Living life on the edge is better than over the edge, and same goes with your feet! With our huge selection of Wide Snowboards, we'll make sure your feet never go over the edge. We carry top-selling brands such as DC, Rossignol, and Salomon with sales of up to 40% off! Get your wide boards now before they sell out!
Size: 153cm (W), 155cm (W)
Size: 153cm (W), 155cm (W), 157cm (W), 159cm (W), 161cm (W)

Size: 151cm (W), 153cm (W), 155cm (W), 157cm (W)
Size: 164cm (W), 168cm (W), 174cm (W)
$389.95 $599.95 (35% Off)

Size: 153cm (W), 157cm (W), 160cm (W)
$377.95 $539.99 (30% Off)
Size: 153cm (W), 156cm (W)
$349.95 $499.99 (30% Off)

Size: 153cm (W), 156cm (W), 159cm (W), 162cm (W)
$349.95 $499.99 (30% Off)
Size: 153cm (W), 162cm (W)
$349.95 $499.99 (30% Off)

Size: 153cm (W)
$339.95 $499.99 (32% Off)
Size: 152cm (W), 155cm (W)
$321.95 $459.99 (30% Off)

Size: 152cm (W)
$311.95 $459.99 (32% Off)
Size: 152cm (W), 155cm (W)
$229.95 $330.00 (30% Off)

Size: 152cm (W), 155cm (W), 158cm (W)
$219.95 $330.00 (33% Off)
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