If you are looking to cruise around the lake or bomb hills The House has a longboard for you. We carry every style from cruiser and drop-through to pintail and downhill longboards. Shop the best brands Sector 9, Arbor, Santa Cruz longboards and more.
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Size: 32
Our Price: $149.95
Size: 26
Reg: $119.95 On Sale: $94.95

Size: 7.25, 26
Reg: $150.00 On Sale: $129.95 - $150.00
Size: 43
Reg: $199.95 On Sale: $139.95

Size: 9.75, 33
Reg: $159.95 On Sale: $135.00 - $159.95
Size: 36in
Reg: $109.95 On Sale: $54.95

Size: 44
Reg: $184.95 On Sale: $129.95

Size: 38
Our Price: $190.00
Size: 29.5
Our Price: $139.95

Size: 36.5
Our Price: $199.95
As an avid boarder who likes to show off their fancy footwork, you also know just how much fun it can be cruising around and traveling from point A to point B. That's what a good longboard is for. Longboards are the perfect style of board for skaters who aren't necessarily looking to do fancy tricks, and instead are looking for a good reliable board. You can find longboards with exotic materials like bamboo and walnut, or simple materials like classic maple. Each board is unique, and finding the right board is a matter of knowing what you are looking for. With such a wide selection, you won't be disappointed, whether you’re a beginner looking for your first board or a pro looking for a new one to add to your collection.