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Exclusive Sneak Peek at 2015 K2 Shreditor Skis

Shreditor 112

2015 K2 Shreditor Skis K2 climbed to the summit of success at this year’s SnowSports Industries America (SIA) in Denver, Co. when it unleashed the Shreditor–a beast of a ski. Carnage ensued shortly after that. K2’s predator tamer Mike gets giggity about the athlete-inspired line of playful, surfy and versatile skis. The line comes in…


Sneak Peek at 2015 Line Skis

Line 2015 Skis

For years at trade shows, the Line booth smelled of wafting excrement from adjoining bathrooms either because no one had heard of Line or the industry had been secretly making tie-ins with the unknown brand. What a difference innovation makes. At last January’s SnowSports Industries America (SIA) Trade Show in Denver, Line threw down some fat…


2015 Salomon Skis Sneak Peek


SIA 2014 Reveals Salomon’s Next Big Thing The 2014 SnowSports Industries of America Trade Show was a whirlwind event held in Denver at the tail end of January, just as Colorful Colorado was at the beginning of a storm cycle that has lasted into the Spring, creating one of the deepest winters in recent history….


2014 K2 Skis: Tradition of Tech


Innovation Refined K2 Skis burst onto the scene in 1962, gaining notoriety for their innovative use of fiberglass construction. Their skis were lighter, more responsive, and livelier than the competition. In 1968, K2 became the first American Ski Company to have a First Place finish in Giant Slalom at a World Cup Race. Since then,…


The Art of Rossignol Ski Technology


Poetry In Motion At the close of the 19th century, Europe sat in the oily puddle of the Industrial Revolution. London and Paris were overcrowded, mechanized, smog-filled; dreary. Earth-shattering advancements had forever changed the course of humanity and the human condition; but at what cost? It is arguable a great disservice was executed upon the…


Ski Brands Top Ten


Every year ski companies adjust, tweak their current fleet and update, innovate new technology for what’s next.  They try to out-do and one up each other; all the while the skier reaps the benefits of industry competition, skiing on lighter, faster, radder equipment. 2014 is no different. Today’s skier craves a ski experience with a wider range….


K2 Amp Photon Skis


K2 Amp Photon Skis The K2 Photon’s are for skiers who are mostly into groomers but are not afraid to go off the trail once in a while. With the All Terrain rocker profile these skis are great in all types of snow conditions. The rocker makes the ski playful and forgiving while the camber…


Review: Armada T-Hall Skis

Thall skishorizontal

Tanner designed these skis as if he had to choose one ski to ride for the rest of his life. The T-Hall’s are built exactly to his specifications—stiffer beneath the boots and softer towards the tip and tail for maximum freestyling capabilities. Butters, tail presses, nose presses, blunts… manipulate this ski however you want, when…


Review: K2 Obsethed Skis 2011


Twin tips are not just for the park and pipe anymore. The new Obsethed ski features more rocker at the tip than tail and camber beneath the boots, plus a wider 117mm waist for ocean-liner float in the deep stuff. The dimensions make it versatile enough for charging big mountains and backcountry zones, yet it…