Made right here in the grand ole USA, Never Summer is back with an incredible lineup of longboards for the 2016 season. A few brand new models, updated graphics on the OG’s and all the tech and quality you’ve come to know and love from Never Summer. Hand-crafted at their factory in lovely Denver, Colorado, Never Summer has built up quite the following thanks to their high quality longboards and snowboards. We break down the best of their summer collection in our 2016 Never Summer Longboard review so you can find your next longboard below!

Dime Cruiser Board

Never Summer Dime at Windward Boardshop

Before the Dime, the Never Summer lineup was pretty downhill heavy, sprinkled with a few fun carving style boards. The Never Summer Dime Cruiser Board has totally changed the game and we could not be more excited. This perfect little street ripper is an awesome cruiser that still gives you many benefits of a classic skate deck with all the tech that we’ve come to know and love from Never Summer. Dimensions are 8.25 x 29 making it perfect for quick trips to the store or cruising to class and thanks to the smaller size, you can easily stash this board in your trunk, locker or even carry it on your backpack. The composite construction is super durable, the scratch resistant graphic will keep your deck looking better way longer and the hard maple core is as tough as it gets. A little tail kicks gives you added maneuverability for ollies or playing at the skatepark and the softer cruiser wheels ensure the smoothest of rides. If oversized, heavy longboards are not your cup of tea, the Never Summer Dime could be perfect for you!


  • Compact, easy to stash size
  • Scratch resistant matte graphic
  • Kick tail for added maneuverability


  • Too short for downhill
  • Smaller size can be more difficult for beginners

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El Jeffe Longboard

Never Summer El Jeffe at Windward Boardshop

Another brand new model for summer ’16 is the Never Summer El Jeffe Longboard. This big, bad carving machine offers amazing versatility and is perfect for the ripper who wants one board that can do it all. “W”concave locks your feet into place which is awesome for higher speeds while the snappy, powerful flex allows you to drive hard carves all day long. There’s a functional kick tail that is guaranteed to come in handy from time to time and the 1/2” rocker drops you down just low enough to add a little extra stability. Other features include a scratch-resistant matte finish bottom sheet and super snappy biaxial fiberglass construction. Whether it’s flat ground pushing, carving or the occasional mild downhill run, the El Jeffe is guaranteed to get the job done.


  • Snappy flex
  • Functional kicktail
  • W concave locks your feet into place


  • Top mount with a drop down keeps you low but some prefer drop-thru and drop down for a lower setting

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Heist Longboard

Never Summer Heist at Windward Boardshop

One of my personal favorites year after year from Never Summer is the one and only Heist. The only true “flex deck” in the lineup and a super fun board to ride, the Never Summer Heist Longboard is freestyle-ready and is guaranteed to take your riding to the next level. This cambered deck is loaded with fiberglass making it super lightweight and highly responsive. The Drop thru truck mount keep you nice and low for added balance and the wide body feels super supportive under your feet. The Carbonium base finish keeps your base graphic looking it’s best year after year while the P-Tex nose and tail protectors add a ton of durability against the occasional slam. The slight nose and tail kick add just enough elevation for ollies and any other tricks you can pull off, while the flexy profile makes even the basic carve a ton of fun. If you are looking for a fun, laid back ride that is capable of some serious freestyle moves, then the Never Summer Heist might just be the perfect board for you.


  • Super lightweight
  • Snappy, flexy deck is great for carving
  • Nose and tail kick add freestyle capabilities


  • Flex decks not ideal for downhill
  • Lightweight construction not ideal for heavier riders

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Never Summer Reaper at Windward Boardshop

The name says it all. The Never Summer Reaper Longboard is coming for you and you cannot run fast enough to escape this beast. Never Summer’s meanest downhill bomber is the Reaper and we promise this board was not built for the weak. This fine piece of machinery has a laundry list of features. We will just jump right into this…Never Summer patented contour technology offers a shape unlike anything we’ve seen before, Carbonium base finish keeps the graphic in near perfect condition for years to come, heavy W concave assures that your feet are locked in even at high speeds and P-Tex nose and tail protection keep your board in tact even after a few slams. CNC machined fiberglass reinforced wheel wells, grab rails for getting rad, top mount with a micro drop and slight rocker to stay low and finally a 3D molded base. Long story short, this board was built to go fast (really fast) and keep you feeling completely stable the entire time. If you are ready to take your downhill game to the next level, then it’s time to ride into the finish line on the Never Summer Reaper.


  • Extremely rigid, highly stable board
  • W Concave locks your feet in at high speeds
  • Top mount with micro drop and rocker profile keep you low, but not too low


  • Super beefy board may be too much for lighter weight riders
  • Highly rigid and W concave not ideal for casual everyday riding
  • Not meant for carving and laid back riding

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Never Summer Avalanche at Windward Boardshop

Like a snowboard for the concrete, the Never Summer Avalanche Longboard is the type of board you would expect from a brand like Never Summer. This downhill / freeride masterpiece will have you slaying your local hills like a pro. The drop thru truck mount keeps your center of gravity nice and low, the deep foot pockets and power pedals lock your feet into place for powerful turns at high speeds and the grab rails give you something to hang on to when things get gnarly. The W concave further assists in the stability department while the Carbonium base and P-Tex reinforced nose and tail adds a ton of durability to this already tough freestyle ride. With the complete components from Never Summer, the Avalanche comes in just over 7 lbs, which means this board may be tough but it’s not too heavy at all. For the downhill enthusiast that still wants to have some fun carving and getting your freestyle on, the Never Summer Avalanche is the way to go!


  • Versatile – great for downhill and freestyle
  • Lightweight and highly stable
  • Drop thru mount keeps you close to the ground


  • Let us know, we haven’t found any yet!

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Never Summer Superfreak at Windward Boardshop

New to the line last summer, the Never Summer Superfreak Longboard has quickly moved to the top of the popularity list. Maybe it’s the freaky graphics or possibly the unique shape? There’s something about this board that many freestyle rippers are loving! Like an oversized skateboard, the Superfreak is equipped with nose and tail kick but still comes stock with reverse kingpin longboard trucks for a better turning radius. Flares above the wheels keep you locked in during hard carves and the grab rails are built in for when things get real. The Carbonium bottom graphic is highly scratch resistant so you are guaranteed to enjoy those bright colors for years to come and the added P-Tex reinforced nose and tail keep your board in one piece even after a few crashes. When you are ready to get freaky with your longboard abilities, the choice is clear. The Never Summer Superfreak.


  • Freestyle ready with nose and tail kick
  • Grab rails for getting rad


  • It’s a Jack of all trades which means it’s versatile but it doesn’t really specialize in one style of riding.

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Never Summer Clutch at Windward Boardshop

If you are looking for a whole lotta bang for your buck, then you definitely need to check out the Never Summer Clutch Longboard. Super stable, downhill capabilities and a shape that even a beginner will love, the Clutch is the perfect do-it-all board and it comes in just under $200. With a drop thru mount and drop-down deck, the Clutch keeps you nice and low for high stability even in fast conditions. The maple veneer core technology adds a ton of strength without the extra weight while the matte base finish offers a snazzy looking, scratch resistant graphic that will look it’s best for miles and miles. Flat ground pushing to mild downhill to carving on the boardwalk, the Clutch can do it all without breaking the bank. Treat yourself to one of the industry’s best and still have some cash leftover for happy hour.


  • High quality at a great price
  • Drop thru / drop down offers a ton of stability


  • May not be stable enough for pro downhill
  • slightly heavier than some of their other completes

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Never Summer Wingman at Windward Boardshop

Closing out our list is another newbie for summer ’16. Introducing the downhill and freeride-ready Never Summer Wingman Longboard. This super stable, versatile ride has a slight W concave for better grip on downhill but can also be super carvy and fun for freeriding. The slightly more compact 36″ length is also great for smaller riders, making it a great board for those that are just getting into downhill. The wide body offers stable support under your feet and the very slight rocker profile lowers the board just a little more to further increase your stability by lowering your center of gravity. A scratch-resistant matte finish bottom graphic ensures your board will be looking it’s best for years to come and the composite construction is as durable as they come. Behind every great man (or woman) is a great Wingman. This Wingman is definitely down to join you on your next adventure.


  • Shorter length is easy to maneuver
  • Drop thru mount and rocker profile keep you close to the ground


  • W concave can be slightly uncomfortable for everyday pushing

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Are you as hyped about the Never Summer 2016 lineup as we are? I sure hope so. To shop the most up to date collection of Never Summer boards or longboards, follow the buttons below.

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