K2 Happy Hour Snowboards

The K2 Happy Hour Ships Fast To Keep You Happy From The House Boardshop. The K2 Mens Happy Hour Snowboard is what happens when you let the team riders decide what they want in a board. Completely designed by the K2 pro team, they left no detail untouched. The features include a 4000 sintered base on a Flatline Rocker profile making this trick stick freakishly fast. There is carbon and bamboo integrated into the board adding pop and making it incredibly strong and responsive and a True Twin Shape with a tapered wood core profile to reduce weight. Orders fly outta here within 24 hours Monday- Friday. Since 1982.

K2 Happy Hour Snowboards

Size: 154cm
Reg: $479.95 On Sale: $335.95
About K2 Snowboarding:
Progression. It is the essence of our sport and our culture, to be out beyond the pack, ahead of the curve, in front of the masses. We march to an inner rhythm and cut our turns not where skinny flagged sticks dictate, but where the harmony of speed and nature suggest. Every one of us sees progress at the end of every day on the hill. Whether it's your first few turns on a borrowed deck, or your thousandth solo back country descent, our products are built for your progression and tailored for your style of snowboarding, meeting you at the end of every turn to do it all over again, better, faster, cleaner.

This is K2 Snowboarding.

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