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Skateboards, Skate Decks, Skateboarding Gear. Skateboarding started all action sports. The House Boardshop has always catered to skaters since day one. Completes, Decks, Wheels, Trucks and everything in between! 29 years of great prices-selection-outstanding service.
Get ready to grind the rails like a pro with these skateboards! Our skate shop selection includes longboards, skateboard decks, cruiser skateboards, trucks, wheels, bearings, skateboard accessories and apparel. The complete skateboards and skateboard decks are made with durable and lightweight maple and other materials, and will give you the board feel you need to pull off insane tricks at the park. With original artwork and decks designed by famous skaters from around the world, these tough boards will have you hanging ten all day long.

To get you started, here are some of our most popular skate brands:
Vans Shoes, Darkstar, Enjoi, Plan B, Zero Skateboards, and Element Skateboards.

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