Salomon Snowboard Gloves

Salomon Snowboard Gloves are ready to ship out at warp speed direct to your door from An ancient prophecy tells of Mens Salomon Snowboard Gloves that were designed by the wizard gerblemantree in the 12th century BC for battling Evil. The prophecy continues to tell of magical conquests and battles between beasts and men alike from far cold and distant lands. Built with the power to take on ten soldiers whilst having the grace and beauty of a unicorn painting another unicorn on a bed of velvet. These gloves will take any man from meager snow peasant to King of the mountain in an instant...or so says the prophesy anyways. Your number one shop for everything snowboarding since 1982.
Salomon Propeller One Gloves
Size: Medium
$47.95 47.95
$59.95 (20% Off)
Salomon Propeller Dry Gloves
Size: Medium
$41.95 41.95
$79.95 (48% Off)
Salomon Force Dry Gloves
Size: Large, X-Large, XX-Large
$36.95 36.95
$54.95 (33% Off)

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