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How To: Carry a SUP

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[youtube=] Transporting a SUP First, you’ll need to get the board from your house to the water, which typically involves a car ride. A roof rack works perfect. To protect the board, it’s best to use a bar pad on the rack. It’s best to stack the board on the roof with the fin up,…


How to Grip Tape a Skateboard

 Grip Taping a Skateboard Sooner or later you’ll need to know how to grip tape a skateboard.  Grip taping a skateboard is very simple process that involves a small amount of tools and skills.  However, gripping a deck can be tricky, but with a few tips the process can be easier than expected.  It’s so…


Paddle Boarding for Beginners

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Getting Started with Paddle Boarding Stand Up Paddle Boarding. Paddle Boarding. SUP. Whatever you’d like to call it, paddling around on a giant surfboard while soaking in nature’s beauty is truly priceless. Paddle boarding has gained immense popularity the past couple of years for good reason. It offers a solid upper body and core workout,…


How To Mount Snowboard Bindings

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[youtube=] Getting your snowboard setup dialed is akin to fine-tuning a car, but much easier. Still, you want things to be just right when you mount bindings on your board, from choosing binding angles to stance width and forward lean. Finding a comfortable stance width comes first – most riders use between 21”-23” stance widths….


How to Pack Your Backpack

The North Face Tree Hugger 32L Backpack

Whether you are packing for a short or long hike, you must always be prepared for the worse. A few key items to bring along with you on you hike are: map and compass, plenty of water, rain gear, adequate food, knife or utility tool, first aid kit, fire starting materials (matches, lighter, flint and…


What is Snowboard Sidecut?


And why does it matter?


Snowboard Rocker & Camber Explained

It’s not as complicated as you might think.


Best Snowboard Jacket Features

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Every brand name is going to have their own bells and whistles on their jackets, but there are some features that are pretty universal. One of the most common features is pit zips. Pit zips will allow heat to escape from the arm pits, which is the hottest area of the body. Riding sideways on…


How to Buy a Snowboard

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When you start shopping for a snowboard there are two major areas that you will need to understand to make sure you are getting the right board. First, is information about you. Second, is information about the board. Under those two areas there are many little subheads which we will discuss. There is a lot…


The Downlow on Down Snowboarding Jackets

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One specific type of insulated snowboard jacket that is available is a down jacket. Of all the variations of snowboard jackets, a down jacket is the warmest. They are easy to spot because they are extra thick and puffy. If a rider is going to be consistently in colder climates a down jacket is a…