Socks with Sandals

How to Rock the Socks and Sandals, the Most Controversial Fashion Statement   Once a trend meant only for children or elderly who just need comfort, today socks and sandals can be worn by anyone if you know what you’re doing. But in reality, does anyone ever know what they are doing? The answer, I’m [...]

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Black Friday Sale

Yeah, yeah, The House is known for great deals, and for good reason.  We're rolling out the savings now with our  Black Friday Sale where you SAVE UP TO 80% OFF!  Below are a few of our top favorite picks that won't last long.  Make sure to select the link HERE for your chance to get the [...]

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How to Pick a Bike Helmet

A bike helmet should be a no brainer. Once you get used to wearing one, it almost feels weird if you don't wear one! While all helmets will protect your head, some are designed with aerodynamics in mind, some are exceptionally lightweight and others provide maximum ventilation at high speeds. As price increases, helmets are typically lighter [...]

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Men's Hiking Style Guide

- Function and fashion are important.  When exploring the world function is the most important.  If someone says that fashion doesn't matter, it can be assumed they probably wears crocs to weddings and have no real say on the topic.  Get outside and look good exploring this beautiful world of ours. - Arc'teryx Cerium SL Jacket Perfect [...]

Oakley Tour De France Eyeshade Sunglasses

--- --- Oakley is proud to stand above the title of being the first optics company to create the world's first sport performance specific sunglasses.  31 years ago Oakley introduced the Eyeshades Sunglasses and invented a category that brought to fruition a global market for sporting enthusiasts.  Celebrating it's 30th anniversary from their 1984 release [...]

Style Guide | Spring 2015 | Men's Street Fashion

Even avid winter enthusiasts enjoy the break of spring. Nothing sets a better seasonal tone than stepping into a beamingray of sunshine and absorbing the the fresh air. Why not make the experience a feel good and look good event. Jump into fresh threads and bring out the strut that's been stretching to be used. [...]

How to Choose a Bike

There are a thousand and one reasons why riding a bike should be a part of everyone's lifestyle. You can get some exercise while running to the store for a 6-pack. Spend less on gas and save up for a new bike while commuting to work. Savor that extra 20 minutes of sleep as you cruise past [...]

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Snow Biking

It was 1987 when when Dan Bull from Anchorage, Alaska, came up with the idea of holding a bike race along the Iditaroid dog sled trail. Well, perhaps other die hard mountain bikes had attempted riding their favorite trails in the snow. Like snowshoeing did in the early 90's, snow biking is starting to boom. Trails [...]

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How to Choose a BMX Bike

Bicycle motocross, or BMX, has been around since disco and bell bottoms. Jumping, racing and pulling BMX stunts is the type of crazy that never truly dies. Designed for tough track riding, BMX bikes excel on dirt, vert, park, street and flatland. Classic BMX bikes have low saddles, chunky tires, durable metal frames and high straight handlebars. On [...]

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