Snowboard Reviews

Rome Agent Rocker Review

Rome Quickrip

2011 Rome Agent Rocker Snowboard The Rome Agent Rocker is part of the Mountain Pop camber line, so we are giving you the hybrid camber reverse under feet, into a positive camber; coupled with Rome‘s QuickRip sidecut that gives you tons of extra edge hold. Rome also added a Sintered speed base here, as well…


Forum Shaka Snowboard Binding Review- 2011

Forum Shaka Snowboard Bindings

Forum Shaka Snowboard Binding These are an awesome binding, with a lots of great features. Forum has added features like no other binding manufacturers are making. One is this, this is the hinge disc. It’s a disc that actually flexes with your reverse camber boards, great idea. Not only is this a great idea, it…


Forum Kicker Snowboard Boots 2011 Review

Forum Kicker Snowboard Boots

You are looking at the 2011 Forum Kicker Snowboard Boots. This is a pretty rad boot. It is a hard charging boot for that rider that likes to go big who needs a little extra support than the average rider. If you like to go big, if you like to stay on top of your…


Burton Whammy Bar Snowboard Review

Burton Whammy Bar Snowboard

Burton Whammy Bar. Which is kind of interesting they named it the Whammy Bar, because there’s a bunch of vinyl records. Every time I see vinyl records I think of turntable-ism, DJ’s and scratching, and not, not a Whammy Bar. But anyway, this is the Burton Whammy Bar. This will make you do power ballads…


2011 Burton Custom Flying V Squeezebox Review

Burton Custom Flying V Squeeze Snowboard

The Burton Custom Flying V Squeezebox is for the rider that wants to go from peak to the park and everywhere in between. This does have a feel rating of a 5 and it’s absolutely fantastic. It does have a directional shape, so the nose is going to be a little bit longer than the…


2011 Burton Hail Snowboard Boots Review


Burton Hail Snowboard Boot. It has a support rating of a 4. And you can pretty much bring the storm anywhere with this boot. It has a lot of cool liner features and even more shell features than normal. The traditional lacing system has 2:1 power lacing ratio. When you tighten these things, they’re going…


2011 Artec Gabe Taylor Snowboard Review

Artec Gabe Snowboard

Artec Gabe Taylor. Gabe Taylor has been riding as a professional athlete for so long. I remember looking up to him when I was a little kid. Now, I grew, I’m kind of tall and I still look up to him, if that makes sense. Anyway, this is altering, freestyle, directional, blunted board. Gabe does…


2011 Burton TWC Pro Snowboard Review

Burton TWC Pro Snowboard 156 2011

This is the Burton TWC Pro Model Snowboard. Its a pro-model snowboard from Shaun White. You can love him or you hate him. It doesn’t matter. He still is going to go bigger than you ever will. He has hot girlfriends and nice cars. He’s got a pretty cool snowboard too. It’s part of the…


Lib Tech Travis Rice C2 Review

Lib Tech T Rice C2 BTX Horsepower Snowboard

2011 Lib Tech Travis Rice C2 BTX Snowboard This is Lib Tech‘s T. Rice C2 BTX Snowboard. That’s right, this is Travis Rice’s professional model snowboard. It is a twin shaped board for your freestyle all-mountain oriented needs. The C2 Power Banana profile is pretty cool. In between your feet there’s reverse camber and underneath…


Rossignol Viper Binding Review

Rossignol Viper

2011 Rossignol Viper Snowboard Binding This is the Rossignol Viper Snowboard Binding. It comes in two different options, the V1 is a small/medium sized, the V2 is the medium/large size and yes, it comes in different color ways in both the V1 and V2 options. Rossignol HC-X 18 base plate is going to be very…