Upon entering the Colorado Convention Center we were welcomed by a mannequin sporting the very first look at winter 2015 outerwear with a cheeseburger jacket by Neff. It was pretty awesome being a close up photograph of the burger with lettuce and glistening meat patty. I’m sure that burger didn’t taste quite right but it did look mighty tempting.

There was some cool stuff coming out of the Lib-Tech booth. They had this “Mullet Beanie” that was a beanie but had hair everywhere. Anyone wearing looked like like Grizzly Adams meets Tom Hanks from Castaway. Very funny and creative concept though you gotta give them credit. One of our favorites was the “tie dye galaxy” jacket (when you see it at :28 seconds you’ll understand).

Another highlight was some of the fresh gear from Adidas who is now moving into the snow outerwear game. You got the hockey/snowboarding jacket in red, white and blue. The “Kazu” inspired jacket in camo is pretty cool. A little insider detail, there is a small pocket on the end of the right sleeve. Apparently Kazu like to carry little pieces of candy with him out on them slopes so it’s a little “candy pocket” if you will. While checking out the “three leaf linens” we were able to see their new line in full view. They definitely have some of  their famous track suit style designed into their snow gear. It look cool overall but nothing too distant from the signature looks they’ve come to be known for.

Burton just had racks on racks on racks of new gear to check out. Plaid is still in style for the rugged outdoors snowboarder. While a lot of people were focused on looking stylish for looks, Burton’s line was more “look good” and “function better.” They put a lot of effort into making their products functional and fashionable. We’ve included a quick look at the 2014 Sochi olympic uniforms for team U.S.A as well if you’ve been living under a rock and haven’t seen those in action. 

This is just a small sample of what is to come. All in all, winter 2015 outerwear looks bright and toasty.