Womens Snowboards

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Women’s snowboards from The House will get you out on the slopes and shredding like a pro in no time. Whether you’re a beginner looking for your first snowboard or you’re an advanced rider looking for a new snowboard to add to your quiver, our selection offers plenty of women’s snowboards for every level and riding style. Browse a variety of top snowboard brands such as Burton, Capita, DC, Roxy, Rossignol, and more to find the perfect women’s snowboard that fits your needs and offers quality performance for powder, freestyle, or all-mountain riding. Each deck in our snowboard shop varies in size, flex, profile, and base type, meaning that the options are endless. With numerous choices for colors and graphics, you are sure to find the perfect snowboard that fits your personal style while also helping you ride your best. Grab a women’s snowboard today and pair it with your favorite snowboard boots and bindings, so you can feel confident on your next trip to the slopes.
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Size: 140cm, 145cm, 151cm
$89.95 $249.99 (64% Off)
Size: 144cm, 149cm
$221.95 $399.95 (45% Off)

Size: 140cm, 145cm, 150cm
$96.95 $249.99 (61% Off)
Size: 148cm
$82.95 $259.95 (68% Off)

Size: 143cm
$299.95 $399.95 (25% Off)

Size: 146cm, 149cm, 152cm
$337.95 $449.95 (25% Off)
Size: 144cm, 147cm, 150cm, 153cm
$223.95 $319.99 (30% Off)

Size: 145cm, 148cm, 151cm
Size: 152cm
$100.95 $249.99 (60% Off)

Size: 138cm, 142cm, 147cm, 151cm
$143.95 $499.95 (71% Off)
Size: 143cm, 147cm, 151cm
$335.99 $479.95 (30% Off)

Size: 152cm
$199.95 $379.95 (47% Off)
Size: 146cm, 149cm
$161.95 $280.00 (42% Off)

Size: 140cm, 144cm, 148cm, 150cm
$249.95 $320.00 (22% Off)
Size: 142cm, 146cm, 150cm

Size: 149cm, 153cm
$314.95 $449.95 (30% Off)

Size: 142cm, 146cm, 149cm, 152cm
Size: 150cm
$201.95 $388.95 (48% Off)

Size: 142cm, 146cm, 150cm, 154cm
Size: 142cm, 149cm
$161.95 $280.00 (42% Off)

Size: 142cm, 146cm, 152cm
$262.95 $349.95 (25% Off)
Size: 142cm, 146cm, 149cm, 152cm

Size: 143cm, 147cm, 151cm
Size: 143cm, 147cm, 151cm

Size: 149cm
$342.95 $489.99 (30% Off)
Size: 149cm
$248.95 $529.99 (53% Off)

Size: 141cm, 146cm, 149cm, 152cm
Size: 138cm, 142cm, 147cm, 152cm

Size: 142cm, 145cm, 148cm, 151cm
From: $290.95 $419.95 (31% Off)
Size: 141cm, 143cm, 145cm, 147cm, 149cm, 151cm, 153cm

Size: 143cm, 147cm, 150cm, 153cm
Size: 144cm, 148cm, 152cm

Size: 142cm, 146cm, 150cm, 154cm
Size: 143cm, 147cm, 151cm
$279.95 $399.99 (30% Off)

Size: 142cm
$335.95 $479.95 (30% Off)
Size: 140cm, 142cm, 144cm, 146cm, 148cm, 150cm, 152cm

Size: 148cm
$263.95 $439.95 (40% Off)
Size: 142cm, 147cm, 152cm
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