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The best of Burton snowboards is here! Whether you're into freeride, freestyle, park or carving, we've got a Burton board for you. Featuring the best rider's and technologies, Burton is the dominating force on the slopes. From The Channel to their Flying V rocker story, they're always on the cutting edge. Order your Burton board from us today, and we'll send you your new shred vehicle lightning fast.

It wasn’t until recently that all snowboards had camber. What is camber exactly? Well, it’s the convex or arch shape to a snowboard base that is noticeable when the board is lying on a flat surface. Try it out. You’ll notice that there’s space between the board and the flat surface with a camber snowboard.

Why camber you ask? Camber is loved for precision, hard driving turns, speed and immense pop. Think about it. When you strap into your bindings and step onto a camber board, the board now completely touches the ground (no convex). The board beneath your feet has extra power since the convex is now pressing into the snow. The result is impressive edge hold, drive and power. Bam!

People who ride camber snowboards are often more aggressive riders, sometimes bigger riders and usually  have more experience. One thing for sure is that camber riders like to work for their turns. A board with rocker is easier to ride and doesn’t take as much effort to initiate turns. Camber boards demand that you give each turn your all – which is totally fun!

Do you like half pipe? Do you like to put slalom skiers to shame? Are you planning to put your name in the hat for the Banked Slalom? Does going 60 MPH on fresh corduroy sound like your idea of a good time? Boardercross perhaps? If you fall into any of those categories, camber is your thing…

A lot of “dudes” who have been riding for fifteen plus years stick to camber. Rocker is new and somewhat trendy. While it’s a different style of riding than camber, some people are just camber riders for life. There’s no right or wrong. It’s totally preference. Now let’s get to it. Pick your poison…

Men’s Camber Snowboards
Custom X
Juice Wagon
Con Artist

Women’s Camber Snowboards

Camber. Camber is where it all begins. An advocate of powerful turns and poppy precision, camber speaks to the core values of board design. Offering a snappy suspension, camber distributes weight evenly over the entire weight of the board allowing for smooth continuous edge control from tip to tail.

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How about a little more pop to your ollies? Or a lot more drive to your turns? When it comes to snowboards, sometimes we want our board to excel at every pow turn, wind lip, picnic table and obstacle that comes our way. Pushing your creative limits on a snowboard is what it’s all about. Simply put, jumper cables are like adding another shot of espresso to a double latte. They make jibbing a tree stump and powering through powder all in the same run a lot more fun. Technically speaking, Jumper Cables are carbon stringers that shoot outward from the bindings toward the tip and tail of your snowboard. So think if it as a little more power where your ollies and turns initiate. Join the party with the BluntSocial, Deja Vu Flying V and Process Flying V.

Jumper Cables are ultra light carbon stringers that radiate energy outward from your feet toward the tip and tail for added pop. Beyond adding amplitude to your ollies, Jumper Cables also create more snap and drive when exiting a turn. For cables High-Voltage, increase energy even more with the added pop of carbonated rods instead of strands.

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Improved performance is the result of Burton’s revolutionary Squeezebox technology. Thicker, more powerful core sections live outside the feet, while thinner, more flexible sections are under the bindings. Energy originates under the feet, then is transferred outward to the stiffer sections, energizing the tip and tail. Get ready for some jibtastic butter! All the while, the board becomes more stable and easily manipulated.

Burton Board Profile

Some argue that Burton Squeezebox technology is destined to revolutionize the snowboard industry. The entire uneven core profile is unlike anything ever brought to the snowboarding table. Furthermore, this new tech allows snowboarders to ride shorter boards with the same confidence and less swing weight. It’s the same idea as riding a short surfboard. Hell yea. Burton has the fun factor dialed with Squeezebox! You can find Squeezebox tech on the following models – Root, Easy Livin, Antler, Aftermath, Sherlock, Joystick, Custom X, Super Hero, Custom and Custom Flying V.

Squeezebox is a patent pending technology that releases untapped abilities. Regardless of whether the board is camber, rocker or springloaded, soft flexing core sections under foot increase flex and maneuverability. Stiffer, more stable sections outside the feet evenly distribute energy for increased stability, direct foot control and greater pop. The result is a more stable board that can be powered up and manipulated with less effort.

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So, you’re looking for a board with float, but one that also delivers precision and drive? Sounds like a Springloaded Burton board. Boards with either Flying V or S Rocker both have camber under the bindings for pop and energy where the turn is initiated. Flying V has rocker between and outside both feet. S Rocker has entry rocker that extends from the front foot to the nose. Both bends provide float for powder, variable conditions and of course, for the fun factor. Springloaded is the term Burton uses for boards with a rocker/camber combo. You guessed it…Springloaded boards are pretty amazing, so Burton has plenty to choose from…

For the best of both world, the Springloaded category combines the pop and precision of camber with the forgiving float of rocker. For all around performance, look around for boards that are springloaded with Flying V or seek out boards with S Rocker for a more pow and free ride oriented ride.

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With the purchase of all men’s  Burton Snowboards and women’s, you can rest easy knowing your shiny new purchase will maintain it’s pop, flex and feel year after year. What a bummer it’d  be to drive up to the mountain on opening day, only to find that your two year-old board has become a boring noodle! Infinite Ride is a Burton exclusive technology that utilizes a sweet machine to “break in” your board. That way, the board is guaranteed to deliver and ride the same season after season. Infinite Ride is such a crucial piece of tech for snowboards, that Burton now offers it on every single model in their line. Curious what the Infinite Ride machine looks like? See for yourself…

Infinite Ride is exclusive to Burton. It allows us to maximize pop and strength by overbuilding the board by using a machine that breaks the board in for you. With Infinite Ride, your board will maintain it’s flex, pop and feel from day one, season after season.

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What Is the Burton Channel?

The Burton Channel is a mounting system that contains two channels in the board (one for each foot) that run parallel to the edges. Traditional boards have binding inserts where the channel is located. The Channel allows nearly infinite and customizable stand-width and angle adjustments. With the rider’s feet closer to the board and less inserts in the board, the board will fully and naturally flex as it was intended. Traditional mounting systems do now allow the board to flex beneath the rider’s feet, creating a “dead spot.”

Check out the clip below to get a visual of how The Channel works. While disc bindings from some other brands are compatible with The Channel, the natural board flex will best be felt with Burton EST or Reflex bindings. Such bindings have an EVA foam pad beneath the foot as opposed to plastic, which will enable the natural flex of the board beneath the rider’s feet. The Burton Channel System is a pretty sweet technology. Check it out!

The Burton Channel System focuses power through a central connection that acts as a backbone for the board’s internal tech. It also lets you easily micro-adjust your stance-width and angles with EST, Reflex or Disc bindings. The Channel is compatible with bindings by Forum, Drake, Union, Flow, Flux, Ride and K2.

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burt-fish-160-13-zoomSurfboards gradually became smaller and smaller over the past few centuries. Smaller surfboards are more maneuverable, lighter and easier to turn. Well, snowboarding hasn’t been around nearly as long, but like surfing, board shapes and lengths have evolved over time making for new challenges, more fun and a variety of snowboarding styles. Snowboarding is all about fun and personal style. That’s why there’s been so much hype around Burton snowboards with Reduction technology. They’re shorter in length, yet hold stable at high speeds. They’re super fun for making small turns in tight trees and pow slashes left and right. It’s just a different feeling than a regular sized board – and one that’ll ignite your inner snowboard creativity. Ready? Check out the Fish Snowboard or Root Snowboard.

Mark – Have you ever wanted one playful board?
Teacher – Who hasn’t?
Mark – How about a shorter board with more of a skate-like feel?
Teacher – Or what about one that was surprisingly floaty, poppy and stable at speed all while giving you the option to downsize up to 10 centimeters in length?
Mark – And real subtle…but yea, we’re talking about boards like the Nug, Nugget, Super Hero – anything the features Reduction. It’s ahhh really fun for tight trees, park, powder – kind of anywhere you want to go. So look for this icon with boards featuring Reduction.
Teacher – Make it short and sweet.

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