Dating all the way back to 1995, Arbor has been doing big things for the skate and snowboard industries. Always respected for their passion of being “Green”, Arbor continues to give back to both the community and Mother Earth. So far, Arbor has helped plant over 300,000 Hawaiian Koa trees on 800 acres of former forest land with their “Returning Roots” program. Alongside the Hawaiian Legacy Reforestation Initiative, Arbor continues to do their part to protect the forests while also using sustainably sourced materials.

When they are are not busy doing great things for our planet, they are producing an incredible line of longboard and cruiser style skateboards. We support these guys year after year because they make such a great product. In this article, we break down our personal favorites from the line so you can (hopefully) find your next longboard.

Zeppelin Longboard

Arbor Zeppelin Premium at Windward Boardshop

Allow your summer to take a psychedelic turn with help from the Arbor Zeppelin Longboard. This carving machine was built to turn on a dime and the compact shape is perfect for commuting or anyone looking for a more portable longboard. The Gullwing Sidewinder trucks allow the board to turn with minimal effort which is also ideal for lighter weight riders and the slight concave is just enough to lock your feet into place for added stability. Arbor also upgraded the Zeppelin to a drop thru mount to slightly lower the deck since the Sidewinder trucks sit higher by nature – this also adds stability and lowers your center of gravity for more precise carves. Available in both Premium (pictured) or Bamboo construction. Both constructions offer the same great benefits, just with 2 different graphics and topsheets. If carving your way through your summer seems like a good idea to you, let us recommend the Arbor Zeppelin.


  • Compact size but not too short
  • Sidewinder trucks make turning super easy
  • Slight concave locks your feet into place


  • Sidewinder trucks not ideal for heavier riders or downhill
  • Taller riders may prefer a wider stance on a longer board

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Pocket Rocket Cruiser

Arbor Bamboo Pocket Rocket at Windward Boardshop

Year after year, hands down our best city cruiser is always the Arbor Pocket Rocket Cruiser. This mean little ripper is the perfect way to get around, across campus or even take a spin through the skatepark. With functional nose and tail kick and traditional skate trucks, the Pocket Rocket is just as maneuverable as your skateboard but the cruiser wheels give you the smooth ride you wish your skateboard had. Available in bamboo construction (pictured) or premium (KOA wood) so no matter your personal style, there is a Pocket Rocket perfect for you. If you are in search of a compact cruiser that you can take with you everywhere you go, then chances are the Arbor Pocket Rocket would be perfect for you.


  • Compact, lightweight
  • Totally skateable
  • Great for city or campus commuting


  • Shorter length not great for all riders
  • Skate trucks have a tighter turning radius

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Sizzler Cruiser

Arbor Sizzler Premium at Windward Boardshop

If you are looking for a cruiser board but the Pocket Rocket seems a little TOO short, then the Arbor Sizzler Cruiser is just what you need. With a wide body, functional kick tail and traditional skate trucks, the Sizzler is perfect for cruising, liquor store runs and everything in between. The rounded out wheel wells keep you from getting any nasty wheel bite and the exposed wood top sheets offer a timeless look that we can guarantee you will never get sick of. You also get a few style points tanks to the swallow tail. The Premium construction is pictured but you can also get a bamboo version that is also super easy on the eyes. Skate versatility with longboard comfort? Say yes to the Arbor Sizzler.


  • Wide body offers better stability
  • Skate trucks and a kick tail for added maneuverability
  • Cruiser wheels ensure a smooth ride


  • Skate trucks have a tighter turning radius
  • Just under 32″ long which may be tougher for beginners

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Genesis 38 Longboard

Arbor Genesis at Windward Boardshop

If a cruiser board and a longboard had a baby, that baby would be the Arbor Genesis Longboard. It’s the perfect happy medium that offers enough length for comfort and easy balance while still being light enough to grab and carry when you need to. The cut out wheel wells mean you have no limits when it comes to the size of your wheels and the drop thru truck mount lowers the board just enough to make pushing that much easier. The wide body offers great support under  your front and back foot while the concave deck grips your feet, locking you into place on faster carves or turns. Longboard comfort in a smaller package – the Arbor Genesis.


  • Perfectly sized for maneuverability and comfort
  • Drop thru trucks lower your center of gravity
  • Wide body offers stability


  • Let us know, we haven’t found any!

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Pilsner Cruiser

Arbor Pilsner at Windward Boardshop

My favorite type of beer is now my favorite type of board. When it comes to functional cruiser boards, the Arbor Pilsner Cruiser is definitely my top pick. The Pilsner was new to the line in 2014 but got a makeover this year and is better than ever. Longer than the Pocket Rocket but more narrow than the Sizzler, the Pilsner is comfortable, easy to ride and perfect for around town cruising. The wheel wells are rounded out to avoid wheel bite and the traditional skate trucks with cruiser wheels give you a versatile ride that can handle the bumps in the sidewalk or a spin thru the skatepark. This lightweight ride is definitely one of our top picks for this summer. You can’t go wrong with the Arbor Pilsner!


  • Compact size but long enough for easy balance
  • Skate trucks for a more versatile ride


  • Skate trucks don’t offer as wide a turning radius as longboard trucks

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Axis Longboard

Arbor Axis Premium at Windward Boardshop

When it comes to beginner friendly, all around cruising, perfect for any type of rider longboards, our go-to will always be the Arbor Axis Longboard. Coming in at right around $200, it’s the most bang for your buck that you can get. The long, wide body is super stable and perfect for riders of all skill levels. The drop thru truck mount keeps the deck nice and low for better stability and the cut out wheel wells allow you choose almost any size wheel without the threat of wheel bite. Available in several different graphics / top sheets so there is literally an Axis for every type of rider. If you are looking for a highly stable, easy to ride, price conscious longboard, we absolutely recommend checking out the Arbor Axis.


  • Highly stable board that is perfect for beginners
  • Drop thru mount lowers your center of gravity
  • Cut out wheel wells mean no chance of wheel bite


  • None that we have found!

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New Skate Cruisers

New from Arbor and possibly our favorite creation from them yet, is their new line of cruiser skateboards. These skate decks come complete with traditional skate trucks and a larger, softer skateboard wheel making them perfect for anyone looking for a smooth-riding skateboard. Just as maneuverable as your traditional skateboard but easier to ride thanks to the softer wheels, these cruisers are perfect for beginners and experienced skaters alike.

Keep in mind the softer wheels are a little less responsive so for technical street skating, you would have to switch out the wheels. Shape-wise, these cruisers are designed just like your traditional skateboard. There are 2 models and each is available in a full color or “Blanco” (aka white graphic) option. If you want the maneuverability of your regular skateboard with the smooth feel of a cruiser board, then these are the perfect options for you!

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Now get out there and skate!

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