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Boasting less material, less weight and increased board feel, Burton’s EST baseplate construction is an industry exclusive. With a few decades of research and development under their belt, Burton engineers have toyed with the idea of a baseless baseplate season after season. Baseless prototypes have been hitting the mountains longer than Shaun White’s claim to fame. It took countless attempts to dial it in perfectly before the idea hit the market. Far from a fad, EST baseplate construction will likely become the norm before too long. With EST bindings and a Burton board constructed with The Channel, the rider can literally feel the board flex beneath their feet. It’s a marriage made in heaven.

If you’re looking at or already own a board with The Channel, like the Custom, Custom X or Joystick, it’s a good idea to pair it up with Burton EST bindings to get the full effect of what the board was designed to do. EST bindings like Cartel EST, Custom EST, Diode EST, Genesis EST, Malavita EST and Mission EST are designed for Burton boards with The Channel.

With Burton’s exclusive EST baseplate construction, the materials beneath your feet have been removed to not only reduce weight, but open up an entirely new realm of design possibility. With EST, the possibilities for cushioning and enhanced board feel are infinite. And so are the stance options thanks to the unlimited adjustability of The Channel mounting system.

“The new Prophecy reveals the truth of what bindings will be like in years to come.”—Burton


When reading through the tech features pumped into the Prophecy bindings, it’s easy to picture Burton’s mad scientists making a list of every good binding feature ever conceived and going to work. The end result is a binding that’s designed to handle any situation you drag them into and beg for more.


For most people, their first impression of the Prophecy is the giant slot through the ankle straps center. The Cored Ultrastrap Air™, as Burton calls it, is designed to lighten your load and simultaneously ease the pressure put on your foot by a traditional ankle strap—all without sacrificing response. And no, the “Air in the straps name does not refer to the empty space that was cut out. It refers to the air cushions that line the strap’s inside—think industrial strength bubble wrap—to ensure that all pressure points cease to exist. Along the same lines the Prophecy toe strap is a new and improved version of Burton’s Capstrap™ that features a cored center, rubber lining and rubber caps on the top and bottom of the strap. The extra rubber gives added hold while the hollow center alleviates the toe crunching discomfort sometimes associated with cap straps.


“Dual-Component Canted Living Hinge™ Air Mesh Hi-Back”—that’s Burton tech talk for “weight reduction and response make a lovely couple.” Living Hinge™ is a tried and true method gives the rider tool-less adjustability without adding unnecessary weight or profile to the hi-back. Responsive material is not always comfortable material so while the hi-back’s spine is stiff and supportive, the mesh backing it’s attached to easy forms to the back of a boot.


Since Burton introduced its EST system the main point of contention anyone has had with it is that it does not play well with others—it’s not compatible with non-Burton snowboards. That’s a gap the Prophecy promises to close. In place of the traditional, stiff, one piece discs of yesterday the Prophecy, and two other Burton bindings this year, have base plates with a thin, flexible center. Likewise, the base of the binding itself is left open. The end result is a binding that flexes freely with your snowboard’s movements instead of hindering them. Eliminating the feedback killing dead zones from beneath your bindings is just one of the design’s benefits. The other two are comfort—standing on foam instead of hard plastic is nice—and the obvious drop in weight.


  • The Cored Ultrastrap Air™ and Gettragrip Capstrap™ will keep you secure and comfortable without weighing down your ollies.
  • Dual-Component Canted Living Hinge™ Air Mesh Hi-Back:  A big name with the simple purpose of maximizing responsiveness while minimizing discomfort.
  • When your board flexes, you’ll be able to feel it. Isn’t that how it’s supposed to be? The dual component base and base plate will give you more feedback than a bad cell phone call.
  • You can mount these next generation foot fasteners to ANY board on the market.

The Forward Leaner Adjustor, better know as the FLAD is a now a standard feature on all Burton snowboard bindings for both men and women. Once you start playing around with the FLAD on your bindings, you’ll wonder how you could ever ride without such an easy to adjust feature. For park riders who slide rails, bonk picnic tables and jib all day long, minimal or zero forward lean is ideal. In other words, the binding high back will be as close to an upright position as possible. This allows the rider to freely bend at the knees thereby lowering the center of gravity. The rider will feel more stable on the center of their board. Riders like Shaun White and Hannah Teter spend most of their time in the half pipe and therefore require an aggressive forward lean for speed. Freeriders and all-mountain riders will also enjoy some forward lean. The FLAD on Burton bindings doesn’t require any tools to adjust – simply spin the dial with your gloves on at the top of the lift!

Another feature our team can’t live without, the Forward Lean Adjustor – FLAD for short is a standard feature on all Burton bindings. The higher the forward lean angle on your highbacks, the quicker your heel edge response. Crank it up for icy hits in the pipe or back it off for jibbing and playing around. Tool free adjustably makes it easy to tweak your forward lean between runs until you find the right setting.

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As park riding levels soar, bindings have been forced to step up their game. One of the biggest challenges has been maintaining a consistent flex in varying temperatures. Urethane has been the high back material of choice for it’s flexibility, but it has one major downfall. As the temperature rises and falls, the flex changes! That’s pretty weak if you ask us. The all new Gumbo High Back tech by Burton is the first of it’s kind – a perfect park binding that flexes the same everyday on the mountain from November through April. The Bootlegger is the one and only binding with this insane tech for 2013.

Stiff hi-backs suck on rails. But the only skate-style alternative has been urethane, which changes its flex as air temps rise or fall. Our specially formulated solution is the NEW Gumbo Hi-Back, made with more pliable ingredients that maintain the same extra soft flex whether it’s a single digit day or slushy session.

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Burton is the creator of the snowboard binding as we know it today. Back in the day, bindings didn’t even have a highback. Leave it to Burton to come up with revolutionary functions and features that make their bindings the best on the market. The adjustable gas pedal has been around for over a decade and makes a world of a difference. It wasn’t too long ago that the adjustable gas pedal was only offered in high end bindings. Guess what? Now it’s on every model of Men’s and Women’s bindings. Why? Because it makes the world of a difference for true comfort and performance.

The adjustable gas pedal allows the toe portion of the baseplate to extend outward, catering to larger feet.  If you’re toes are hanging off the edge of your binding too much, get ready for some serious toe drag, less power on your toe side turns and maybe a few face plants. Seriously, though. The adjustable gas pedal really does add to the “all that” factor on Burton bindings.

One of our team’s favorite adjustable features, Burton Gas Peddals, are extendable ramps that let you heighten toe/edge response while reducing the dreaded affects of toe drag.

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In simplest terms, Burton Reflex baseplates are designed to optimize board feel. It’s underfoot flex is 70% softer than a traditional baseplate, which naturally allows the board beneath the binding to flex more naturally. The baseplate is cored to dramatically reduce weight. A lighter weight binding allows for improved performance, reduces fatigue and just plain feels better. ReFlex technology combined with Living Hinge™ disc dramatically improves board flex and feel, reduces weight, and sets the stage for plenty of cushioning options. With plenty of Reflex Burton bindings to choose from, The House won’t let you down…

Escapade (women’s)
Lexa (women’s)

Reflex offers more flex and feel than traditional disc bindings – all in a package that’s compatible with any platter including 4 x 4, 3D and The Channel. The refined styling of the minimized baseplate and hinge disc uses as little plastic as possible allowing for added flex where you want it and added strength where you need it. Less baseplate material also means more flexibility and cushioning materials and an overall lighter weight binding.

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Bindings are a pivotal piece for your snowboard set up. Top of the line, high performance boards like the Custom, Custom Flying V, Custom X and Feelgood demand responsive bindings in order for the board to perform the way it is intended. In other words, don’t skim on the bindings if you’re throwin’ down on a higher end board! Comfort and response, mainly from the highback, are two key components of higher end bindings. New for 2013, the Kickback Hammock cradles your heel in complete suspension, heightening stamina and response while reducing vibration. It provides springloaded suspension for locked-in response. Trust us, it’s dope. If you’re looking for high-end performance bindings, you’ve come to the right place…

Escapade EST
Genesis EST

A lighter weight upgrade to the Heel Hammock, the new two-piece  Kickback Hammock improves comfort with an open area design that’s literally suspension on a snowboard. Dynamic interaction between an internal spring and  rubberized hammock results in increased response and reduced vibration while your heel is cradled in complete suspension.

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