Arbor Formula Snowboard Review

This is the Arbor Formula. It’s from the Mountain Series. There’s three different series of Arbor Snowboards. The first is the Jib Series for Jibbers, second series is the Park Series for Park Rats, and the third one is the Mountain Series for the all mountain rider. This is a board that they highlight for. It has an awesome graphic from Blaine Fontaine, I’m sure you’ve seen some of his art around before. This board has a directional twin shape which means the stance is actually set back a little bit but has a traditional side cut radius. One great thing about this side cut radius compared to many other boards is that on the single side cut radius, near the bindings, it actually sticks out just a little bit for a more direct contact with any type of snow conditions you that. Ladies and gentlemen, the Formula is going to be a board that you want to have. It has a all mountain rocker shape shape.

The Arbor Formula All Mountain Includes:

  • Grip-Tech
  • Parabolic Rocker
  • Rocker Flex
  • Power Ply
  • Directions Twin
  • Toro Tips
  • Steel edge


Arbor Westmark Snowboard Review

Arbor Snowboards

Matt Guf here for The House Snowboard Shop. This is the Arbor Westmark. This Westmark is part of the Park system. Arbor has three different systems in their boards, they have the Jib system, the Park system and the Mountain system.  This thing is right in the middle. This is for the rider who wants to ride absolutely everything. This is a cambered board. It has a power ply in it, it has a little bit of bamboo so it helps with the decambering, so this thing won’t flex out too hard or too much over the years.  Let me see this flex. I’m not going to do the butt flex in this one, but that’s got some great flex in it. The side-cut radius is pretty interesting. It adds a couple of new elements to a design that most boards don’t have. It has a single side-cut radius, but right where the bindings are there’s a little bit of notches out, so there’s better contact points with the snow, ice or whatever you’re riding. Sidewalls are great, the graphic is even cooler. This is from Dave Kinsey, that’s the graphic, and that’s the artist right there, and this is the Westmark snowboard from Arbor.

2011 DC Tone Snowboard Review

DC Snowboards

This is a review of the DC Tone Snowboard.  It’s a Transworld 2011 Good Wood Snowboard winner. It’s going to be a true twin board.  It has anti-camber.  Has four millimeters of anti-camber.   Basically, this thing is flat in between the bindings.  Then there’s going to be a four millimeter rising from you foot, to the start of the tip and tail.  The stance is  centered, of course, because it’s a true twin.  You can max this thing out at 25 inches.

It has what’s called a stratus core. The DC tone has a 100% poplar wood, that is vertical laminate from tip to tail.  The glass inside this is Quadratic glass.  So if you don’t know what Quadratic glass is, it’s pretty much four pieces of woven fiberglass that sandwich that poplar core.

The DC Tone has a flex rating of about a 6 so a little bit stiffer than your average board.  But it is pretty rad and one thing that’s great about this is it has a camber core.  So DC has decided to do something unique with their reverse camber boards.  Inside of it is actually a camber core so the core actually has a little shape like a camber board even though this is technically, an anti-camber board.

One other cool feature about The DC Tone is this thing has side cut radius to flat.  Great for riding power.  Side cut radius to flat is when the side cut radius continues on to the tip and tail but once it hits right about there, the whole tip is actually flat.  It doesn’t continue on with the side cut radius.  Pretty awesome little feature.  Favorite thing about this DC Snowboard is that cambered core.  I’m sure this thing has a lot of pop.  This is the DC Tone.


2011 DC Lauri Pro Snowboard Review

DC Lauri Pro Tone Pro Model

the  DC Lauri Pro Tone Pro Model. Yeah, DC Lauri Pro Model Board right here. Keeping it clean, keeping it classy, with a pearl top sheet that shimmers.

DC Lauri Pro Snowboard

This is a Transworld Snowboards Goodwood winner from 2011. Fantastic. It’s an anti-camber about -4 degrees. It’s going to be flat between the feet, it’s going to rise about four millimeters from under the foot to the start of the tip.

It has the a radius to flat, nose and tail, so it means the tips are nice and flat, causing for a nice stable and flat landing ollie pop and landing if you get a little bit off balance.

It has a nice wide stance that you can set it up right at the center at 24″. It has a Stratus core, which means 100% vertical laminate, poplar. Because it’s an anti-camber board, DC has decided to put a camber core inside of this. So you know the board is shaped like this, the core inside is shaped like this. It’s pretty wild. It has Quadrax glass on the inside, which means there’s four different directions of fiberglass that sandwich the core. The base is what you call the DC True base, and it has Structurn, and if you don’t know what Structurn is, it’s laser etched base that causes for reduced friction to keep you going fast, whether you be doing pond skips or or jobbing cliffs. Flex of this board right now? It’s about a six. Wow. It’s about a six. One-ball factor waxed, directly out of the factory, this thing’s going to be fast, it’s going to be a lot of fun. Lauri rides it, why wouldn’t you?

K2 Fuse Snowboard Review

This is the K2 Fuse Snowboard wide edition. This is a pretty cool snowboard. It has the catch free baseline rocker system, and it’s 95 percent flat. The likelihood of you catching on this is the likelihood of you catching a whale when you’re fishing in the middle of a pond; it’s not going to happen. 95 percent of it is flat. The remaining 5 percent is 2.5 in front and 2.5 in back, which is going to be a little bit “rockered” up.

Construction is K2 Hybritech construction. So you’ll see that it gradually tapers off saving you a little bit of weight in the nose and the tail and keeping a nice smooth profile. The K2 Fuse has a standard stance with twin hyper progressive side cut radius. So whether you’re going fast or slow, the K2 Fuse is going to hold a nice smooth edge. Other features include a 1-piece wood core called the W1 core by K2, Biax fiberglass sandwich construction that sandwiches that wood core and a 2000 extruded base, and that is pretty much its, this is the k2 Fuse Snowboard.


2011 Capita Stairmaster Snowboard Review

The Capita Stairmaster is a park board loaded with the features you need to pop yourself up onto the highest street rails and the press-ability to get your tail way up there on those nosepresses.


The Stairmaster is a true-twin camber to help you leave the park rookies spending their chair rides wondering if you’re regular or goofy. The guys at Capita have given it a flex rating of four — making it one of their softer boards. However, the Wood Derived Technology Engineered Jib Core still gives it plenty of hop for the length of your time on this stick. Go ahead and slap it around on some rails all you want, because it also features Capita’s ABS Bomb Proof sidewalls.


This year’s model features graphics by the ever-artsy Northwesterner Corey Smith, and the logos on the nose and tail make a great background for your own personal sticker job. It’s designed to be a little wider, a little shorter, and have a lot lower sticker price than your average board.


This is the Capita Stairmaster. This board has been around for a long time and there’s a reason. This board kicks ass, not going to lie.  This Capita snowboard is cambered, but it’s still a jib board. The true twin shape, nose and tail the exact same as you see on the graphics, which was designed by Cory Smith. You guys know who he is, right? You should. Check out his art its pretty rad. The Capita Stairmaster core is very unique it’s called a wood-derived technology core which means it’s actually not like normal laminate wood that would run tip to tail. It’s actually pressure condensed wood composite. So, that means the wood particles pretty much press together to make this thing nice and soft. You don’t have to flex it very hard to get over the nose or over the tail. The glass is pretty rad as well; it’s called a pre-cured 4-20 glass. So that means that there’s 370 grams of glass that run at zero degrees or from tip to tail on the board and 50 grams of glass that run at 90 degrees from edge to edge. So, it’s going to be a nice, soft, even flex for this thing. The flex pattern is about a four. As you see, yeah, that’s pretty soft. So, it doesn’t matter if you’re going to be riding powder or going to be riding rails, this thing is going to be fun, buttery, and a lot of soft. Transworld rated it Good Wood 2011. The  Capita Stairmaster is here to stay!

Review: Burton Ruler Snowboard Boot

Burton Snowboards, Snowboard Bindings, Boots, Jackets, Pants, Hoodies, Fleece, Mitts, Gloves, Shirts, Polos, BackpacksThe 2011 Burton Ruler Boot. It is a god amongst mortals. It has a lot of features and for rider’s that likes to charge hard. This is a rad boot. It’s been around for ten years or so. It has the new shrinkage foot bed or Foot print reduction technology. Even though your wear a size 10, it’s going to have an imprint of about a size 9 compared to other manufacturers and other boots. It has a support rating of a 6. It’s on the stiffer end of the scale, both laterally, medially and from edge to edge. So it’s going to be a little bit stiffer of a boot whith a lot of cool features, one being the speed lacing system.

It’s has Burton‘s Speed Zone™ Lacing technology. All you have to do to tighten and loosen the boots is pull on a couple of strings to loosen them. Then they also have separation of tightness on the lower section of the foot and the top section of the foot. To tighten the top section, pull on the string that’s on the outside of the boot. To tighten the lower section, pull on the string that’s on the inside of the boot and you’re good to go. The liner is also pretty interesting. It’s the impact 2 liner. It has the quick fix harness. So, you’ll see that with the lacing liner system that they have. It also has the lightweight power panels. So you see the little gray panels there, those add a little more support to the imprint 2 liner. Like all  Burton liners they are heat moldable, which is great. To tighten  the laces, pull up to tighten, all you have to do is push down to lock in place.

The shell outsole has the 270 degree airbag. So 75% of this sole is filled with air. You can see the little air pockets that it actually has as well. The flex and the response on the shell is pretty cool. It also has the power spine backstay, so there’s additional material in the back so you’re not going to fold over the top of your high back. It also has the medium flex thin response 3D profile tongue. The Burton tongue come in three different stiffness’s, there’s soft, medium and stiff. This is the medium flex, it’s nice and thin as well. It’s not too bulky. It also has a level 1 molded EVA footbed, plain and simple. You will fall in  love with these Boots. The Burton Ruler, for the charger who likes to do absolutely everything.

Burton’s Ruler Boot is a great mid-range boot from the industry leader, perfect for the park but comfortable in any arena. A little on the stiffer side, Burton ranks the Ruler a 6 out of 10, with 10 being the stiffest. Think all that support will weigh you down? Think again. The Ruler has 70% airbag coverage across the midsole so you stay comfy and light.  On the inside they have a heat moldable liner and a molded EV1 footbed. Let’s face it, your feet have it good, what other sport treats your feet with all this luxury?

The Burton Ruler also has Burton’s speed lace system— one upper zone and one lower. Just tug ‘em tight and you’re ready to ride and if you’ve never had this luxury before, be sure not to underestimate the convenience of making adjustments on the chairlift.

Review: Burton Love Snowboard

For most of us that spend over a hundred days on snow each season, love is one of those four letter words, but this stick could change that. The Burton Love is a twin-tip, twin-flex park lover that is sure to last longer than any recent girlfriend thanks to its infinite ride technology. This means that the flex of the board will not break down and soften as the season progresses.

The infinite channel is a match made in heaven for the Burton EST binders, but works well with some others too. Underneath the Love is a sintered WFO base that will hold wax within the base instead of just on the surface. It features Burton’s pro-tip and tail too, keeping the weight centralized. The Love has the Burton Gondola Package of features, which is the on-snow equivalent of a fully loaded new car — its faster and lighter and goes bigger.

Check out that babe on the topsheet too, she doesn’t care how much time you spend at the hill, she’ll never want flowers, chocolate, or to make things Facebook official. In fact, she’s such a keeper that she’s become Keegan Valaika’s number one girl all season.

2011 Ride VXN Binding Review

Ladies and gentlemen, Ladies… this is the Ride VXN Snowboard Binding. It’s lady specific. It has a lot of great features on it. This is the Wedgie system; it’s a 1.5 Wedgie. This actually aligns your ankles and your knees together for a little bit of more comfort and the ultra light ratchets work great. The thin grip toe strap, the toe strap that can go on the front of your foot or it can go on the top of your foot. What I like most about it actually is that is has a little bit of flex in it so it’s very, very comfortable. Also on all the straps we have quick releases you won’t need a tool if you need to make adjustments on the hill. A toolless forward lean adjustment, which is great and the classic chassis system that Ride has always had. This is spacecraft aluminum right here. You cannot flex this. This does not bend. Ladies and gentlemen, the Ride VXN women-specific Snowboard binding in royal, fully padded and super comfortable .

Ride Phenom Binding Review

The Ride Phenom Binding is a contraband binding. If you guys don’t know what a contraband binding this is it. it only has one strap. That’s all you need. It’s for the great, great urban snowboarders of the world and for the novice snowboards of the world who don’t like to strap in both bindings. If you’re the kind of guy or girl that likes to be on the top of the hill strapped in first before your buddies this is the binding to have. High back is fully adjustable without any tools, has a forward lean adjustment, you can do it like that literally in a snap. Again we have the ultra light ratchets work well, work wonders. One figner roller reset thing, it’s great. We also have a wedgie-foot bed cant system. The wedgie-foot bed cant system actually aligns ankles and your knees together to become a little bit more comfortable. So this where you get better by buying these bindings. These are the Phenom Bindings, contraband snowboard bindings, one strap, chassis system and again you know I’ve tried so hard to flex these things. It doesn’t work. You can’t bend these. I think like 1 in 175,000 ride bindings go back because the base plate bends.

You won’t break it.