Windward is super excited to announce that we are now working with Bustin Longboards. Based in NYC, Bustin has been making boards since 2001 and the brand has evolved into a major player in the longboard game. They started out making custom boards in a garage and have evolved into a brand known for using high quality materials and having some of the best shaped boards in the industry. From shorter rippers that are made to maneuver quickly in and out of crowds and traffic, to rigid downhill boards that can stand up to some of the fastest conditions, the line has grown into a well rounded collection of versatile boards.

You will notice that several models are available in different variations, each boards will have a list of links under the description and you click each one to find the specific info on that particular model. When you see “Pro” in the name, that model will typically be using more premium materials and might even have slight variations in the shape so be sure to check the specs of each model so you can find exactly what you are looking for.

Bustin Maestro Pro at Windward Boardshop

Maestro Pro Longboard

The high end version of Bustin’s most popular board ever, the Maestro Pro Longboard has been perfected over time and the 2015 version is better than ever. The original shape was designed to be a do-it-all board. With a symmetrical shape and super low double drop, the Maestro is stable enough for downhill but comfortable enough for every day city pushing and commuting. There are multiple wheelbase options so you can fit it for your personal preference while the Precision Flex Concave finds the perfect balance between a flexible and supportive ride. At just under 40″ long, the Maestro has a long, wide body that fully supports the riders stance and the carved out wheel wells eliminate the possibility of wheel bite you can carve hard and turn sharp without worry. Don’t forget that the Maestro is available in several different versions. The Pro model mentioned above has a premium construction and slightly different shape. For all the specifics on each version of the Maestro, drill down into the individual models below. The one board that was built to do it all is still the Bustin Maestro.

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Bustin Sportster Pro at Windward Boardshop

Sportster Pro Longboard

Based off the success of the regular Sportster but intended for more aggressive riding and the ability to handle higher speeds, the Bustin Sportster Pro Longboard is freeride perfection. Featuring Bustin’s Thermo Carbon Layup, the Pro version is stiffer, lighter and more responsive, making it ideal for high speed riding. While being a fully symmetrical board, the Sportster also offers a progressive radial concave and rocker offset radial drops for optimal control and power in turns, carves and slides. The added carbon fiber makes the Pro the stiffest board in the Sportster line yet remains comfortable enough for beginners or casual riders. If you are looking for a board that can handle fast conditions but still push comfortably as an every day board, the Bustin Sportster Pro could be just what you are looking for.

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Bustin Boombox at Windward Boardshop

Boombox 38 Longboard

A staple in the Bustin line, in a new, shorter size, the Boombox 38 Longboard is now more versatile than ever. The masses requested a shorter Boombox and Bustin came through. This new size is more trick friendly and super snappy making it the perfect city slayer. Using Bustin’s Thermoglass construction, they are able to achieve a highly durable and super lightweight material that will not delaminate over time and, are able to do so without using nasty glues or resins. With a nice wide body shape, your feet feel fully supported while the medium concave helps to lock you into place for more power behind your turns and slides. For the city ripper who wants a versatile, fun freestyle machine, the Boombox 38 is the clear winner.

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Bustin Nomad at Windward Boardshop

Nomad Pusher 36 Longboard

Just like Lil Jon once told us, “Get Low” with help from the Bustin Nomad Longboard. With a unique shape and extra low 1.2″ drop, the Nomad stands out in the line and is a shop employee favorite. With the extra-low profile, pushing and cruising are effortless making the Nomad one of the best all around commuting / cruising boards in the line. Great for beginners because of the sturdy shape but enjoyed by seasoned riders as well thanks to the smooth, comfortable and super fun ride that is offers. A timeless graphic and unique shape will catch your eye and the easy push-and-coast feel will seal the deal. For commuting, cruising and easy flat-ground pushing, the Bustin Nomad is the only way to go.

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Bustin Mission at Windward Boardshop

Mission 36 Longboard

If you are looking for a cruisy, carvy, flexy, fun ride – you cannot go wrong with the Bustin Mission 36 Longboard. Great looking, reasonably priced and an oh-so-comfy to ride, the Mission is the perfect go-to board for so many different types of riders. Available in two sizes, the Mission 36 is great for small riders or anyone looking for a more maneuverable board while the Mission 40 offers a little more length for a wider stance or just a little extra room to move around more. The super flexy ride makes longer journeys much more comfortable and also acts as a shock absorber on rougher streets and crappy sidewalks. The drop through mount keeps you slightly lowered while still having plenty of clearance for a good bounce now and then. If flex decks are your personal preference, we highly recommend checking out the Bustin Mission series.

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Bustin NY Surf at Windward Boardshop

NY Surf 38 Longboard

Finally, no longboard line would be complete without a trusty pintail. That’s exactly what the Bustin NY Surf Longboard is all about. With 2 available sizes, this boardwalk cruiser gets the job done at a great price and with a timeless shape and graphic. Bustin channeled the history of the NY surf scene and that inspiration is what created this small collection of boards. Perfect for campus cruising, pushing around town or lurking on your local beach boardwalk, this responsive and flexy deck will be comfortable and easy to ride, making it the perfect all around cruiser. Three different sizes are offered including our personal fave, the NY Surf 32 which is a killer little city board and the smallest of the Surf collection. You can’t go wrong with a pintail and if that’s what you’re looking for, we highly recommend the Bustin NY Surf collection.

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We are sure you are as stoked as we are to see the Bustin lineup in the shop. For the most current availability:

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