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Top 5 Sleeping Bags

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Top 5 Sleeping Bags What goes into picking out the Top 5 Sleeping Bags?  A lot of sleep.  This great assortment of bags spans a wide range of needs, designs, and of course budgets.  There’s a lot of hype surrounding camping gear these days and we cut through the mud by selected the Top 5…


Backpacking vs Camping

Camping is all about getting away from it all, right? Fresh air, singing birds, a babbling brook and limited cell service can quite literally melt stress like nobody’s business. But like any get-away, along comes the packing, planning and anxious feelings that often accompany traveling. Any experienced traveller knows first hand that keeping it simple…


Best Waterproof Tents for Camping


A little rain doesn’t have to put a ‘damper’ on your camping trip to the mountains with the family. In fact, the steady rain fall on your tent is actually quite soothing along with the intoxicating sweet smell of summer rain. Furthermore, morning dew is no joke when you’re outside all night. A waterproof tent…


Best Kids Sleeping Bags


From the living room to a tent in the woods, a comfortable sleeping bag for kids is the ticket to a life long love for camping. Sleeping in a soft,fluffy, mummy-like bag truly is way more fun than any adult can imagine. Like all camping gear, there are all sorts of sleeping bags to choose…


Camping Checklist

  The Boy Scout Motto is simply “Be Prepared.” Preparation is essential for any outdoor adventure. Having the necessary supplies and equipment can make or break your overall enjoyment, experience and likelihood of spending time in the great outdoors again.  Checklists are a great tool to help with your organization and to ensure that you…


Best Daypacks: Hiking Daypacks

For treks and adventures that require you to carry more gear than can easily be fit into your pockets, a daypack is great to have.  Daypacks come in a variety of shapes, sizes, colors and prints and deciphering between the countless options can be quite daunting. What makes the best daypack?   To narrow down…


Marmot Limestone 6p Tent

Limestone 6P Tent - Front

The Marmot Limestone 6P Tent is built for the entire family. With a ceiling that’s high enough to stand up in, and two generous D-shaped doors provide a feel like home away from home. If you’re looking for a great tent and need to balance cost, design, function, durability, usability and performance, this is it!   The attention…


Choosing Best Tent for Family Camping

Choosing the Right Family Tent

Family camping has long been a prized activity for families across the country. It’s cheap, convenient, fun and one of the best ways for families to “get away from it all.” For those haven’t ventured into camping, it’s usually due to lack of equipment and supplies. The most important piece of gear you’ll need is…


Marmot Limestone 4p Tent

Marmot Limestone 4 Person Tent Hatch/Dark Cedar - Front

One of the favorites in family camping, the Marmot Limestone 4P Tent will feel like home away from home with it’s large door and a doormat. If you’re looking for a great tent and need to balance cost, design, function, durability, usability and performance, this is it! The attention to detail is evident throughout, with great…


Hiking with Dogs

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When hitting the trails, there’s no need to leave your four legged friend at home. Hiking with dogs is a great way to explore the great outdoors and to get some solid exercise for both of you. There are a few things to consider to keep your dog safe in the outdoors and to be…