountain killer, so if you like riding groomers, or hitting bowls in the morning, this could be the board for you. If you like going through copy trails while everyone is inside the bar, this could be the board for you.

Burton Supermodel Snowboards

This board literally does it all, all over the mountain. It does have the Burton channel system and it is a Camber board. It has a directional shape with a ten millimeter taper on the tail. The nose is going to be a little bit longer from the tail and the tail is going to be ten millimeters thinner than the nose.

It does have a twin shape flex and a Super Fly 2 Core with Dual-zone EDG and a negative profile. The Super Fly 2 Core has lamented hard and soft woods that run tip to tail and Burton has focused the stiffer woods in the middle of the board, causing for a greater transfer at lightning-fast speed. The Dual-zone EDG wood also runs perpendicular the normal wood and calls for a fast, quick responsive core and the negative profile is actually pretty cool. The negative profile is a little bit thicker in the middle and gradually tapers off on the northern tail reducing motive swing rate. There is Triax fiber glass. The fiber glass runs in three different directions: 45 degrees, negative 45 degrees, and at zero degrees.

There is a lightning bolt inside this board as well. They are energy-transferring beams that run from underneath the bindings towards the nose and the tail. There’s Carbon I beams as well that work alongside and sandwich the Super Fly 2 Core that run tip to tail. Now the base is a centered wide open base and it’s going to durable, it’s going to stay fast, if you keep it well-maintained. It is very porous. You can put a ton of wax in it. You can put high floral, low floral, whatever you want in it. Make sure this base stays moisturized. The edges are the Classic grip and rip edges and it does have a ten forty five sidewall. So, sidewalls run at ten degrees and forty five degrees. Some of the attributes on this board are the Infinite Ride break in programs, so Burton has already broken into this board for you. So, you won’t have to do that, for the first couple of weeks on hill. It also has the Pro Tip meaning that the board actually tapers off on the nose and tail causing less swing weight, for you to swing faster when you spin off those cliffs because everybody does that.

It also has the smooth ride dampening system because this isn’t all mountain board. They wanted to make a dampening system that absorbs the negative energy when you’re rolling through cruddy or chunky  snow. They wanted to reduce that amount of negative energy before it hits your body and they have done that with the smooth ride technology in this board. Go check this out. This is the Burton Supermodel for the all-mountain killer and its part of the Green Mountain Project. The materials in this board the top sheet, the base, the core, and the sidewalls all come from some sort or another, recyclable material. Thanks Burton for being so green.

2011 Artec Pop Rocker Snowboard Review

Artec Snowboards, Snowboard Bindings, Men's, Women'sThis is the Artec Pop Rocker. It is a twin, freestyle reverse-cambered snowboard that is a freestyle shred machine. It is twin, it is blunted, and it is going to make you a better snowboarder all over the place. Its sidewalls are one of my favorite things ever besides Nutella and Cups of Tea. The DiTec sidewalls are pretty cool. Towards the tip and the tail there is actually a softer ABS sidewall, so that you can flex on your tail and nose a little bit more. In the midsection, there is a little bit more firm ABS sidewall, and both sidewalls are at 30 degrees.

The core is a SuproTec; it is a combination of both aspen and poplar wood laminates that run from tip to tail. The glass is a ComposiTec reinforced beam, Carbon Kevlar NorTec composite. The glass is pretty interesting. There is Kevlar inserts and beams that run tip and tail on this thing. The Artec Pop Rocker is very snappy and very quick. The base is a gamma, highly porous base. When you wax this thing, it’s going to absorb the wax; it’s going to store the wax; it’s going to keep the wax inside. The shape, of course, is the pop tech rocker shape. It’s a rocker board, and it has a lot of pop to it. It is twin, like I said before. The flex rating is a 3 nice flex and the Tec star rating that Artec has given this pop rocker board a 5. Anyway, on that Guv, thanks for coming out ladies and gentlemen. Artec is where it’s at!

2011 Burton Bullet Snowboard Review

This is a Burton Bullet Snowboard. This is for the big-footed snowboarder. You could be a tall guy with big feet, you could be a short guy with big feet, you could be a girl with size 16 feet, this could be the board for you if you want to advance your skills to the next level.

It has a feel rating of a 2 so it’s going to be nice and soft, and it is part of the Double Chair tier of snowboards in the Burton line. It has an EZ V rocker, so on the nose and on the tail there’s going to be a slight rocker and there’s going to be V rock in the middle, making for one continuous rocker shape. It does have a directional shape, and depending on what size you get there is a 3 to 6 mm taper on the tail.

The flex is a twin flex, so the nose and the tail are going to flex basically the same. It does have the classic Burton Fly Core. Tip to tail laminate wood that runs parallel with the edges. It does also have a negative profile core. The negative profile is thicker in the middle and gradually tapers off to reduce swing weight and material in the nose and the tail.

It has Biax fiberglass. The fiberglass strands run at 0 degrees and at 90 degrees throughout the board, giving it a nice, soft, buttery feel.

It has a low-maintenance extruded base. A lot of companies out there have extruded bases, but they’re not on this level. This thing is going to be fast right out of the box, you’re not going to need to wax it as much as a sintered base, or a base that’s more porous than this.

The edges are the Cruise Control edges. So they’re a little bit more mellow. They’re not going to catch you up when you’re sliding on the snow back and forth. The Bullet does have Slantwall system as well. It’s 28 degrees Slantwalls, durable, and it’s strong.

Again this is the Burton Bullet, with the Cruise Control technology. Flex rating of a 2, it’s going to be soft. If you have big feet, this is the board for you to get to the top.”

2011 Forum Youngblood Double Dog Review

This is the Forum Youngblood Double Dog. It’s a twin shaped board, centered stance. It has something called a Double Dog. Double Dog is where there is camber underneath the bindings and reverse camber in between the bindings and then after the bindings. This Youngblood has what’s called a gnar core. From tip to tail laminate, it has aspen wood and under the bindings it has 45 degree grade aspen wood for a little bit more pop. Forum Snowboards, Snowboard Boots, Bindings, Jackets & PantsIt has biaxial fiber glass. So, the fiber glass runs 90 degrees and 0 degrees on this board. It’s going to be nice and soft. It’s going to be for that rider that likes to jib a lot. It’s for that rider that throws down in the park and is constantly pushing their level of snowboarding. The base is called a free base, low maintenance. You won’t have to wax this thing too much. It’s going to be really, really fast, really, really quick. And another great thing about this Youngblood is that it has what’s called Swinger’s Club.The laminate core is gradually tapered towards the nose and towards the tail, for a little bit less swing weight. Forum Youngblood Double Dog.