In this quick video edit we get a peak at a few highlights from the winter 2015 splitboarding line ups. From the looks of it, a lot of brands are looking to expand their splitboarding selection in the near future with the increase of participation over the past few seasons. New tech is coming out to make it even faster and easier to get dialed in and ride.

We caught up with Jones Snowboards owner and professional snowboarder Jeremy Jones to hear what direction his company is heading in regarding splitboarding. One of their focus points is incorporating the technology from their high end models and implementing it throughout their entire split fleet.

After hanging out with the legend himself we headed over to Spark R&D to see what the word was with their 2015 lineup of split bindings. While the pin system has been the classic way to strap up a split, the new Tesla system is becoming the new standard. With this system you simply hook in the front of your binding and then press firmly down to “click” in and that’s it! While we’ve known about this technology or awhile now we were introduced to their new “Tesla Heel Locker.” The new “Tesla Heel Locker” is meant to secure the heel of the binding to the board while in ski mode. Generally when ascending a slope you would use your climbing wires that help keep the rider’s heel lifted for easier treks upwards. But as the Spark R&D rep informed us, you sometimes need that heel locked down for a little more control while skiing.

Finally, we ended up at the Burton booth and we got the full monty of splitboard information. We were introduced to Chris Fidler who is a design engineer at Burton to get all the ins and outs of their splitboards and splitboard essentials. As seen in the early release Landlord split this season, Burton’s core split technology, the “split channel system”, is a game changer. The ease and flexibility of the Burton channel makes mounting as quick and simple as ever while dialing in your stance with little effort. Burton has teamed up with Spark R&D to create their own collab binding so the system works effortlessly together.  Additionally Burton has collaborated with G3 for Burton/G3 skins for ascending in ski mode. After it was all said and done, we understood that splitboarding is here to stay and will definitely be exciting to see where it heads here in the future. 

As splitboarding continues to grow, the tech behind it continues to make it as easy as possible to focus less on getting your gear together and more on those sweet carves down that perfect un-touched line.