Snowboard Reviews

K2 Fuse Snowboard Review

K2 Fuse

This is the K2 Fuse Snowboard wide edition. This is a pretty cool snowboard. It has the catch free baseline rocker system, and it’s 95 percent flat. The likelihood of you catching on this is the likelihood of you catching a whale when you’re fishing in the middle of a pond; it’s not going to…


2011 Capita Stairmaster Snowboard Review

capita stairmaster

The Capita Stairmaster is a park board loaded with the features you need to pop yourself up onto the highest street rails and the press-ability to get your tail way up there on those nosepresses.   The Stairmaster is a true-twin camber to help you leave the park rookies spending their chair rides wondering if…


Review: Burton Ruler Snowboard Boot

Screen shot 2011-05-18 at 4.02.22 PM

The 2011 Burton Ruler Boot. It is a god amongst mortals. It has a lot of features and for rider’s that likes to charge hard. This is a rad boot. It’s been around for ten years or so. It has the new shrinkage foot bed or Foot print reduction technology. Even though your wear a…


Review: Burton Love Snowboard


For most of us that spend over a hundred days on snow each season, love is one of those four letter words, but this stick could change that. The Burton Love is a twin-tip, twin-flex park lover that is sure to last longer than any recent girlfriend thanks to its infinite ride technology. This means…


2011 Ride VXN Binding Review


Ladies and gentlemen, Ladies… this is the Ride VXN Snowboard Binding. It’s lady specific. It has a lot of great features on it. This is the Wedgie system; it’s a 1.5 Wedgie. This actually aligns your ankles and your knees together for a little bit of more comfort and the ultra light ratchets work great. The…


Ride Phenom Binding Review

Ride Phenom Snowboard contraband bindings

The Ride Phenom Binding is a contraband binding. If you guys don’t know what a contraband binding this is it. it only has one strap. That’s all you need. It’s for the great, great urban snowboarders of the world and for the novice snowboards of the world who don’t like to strap in both bindings….


2011 DC Devun Pro Snowboard Review

2011 DC Devun Pro Snowboard

DC Snowobards The DC- DC Devun Pro Snowboard.  I am honored to review this board.  Devun Walsh has been a snowboarder in my life, who I’ve looked up to since I was kid, and that was a very long time ago. Devun is still doing it, still killing it, and he has a board by DC…


Capita Indoor Survival FK Snowboard Review

Capita Indoor Survival FK

  Another great board from Capita is the Indoor Survival flat kick, reverse camber edition. One of the coolest things about this reverse camber board is it has a technology that only Capita has called flat kick. They say wham pow flat kick. It is flat in between the bindings and then it gradually rises pretty…


2011 Capita Quiver Killer Snowboard Review

Capita Quiver Killer ATV Snowboard

The 2011 Capita Quiver Killer. This board does it all. It’s called the ATAV: All terrain attack vehicle. It’s a directional sheet board with a centered stance. It has what’s called an SS select core. It’s 100 percent poplar wood from tip to tail with a smooth, consistent flex for whatever you want to do…


2011 Capita Indoor Survival Camber Snowboard

Capita Indoor Survival Cambered Snowboard

Capita makes two different styles of the Indoor Survival. There is the Reverse Camber or FK (Flat Kick) and then there is the Camber edition. This, my friends, is the Capita Indoor Survival Camber Snowboard. It is a true twin shape. It has a centered stance and the core is sustainable. It is Eco-friendly. The …