Camber Snowboards

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Get back to the basics with our large selection of Camber Snowboards here at The House. With our knowledgeable and dedicated staff, we've been bringing you nothing but the best since 1982! Our price match guarantee and free shipping of orders over $50 make buying a new camber board a no-brainer.
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Camber snowboards are popular among professionals, advanced riders, Olympians, and traditionalists for a number of reasons. This profile creates a lift underfoot, both on skis and snowboard, in the center of the board. This was once the only option available for most boards, hence the traditionalist fan club.

A camber profile provides the rider with pop, power, stability, and an extremely confident edge hold. Having a confident edge hold can help you make deeper carves, provide you with a greater ability to ride at higher speeds, and tackle more difficult terrain on your snowboard. When it comes to the park, the shape of camber snowboards helps you lock onto rails more easily.

While it is slightly easier to catch an edge on a camber snowboard, making it slightly more difficult to ride. Once a rider has the hang of snowboarding, they will likely appreciate the locked in feel that camber snowboards provide!