When you are ready to take your longboarding to the next level, a wise purchase is a good pair of slide gloves. Not only will they protect your palms during slides but will also offer an overall shield from the inevitable hand-to-concrete contact. Depending on your level of experience, there are a lot of great options out there to choose from. Some gloves are super tough full leathers and others are a softer, more basic fabric – all generally offer a large palm puck and then get more puck placement as needed by the rider. There are a lot of great brands out there making gloves – we’ve picked our top 3 and will go into detail about the types of gloves that each brand makes. Again, there are other good options out there, these just happen to be our personal favorites.

To make it easier to navigate we’ve listed them in price order going from the least expensive to the most – it’s important to take note of the benefits that each style offers so you can pick the glove that will suit you best.

5. Arbor Signature Slide Gloves $44.95

Arbor Signature Slide Gloves

The Arbor Signature Slide Gloves are an awesome buy for the price. The overall fabric is a hemp blend which is both breathable and extra durable and the neoprene knuckle cuff allows the glove to move with you for comfortable protection. These gloves have large palm pucks with 3MM anti-vibration foam under the pucks for smooth slides an reinforced finger tips with added grip for grabs. For the everyday cruising and fun slides, these are the gloves you want.

4. Loaded Freeride Gloves $56

Loaded Freeride Gloves

The Loaded Freeride Gloves are one serious slide glove for under $60. These 100% vegan gloves have a laundry list of tech including a durable synthetic suede palm, a breathable mesh top, reflective lining for extra safety and a wrist wrap for added support. These gloves have a large palm puck, 4 finger flat puck and even an added thumb puck for the ultimate in slide protection. Since they are not full leather, we recommend watching it at super high speeds but the suede is much more durable than cloth-based fabrics so these gloves are definitely built tough.

3. Bern Fulton Gloves $59

Bern Fulton Glove

Another glove that offers great protection at a nice price, the Bern Fulton Glove consists of a synthetic suede palm, perforated neoprene cuff for a perfectly comfortable fit, breathable mesh upper rubber reinforced knuckle guards. These gloves offer one large palm puck, two 2-finger pucks and a curved thumb puck to protect you on slides and leans. Not full leather but pretty darn close to the same durability!

2. Bern Leather Haight Gloves $69

Bern Leather Haight Glove

The Bern Leather Haight Gloves are a super tough, breathable and technical pair of slide gloves. Perforated leather outer, synthetic suede palm, neoprene wrist cinch and a mesh upper for breathability. These gloves only offer one large palm puck but do have tough leather fingers and a reinforced knuckle area for extra protection. A perfect lightweight, durable leather glove.

1. Loaded Leather Race Gloves $82

Loaded Leather Race Gloves

The Godfather of all race / slide gloves, the Loaded Leather Race Gloves offer the ultimate in comfort and protection for all your longboarding needs. High quality perforated leather for breathability and super durability, carbon (yes, carbon) knuckle and reinforced rubber fingers and the entire glove is lined with Coolmax wicking fabric to keep you from overheating. The glove has reflective sections for late night rides and heavy duty pucks on the palm, thumb and 4-finger flat plate. Fast turns, power slides and everything in between – protect your hands with the toughest slide glove we carry.