686 Clothing Accessories

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686 Clothing Accessories

Size: One Size Fits All
Reg: $30.00 On Sale: $22.95
Size: Medium (30-34)
Reg: $45.00 On Sale: $33.95
About 686 Snowboard Clothing:
Since Michael Akira West first stepped on a skateboard in the early eighties, he always had quirky ideas. Mike spent most of his time street skating in Los Angeles and Venice Beach, until 1985, when a good friend introduced him to snowboarding. The concept of actually skating on the snow added a new element to his life. Throughout the following years, Mike worked and rode at a local mountain in Big Bear, listened to punk-alternative, hip-hop, and jazz music, collected loads of sneakers, artwork, vintage clothing, and finished school at the University of Southern California. Over years of living the lifestyle he loved, Mike learned one important thing.

"Why not do something that you're already into? Why do you have to work and then play? Can't you do both at the same time?" - And that's exactly how things got started.

On November 13, 1992, the 686 clothing company was formed. Contrary to many circulating rumors, the 686 name comes from a crucial date in the life of Mike's grandmother (June 6th, 1986). Since the beginning, 686 has been all about providing the riding community innovative and fashionable outerwear and clothing inspired directly from the same Los Angeles urban and artistic principals it was founded upon. The company's "more than you expected" philosophy of providing customers progressive and fashion forward designs is world known and often imitated by others.

Products like the trademarked SMARTY line of removable liners, the trademarked TIMES line of limited edition co-branded products, the trademarked ACE line of collaborative artist projects, the patented TOOLBELT line of functional belts, and fabric innovations in Waterproof Denim, Corduroy and Herringbone, all make up the 686 name. Controlled growth, clean design, an obsession to make products better, and a belief to enjoy life is what 686 is all about.
(Taken from www.686.com)

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