Tried and true, you can trust the crew at Sector-9 to come out swinging every year with a killer new lineup of longboards and cruiser boards. From short little city cruisers to boardwalk bombers and downhill rippers, they’ve got a complete, comprehensive line that offers a perfect board for every rider. Clean graphics, top of the line components and a ton of great shapes, these guys and girls have been doing it right for so long. Here is a little collection of some of our favorites for 2015.

Sector 9 Horizon at Windward Boardshop

Horizon Longboard

Brand new for 2015, the Sector-9 Horizon Longboard is quickly making it’s way to the list of top sellers. With a versatile shape and killer artwork from renowned artist Nate Reifke, it’s no surprise this board is gaining popularity so quickly. Part of the Sidewinder series, you get those tight turns with a nice stable feel thanks to the slightly longer board length. They opted for a drop-thru mount which pairs nicely with the Sidewinder trucks since they do sit slightly higher than traditional trucks. A mellow concave gives just enough curve to the deck area and a slightly kicked up tail adds a little maneuverability. Beginners enjoy the easy turns, while more experienced riders like the fun carves and responsive feel making the Horizon a great board for just about any rider. We recommend steering clear of any aggressive downhill riding since the Sidewinder trucks are more loose by nature but for any other cruising and carving the Horizon is a great choice!

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Sector 9 Swamis at Windward Boardshop

Swamis Longboard

A sweet addition to the Sector-9 Bamboo collection is the brand new Sector-9 Swamis Longboard. This little sidewalk killer has the classic Sector-9 look with the exposed bamboo and local surf spot reference, but you don’t have to be in Southern Cali to ride this wave. The old school shape and kick tail make this board super maneuverable and great for getting around town plus they added a smooth slide wheel and traditional skate truck in case you need to get rad. Whether you are heading to class, creeping on the boardwalk or hitting up your neighbors empty pool, the Sector-9 Swamis board is down for the ride.

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Sector 9 Shoots at Windward Boardshop

Shoots Longboard

Another brand new model for 2015, the Sector-9 Shoots Longboard is a bamboo beauty with sidewinder trucks, giving you a lightweight, agile ride that is perfect for cruising, carving and pumping. Keeping that classic Sector-9 style with the ocean graphic, this timeless cruiser is perfect for riders of any age or skill level. The sidewinder trucks make turning super easy while the drop thru design lowers the deck just enough to make pushing easier while lowering your center of gravity just a bit to help your balance. A clear grip tape exposes the top graphic so you too can enjoy the classic look of this sweet cruiser.

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Sector 9 Sprocket at Windward Boardshop

Sprocket Longboard

One of the meanest freestyle cruising machines in the lineup is the Sector-9 Sprocket Longboard. Built to handle a little bit of everything from cruising to carving to sliding and downhill, the Sprocket is the one board that can get it all done. With a stable, low, wide body profile, the Sprocket is super sturdy. Enough so that even beginners love this wide ride. The more experienced long boarder will appreciate the concave that locks your feet into place, the true-twin shape for added versatility and tail kicks for maneuverability. With the right bushing combo, the Sprocket can definitely handle higher speeds and with the right wheels, this board can be a sliding machine. Beginners to downhill enthusiasts, the Sector-9 Sprocket is definitely a board that should be on your radar.

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Sector 9 Fractal at Windward Boardshop

Fractal Longboard

Perfect for carving, cruising and pumping, the Sector-9 Fractal Longboard is definitely making it on to our list of favorites. Sector-9 mixed a stable, 8-ply maple build with the super-cruisy Sidewinder trucks for a perfect balance of opposites. The drop thru mount creates a lowered platform for easy pushing and the narrow nose and tail cut down weight and remove any risk of wheel bite no matter what size wheels you are rolling with. A slight camber makes for great pumping and energy transfer and the Anthony Ghiglia photo of a Mexico on the bottom is quite easy on the eyes. Flatground pushing, cruising your local ‘hood or carving your way around your favorite beach town, the Sector-9 Fractal is the perfect choice.

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Sector 9 The 95 Glow at Windward Boardshop

95 Glow Longboard

When it comes to the Sector-9 95 Glow Series Longboards, we’ve got 2 words: “Glowing Wheels”. That’s right, you and your crew can light up the night on these short little rippers. When spun, the wheels have tiny LED bulbs that light up and stay lit until the wheels stop moving. Besides this sweet feature, the 95 Glow has a killer little shape. Just under 28″ long, you can get where you need to go without all the extra weight of a longboard. The soft wheels ride nice and smooth but the little nose and tail kick make it feel more like a regular skateboard. Need to jump on the bus or maybe store this board while you’re at class? No problem, this compact ride can fit in a locker or get shoved in a backpack until it’s time to shred again. If plastic cruisers are not your style but you like the idea that shape and size, the Sector-9 95 Glow might be the board for you!

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If this doesn’t get you in the mood for summer longboarding, then we don’t know what will.

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