For almost 20 years, the Landyacthz crew has been producing quality boards at a killer price and the 2016 season is no different. With new graphics and updated tech, the line is the best it has been. The staples in the line like the Switchblade and Dinghy are back, and as usual, all the graphics are looking amazing. Without further ado, here is a list of our favorite Landyachtz Longboards for the summer 2016 season.

Bamboo Pinner Longboard

Landyachtz Bamboo Pinner at Windward Boardshop

A fresh take on a classic pintail shape, the Landyachtz Bamboo Pinner Longboard is your official vehicle of summer. With an exposed wood top sheet and added flex, the Pinner has a timeless look and super smooth ride making it perfect for beginners and experienced riders alike. Enhanced concave locks your feet into place while the natural flex of the board allows you to pump through your carves, nearly eliminating the need to push. Super grippy Hawgs street wheels offer the smoothest ride and the clear grip will help this board keep looking it’s best for years to come. A classic shape with some seriously updated tech, the Landyachtz Bamboo Pinner is here to help you conquer summer.


  • A true flex deck at a great price
  • Concave deck offers excellent grip


  • The added flex not ideal for heavier riders
  • Not intended for high speeds or downhill

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Fiberglass Malahat Longboard

Landyacthz Fiberglass Malahat at Windward Boardshop

Landyachtz took a classic pintail and then made it cool. The Fiberglass Malahat Longboard has a unique shape and lightweight construction making this little cruiser one of our faves. With an exaggerated concave and and beefy build, the Malahat is surprisingly stable and no stranger to a little downhill fun. Equipped with extremely grippy street wheels, the Malahat is also ideal for city commuting and can definitely handle her fair share of crappy streets and uneven sidewalks. The functional kick tails makes quick turns or popping your board up super easy while the thicker construction offers a ton of stability, even for larger riders. If you’ve always loved the look of a pintail but want a little more functionality, the Landyacthz Malahat may just be the perfect board for you.


  • Wide body and thick construction offers a ton of stability
  • Kicktail for easy maneuvering


  • Top mount means the board rides a little high

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Fiberglass Mummy Longboard

Landyachtz Fiberglass Mummy at Windward Boardshop

One of the shortest boards in the Freedom Series that is surprisingly good at carving is the Fiberglass Mummy Longboard. With a unique, updated pintail shape and 2 layers of fiberglass, the Mummy is snappy, responsive and perfect for commuting to class or quick liquor store runs. It’s a top mount but the deck drops down slightly so the height is perfect and the nose kicks up just slightly which is nice for support on a wider stance or to get a little freestyle action going. If you are into faster carves, you will enjoy the concaved deck which helps to keep your feet locked into place and add a little extra stability. A bright, colorful graphic and tie dye wheels put the icing on the cake. If you’ve been searching for a fun summer cruiser, you can officially stop looking, the Fiberglass Mummy is just what you need.


  • Modified pintail shape
  • Slight concave in the deck for added support
  • Super grippy street wheels add stability


  • Pintail shape narrows out at the tail, bigger footed riders may not like this
  • Fiberglass offers some flex so not ideal for downhill

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Fiberglass Drop Hammer Longboard

Landyachtz Fiberglass Drop Hammer at Windward Boardshop

Look into the eyes of this mystical wolf and get hypnotized by the awesomeness that is the Landyachtz Fiberglass Drop Hammer Longboard. Whether you are starting to dabble in downhill or looking for a stable everyday cruiser, the Drop Hammer is an excellent choice. With a wide body and slight concave, the deck area is super stable and even easy enough for a beginner to ride. The drop thru mount keeps you nice and low for added stability while the wider body shape offers full support to both your front and back foot. Equipped with slide wheels and Bear trucks, this truly is a board that you cannot go wrong with. If you want one board that is ready to conquer it all, then the Fiberglass Drop Hammer may just be the perfect board for you.


  • Wide body offers stability
  • Drop thru trucks help lower your center of gravity
  • Slide wheels making learning to slide easy


  • Fiberglass does offer some flex so not ideal for heavier riders

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Switch 40 Longboard

Landyachtz Switch 40 at Windward Boardshop

If freeride and downhill is your cup of tea then there’s a good chance the Landyacthz Switch Longboard is the perfect board for you. With a major drop in the deck and super beefy construction, the Switch can handle high speeds with style and grace. Insane stability and premium performance come stock with this rider tested and approved ride. The wide body offers full support for your front and back foot while the drop area offers a “pocket” for your feet which locks you in perfectly during high speed carves and turns. The beefy construction can handle heavy weight riders or anyone looking for major stability while the drop down deck keeps you super low to the ground so you can take those turns like a Lambo. High stability and 100% chance of awesome is what you will get with the Landyacthz Switch 40.


  • Wide, extremely stable body
  • Low drop deck
  • High concave for excellent foot lock


  • Beefier construction means heavier weight
  • Extremely rigid so not super ideal for casual carving

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Switchblade Longboard

Landyachtz Maple Switchblade at Windward Boardshop

So good they make 2 different models in 3 different sizes. If you’ve never of the Landyacthz Switchblade Longboard you are not really longboarding. Available in a classic maple construction that is cost efficient and tough as nails or the fairly new HT (hollow tech) construction that offers a combo of Canadian maple and fiberglass for a lighter, snappier ride. This symmetrical freeride board has a drop thru mount with a drop down deck for the ultimate lowriding experience. Concave foot pockets offer excellent grip for faster conditions while also assisting in the carving and control department thanks to the angles right around the toe and heel area. Both versions are offered in 36″, 38″ and 40″ so no matter your size or riding style, there’s a good chance there is Landyachtz Switchblade that is perfectly sized for you.


  • Highly stable and capable of handling at high speeds
  • Drop thru / drop down keeps you extra low
  • Available in 2 constructions – 3 different sizes


  • Let us know – we’ve yet to find one

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Drop Carve Longboard

Landyachtz Drop Carve at Windward Boardshop

One of the most reasonably priced, highly versatile boards that Landyacthz produces is by far the Drop Carve Longboard. This symmetrical board has a slight nose and tail kick for added maneuverability and is a carving machine. The wider body offers a ton of stability so even a beginner can enjoy this versatile ride. Drop thru mounts keep you a little closer to the ground which is perfect for those looking to try a little downhill, and the lightweight construction also makes this board perfect for day to day commuting. Available in 2 different sizes so you can find the perfect fit for your personal preference and 2 different killer graphics that are both real easy on the eyes. Perfectly priced, great for beginners or advanced riders and ready for your next adventure, the Landyachtz Drop Carve is truly a do it all board.


  • Moderately priced
  • 2 different sizes available
  • Drop thru mount and lighweight construction


  • The smallest size is a 37″ which can still be a little long for smaller riders
  • The deck does flex a little which is not ideal for serious downhill

Shop the Drop Carve 37 Nautical

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Dinghy Cruiser Board

Landyachtz Dinghy Lizard at Windward Boardshop

No Landyacthz list will ever be complete without the one and only Dinghy Cruiser Board. This mini ripper is crowd favorite year after year and is the perfect city / campus cruiser for anyone looking for a lightweight, maneuverable ride. Inspired by your classic skate deck but equipped with some chunky cruiser wheels, the Dinghy is your answer for easy, quick commuting. Lots of different silly graphics and fun color combos available, each comes with Bear skate specific trucks and some oversized Hawgs wheels. Added bonus – a few of the graphics come with a padded grip tape top sheet for bare-footin’ at the beach. This is your official ride of summer.


  • Small and portable
  • Perfect city commuter
  • Equipped with Hawgs cruiser wheels for easy sidewalk rides


  • Super short length can be tough for beginners
  • Skate specific trucks make carving a little tougher

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We hope this list got you hyped up and ready to treat yourself to a new ride for this summer!

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