From their humble beginnings in La Jolla, California back in ’93 to the brand that they are today, Sector 9 has done some amazing things for the longboard industry and continues to do that today. With a full blown line of boards, wheels and accessories, Sector 9 has a shape for every skater and has become one of the most widely recognized longboard brands in the world.

Their summer 2016 collection includes some updates to boards that have been in the line forever as well as some brand new models will leave you with options galore when it comes to your next longboard. We hand-picked our personal favorites and listed them below so you can get the info you need to choose the right board for you.

Chamber Longboard

Sector 9 Chamber at Windward Boardshop

Built by the beach and destined for the boardwalk, the Sector 9 Chamber Longboard is a true So Cal classic. With Sidewinder trucks and 69mm wheels, the Chamber is is a carving machine. At just 33″ in length, the Chamber is perfectly sized to be a great commuting board and is also ideal for smaller riders that are just getting started. The Sidewinder trucks make turning super easy so lighter weight riders can master carves with little effort and the rounded out wheel wells make sure you never get any dreaded wheel bite. The slight pintail shape gives the Chamber a classic look but they added a little kicktail for added maneuverability. If you are looking for a fun, cruisy, easy board to enjoy this summer, the Sector 9 Chamber is definitely one to consider.


  • Sidewinder trucks make turning very easy
  • 33″ length is compact and good for commuting


  • Sidewinder trucks not ideal for heavier riders or higher speeds

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Tempest Longboard

Sector 9 Tempest at Windward Boardshop

Another great option for those looking for a fun carving board is the Sector 9 Tempest Longboard. This moderately sized cruiser has a drop thru mount which lowers the board for added stability while the Sidewinder trucks allow you to turn on a dime with little to no effort. With a 36″ length, it’s long enough for a wide stance but not too long so you can still cut thru the crowds on the boardwalk or dodge traffic on your way to class. Cut out wheel wells give you endless possibilities when it comes to wheel size. Plus, you will never have to worry about the potential of wheel bite. Beginners and lighter weight riders will enjoy the easy turns that come with the Sidewinder trucks while more experienced rippers will have a blast on this carving machine. Make your summer so much more fun when you bring  home the Sector 9 Tempest.


  • Sidewinder trucks ideal for lighter weight riders
  • Effortless carves


  • Sidewinder trucks not ideal for heavier riders or higher speeds

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Revolver Longboard

Sector 9 Revolver at Windward Boardshop

The price is right when it comes to the snappy Sector 9 Revolver Longboard. Equipped with Sidewinder trucks, this carving cruiser will have you surfing the sidewalks in no time. The timeless pintail shape gives you just enough support under your front and back foot for added power when you are pushing into your carves while the Sidewinder trucks allows for the most effortless turns ever. Comes equipped with 69mm / 78a Top Shelf Sector 9 wheels and Abec 5 Greaseball bearings. 7 ply’s of maple keep the board feeling snappy and the printed grip tape adds a little extra flare. Nobody wants to only have the minimum pieces of flare. Surf your local sidewalks all summer long with the Sector 9 Revolver.


  • Sidewinder trucks make turning easy
  • Timeless pintail shape
  • Super soft, grippy street wheels included


  • Sidewinders not idea for heavier riders
  • Top mount means this board sits a little on the high side

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Shoots Longboard

Sector 9 Shoots at Windward Boardshop

Nothing is more “Sector 9” than their bamboo series of boards and nothing is more “So Cal” than the Sector 9 Shoots Longboard complete. I’m pretty sure if you look up Sector 9 in the dictionary, this is the photo that will appear. Embrace all things beach-related with this perfect boardwalk cruiser. The bamboo topsheet gives you a slightly flexible, lightweight and really good looking deck that is ready to hit the streets this summer. The Drop thru mount allows the Shoots to sit a little lower which is great for your overall balance while the Gullwing Sidewinder trucks add the ability to carve like nobody’s business. A slightly wider body also adds to the stability while the 69mm Top Shelf wheels grip the pavement for a sturdy, fast, fun ride. Whether you plan to sidewalk surf on the boardwalk or hit your local city street, the Sector 9 Shoots is the perfect vehicle of summer vacation.


  • Bamboo construction is lightweight and darn good looking
  • Sidewinder trucks make for easy turns
  • Super grippy street wheels included


  • Sidewinder trucks not ideal for heavier riders
  • Not intended for downhill speeds

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Sentinel 2 Longboard

Sector 9 Sentinel II at Windward Boardshop

In our humble opinion, one of the best looking new graphics from Sector 9 for the summer 2016 season is on the Sector 9 Sentinel 2 Longboard. The classic Chevron-inspired, colorful bottom graphic will look just as good hanging on your wall as you will look riding it down the street. At just under 40″ it’s the perfect size for commuting or laid back summer cruising. The Gullwing Sidewinder trucks make carving and turning super easy (even for lighter weight riders) and the bamboo topsheet gives this board a lightweight, timeless appearance. The slightly wider body is great for added support under both your front and back foot while the drop-thru truck mount keeps this board sitting a little closer to the ground for a lowered center of gravity. 69mm Top Shelf wheels have a nice wide contact patch for excellent grip and great stability even while cutting back and forth on mean carves. Lap the boardwalk, or your local hood, in style this summer on the Sector 9 Sentinel 2.


  • Killer new graphic
  • Drop thru mount for lowered center of gravity
  • Sidewinder trucks for effortless turns


  • Sidewinder trucks not ideal for heavier riders and can seem unstable at higher speeds

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Bamboozler Cruiser

Sector 9 Bamboozler Complete at Windward Boardshop

So you like what you see above but want the short and sweet version? Then the Sector 9 Bamboozler Cruiser is the right board for you! One of our favorites on this list, the Bamboozler is ideal for campus cruising, city commuting or even hitting the vert side of the skate park. With a classic shape and traditional skate trucks you get all the benefits of a skateboard with the cushy feel of a cruiser board thanks to the 58mm /78a centerset Nine Ball wheels. Just under 32″ long, you can stash the Bamboozler in your locker or under your desk, while the rounded out wheel wells keep you from getting any nasty wheel bite. Compact, super fun to ride and perfect for quick around-town missions, you cannot go wrong with the Sector 9 Bamboozler.


  • Compact size is great for commuting
  • Skateable shape is fun and versatile


  • More of a skateboard than a longboard
  • Shorter length requires better balance

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Striker Longboard

Sector 9 Striker at Windward Boardshop

If you don’t like chickens with switchblades and brass knuckles then you may want to stay away from the Sector 9 Striker Longboard. We, however, love this board. From the top it’s a cutesy bamboo cruiser board, from the bottom, it’s a punch in the face from a rowdy chicken. This carving machine has a functional kicktail for added maneuverability and Gullwing Sidewinder trucks for smooth, seamless carves. The drop-thru mount slightly lowers the height of the board for better stability while the wider body gives you excellent support under both your front and back foot. 69mm Top Shelf offset wheels offer a ton of grip and stability on even the roughest terrain and the clear coat grip tape lets the true beauty of this bad-ass board shine bright for all to see. Give summer vacation a big ‘ol brass knuckle punch in the face with the Sector 9 Striker Complete.


  • Drop thru mount keeps you closer to the ground
  • Sidewinder trucks super easy to turn
  • Pretty awesome graphic


  • Sidewinder trucks not ideal for heavier riders or faster speeds

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Shogun Cruiser

Sector 9 Shogun Complete at Windward Boardshop

Wrapping up our list is a shop employee favorite, the Sector 9 Shogun Cruiser. This perfect cruiser is ideal for city commuting, quick trips to the liquor store or getting yourself to class on time. With a classic skate inspired shape, you’ve got a functional nose and tail kick as well as traditional skate trucks for a tighter tuning radius. 58mm centerset Nineball wheels will keep you rolling nice and smooth so you can hit the streets without worrying about any pesky rocks or small cracks getting in your way – and if you’re feeling frisky, go ahead and take the Shogun to the skatepark, she can handle it! For quick around town trips and all-around easy portability, the Sector 9 Shogun is definitely our top pick.


  • Compact size is perfect for commuting
  • Totally skateable shape
  • Cruiser wheels for a smooth ride


  • More skateboard-like shape can be tougher for beginners
  • Smaller size requires better balance

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We hope you’ve enjoyed our list as much as we’ve enjoyed riding all these boards around!

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