Started in 2001 and based in Brooklyn, NYC, Bustin set out to make functional city-pushing longboards and skateboards and they continue to be one of the top names in the game. Their line is compact yet diverse, covering all bases without having too many models that get lost in the mix. We’ve narrowed down our personal favorites from the line and are here to give you all the details so you might be able to find your next board on this very list.

Spliff Cruiser Board

Bustin Spliff at Windward Boardshop

The perfectly short and sweet city cruiser that tops off our list this year is the Bustin Spliff Cruiser Board. Short enough to stash under your desk at work but stable enough to slay the city streets, the Bustin Spliff is going to be the perfect summer ripper for so many riders. With a slight nose and tail kick, the Spliff is nearly as maneuverable as a short board but the Paris trucks and 70mm / 80a wheels instantly transform this board in a carving machine. The deck itself has a good amount of concave which helps to lock you in place when you are cruising faster and the strategically placed grip tape give you perfect hold in all the right places. If you want the compact features of a Mini Cooper but you want it to handle like a Cadillac, then the Bustin Spliff may be the perfect board for you.


  • Compact size is easy to store
  • Nose and tail kick add maneuverability
  • Concave deck offers excellent grip


  • Shorter length could be tough for beginners
  • Not intended for downhill or super fast conditions

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Sportster Longboard

Bustin Sportster at Windward Boardshop

The best seller of the Bustin line and a board that is definitely rider tested and approved is the one and only Bustin Sportster Longboard. Created to be the “swiss army knife” of the lineup, the Sportster can do it all and the quintessential urban commuter board. With some new design features for summer ’16, the Sportster seems to get better with age. The wide body shape offers support and stability, the drop thru trucks keep you riding nice and low, the foot locking concave keeps  you on the board as you carve in and out of traffic and the brand new Bamboo-X construction ensures the Sportster is lighter weight and stronger than ever. Trusted by so many riders for a good reason, the Sportster is truly the quiver killer of the Bustin line.


  • Ideal length for commuting
  • Stable yet maneuverable
  • Sturdy enough to dabble in downhill
  • New Bamboo-X construction is lighter and stronger than ever


  • Send us your feedback – we haven’t found a downside of this board yet!

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Maestro Pro Longboard

Bustin Maestro Pro at Windward Boardshop

The souped up version of the highly popular Maestro, the Bustin Maestro Pro Longboard is perfect for the rider who wants high tech and high versatility in a board that can do it all. Some of the top features include Rebound Drop Camber that adds a ton of responsiveness for more effective carves, Bamboo-X construction that reduces weight and adds strength and drop thru mounts that keep you at a perfect height for effortless pushing. If you’ve tried the Maestro and enjoyed it but want to treat yourself to the premium construction of the Pro version then this is definitely the board for you.


  • Trusted shape that’s been in the line for years
  • Lightweight and responsive construction
  • Versatile shape and size


  • The upgrades in construction add up making the Pro more expensive than the rest of the Maestro collection

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Mestro 6 Longboard

Bustin Maestro 6 at Windward Boardshop

My personal favorite of all the Maestro boards with a shape that is not to be passed over, the Bustin Maestro 6 Longboard is in a class all it’s own. In it’s 6th year (hence the name), the Maestro 6 is truly the best version of this board yet. Inspired by the crowd favorite Maestro but uniquely shaped, the 6 is perfect for the year round rippers that want to feel like they are truly snowboarding on the pavement. With a forward-mounted camber, your back foot actually sinks back slightly, perfectly placing you in an ideal stance that allows you to lean back and rip. Close to the feeling you get on a powder-influenced snowboard, the Maestro 6 puts extra power under your back foot so you can really lean into your carves and push through your turns. The 6 also comes with the new Bamboo-X construction which promises to be stronger and lighter than ever for a high-performance ride. If snowboarding is your winter sport of choice, theres a really good chance you’re going to love the Maestro 6.


  • Lightweight and strong Bamboo-X construction
  • Forward mounted camber offers a leaned-back, powerful ride


  • Due to the special camber design, this board is directional

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Maestro Mini Longboard

Bustin Maestro Mini at Windward Boardshop

Whether you’ve got a grom that’s ready to get into long boarding or a full size human that wants the portability of a short board in the functionality of a long board, the Bustin Maestro Mini Longboard is exactly what you’ve been waiting for! A direct take down from the popular Maestro, the Mini has all the bells and whistles in a miniature version. Functional nose and tail kick, loaded with concave for extra stability, drop thru mount to keep you nice and low and upgraded to the Bamboo-X construction for reduced weight and added strength. All the benefits of the Maestro in a compact package makes the Maestro Mini the absolute perfect city-ripping mini longboard.


  • Extremely compact size great for smaller riders
  • The smoothness of a longboard in the portability of a shortboard


  • Super short length not ideal for larger riders

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