How to Slide on a Longboard

The first slide to master is the 180 Coleman slide. From there, you can add your own style and tweak it to make it your own. Before attempting slides, get comfortable carving on hills with some decent speed. You'll need enough speed to get the board around 180 degrees. Check out all the tools you'll [...]

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Easy Longboard Tricks

You're feeling pretty comfortable on the board. Cruising around, turning, gaining speed and making sharper turns are like second nature. It's time for some basic longboard tricks to keep the progression going. Check out our top 5 favorite easy longboard tricks... Cross-Stepping - A iconic trick in longboarding (as in surfing), mastering cross-stepping will lock [...]

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How To Stay In Shape For Winter Sports

Hopefully that light bulb in your head has gone off like the time you awakened in a cold sweat remembering that school project you had 6 months to complete is due tomorrow. Now that you’ve spent most of your summer lying on the beach, drinking malt beverages and munching on foods that are not part [...]

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How To Adjust Avid BB5 Disc Brakes

You’ll need a 5mm hex wrench and a Torx T-25 driver. Let’s start with the assumption that the rotor, caliper, and cable are properly installed on the bike, and that the rotor is true. 1. Loosen the (2) black CPS mounting bolts with a 5mm hex wrench to a point where the caliper body can [...]

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Style Guide: 2014 Men's Spring Fashion

Men's Spring Fashion It feels great to shed some layers after piling them on throughout winter.  Spring is a transitional season to freshen up a wardrobe and change the pace of life.  This is the first Style Guide of many installments; enjoy some of our favorite pieces that rolled out recently. 1. DC Duster Shirt There [...]

Benefits of Bike Commuting Infographic

Whether it’s to save money, lose weight, get exercise, or protect the environment, the reasons people bike to work are as varied as the bikes they ride. And people are seeing the benefits. Since 2001, the number of bike commuters has more than doubled, more bike paths are being created, and there is even a [...]

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How To: Carry a SUP

[youtube=] Transporting a SUP First, you'll need to get the board from your house to the water, which typically involves a car ride. A roof rack works perfect. To protect the board, it's best to use a bar pad on the rack. It's best to stack the board on the roof with the fin up, [...]

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How To: Paddle Board Turning Tips

Turning on a stand up paddle board is an essential skill to make the most of your SUP experience on the water. It also adds to the fun factor and excitement of paddling! If you are a beginner, it is important to first master your balance, change directions on the board, and finally be able [...]

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Stand Up Paddle Boarding: The Forward Stroke

[youtube=] Stand Up Paddle Boarding: The Forward Stroke Alright! Sweet new stand up paddle board. Check. Paddle. Check. New trunks. Check. Polarized sunglasses. Check. A pristine lake lined with birch trees. Check.  Now it's time to hit the water and soak in every moment of summer! Although paddle boarding looks simple enough, you don't want [...]

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