Well the crew in Denver is back at it for 2018 and once again Never Summer Snowboards is blessing us with a killer collection of boards. Some updated graphics on the classics, a few new models and as always a ton of wide options for the big footed riders out there. Without further ado, here are our top picks from Never Summer Snowboards for winter 2018.

Mens Snowboards

Never Summer Proto Type Two

Never Summer Proto Type Two at W82

When the Proto Type Two hit the shelves a few years back, we could NOT keep the board in stock. Well a few seasons have passed and we are still selling out of this board faster than any other model in the Never Summer lineup! The true twin all-mountain beast that we know as the Proto Type Two has proved to be the solution to the do-it-all freestyle board. The Asymmetrical love child of the Ripsaw and Funslinger, the Type Two offers a freestyle-forward construction that can still carve hard and handle the steeps when you need to. The Asym shape beefs up the heel edge for switch riding ease, the Carbon Max Laminate technology loads the board up with pop and responsiveness, the low profile tip and tail reduce swing weight while the extended transition area makes for seamless, smooth carves. The RDS2 Dampening system reduces chatter on hard pack days and the Sintered P Tex Sidewalls add a ton of durability for the inevitable slam. If you are the type of rider that views the entire mountain as your terrain park, then you need a board that has the balls to conquer the entire mountain – and that board is the Never Summer Proto Type Two.


  • Park forward but all mountain capable
  • Asym shape for switch riding ease
  • High end tech for a durable and versatile ride


  • Ripsaw Rocker / Camber profile may seem stiff for beginners
  • Although it can handle big mountain riding, the Type Two will excel in freestyle conditions

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Never Summer Funslinger

Never Summer Funslinger at W82

The softest board in the Never Summer lineup and a board that was born to have the most fun on the mountain is the one and only Funslinger. This Asymmetrical park and pow slayer may be a softer flexing board when it comes to Never Summer’s standards – but don’t be fooled – the Funslinger still has a responsive, snappy feel to it making it ideal for freestyle riding of any kind. The Asym shape and true twin design make switch riding smoother than ever, the Carbon VXR Laminate technology adds the perfect amount of pop for loading up on jumps, the low profile tip  and tail reduces swing weight and the Sintered P-Tex Sidewalls add extra durability for the unintentional bonks. The Boost Flex Wood Core reduces weight and adds a natural pop while the Durasurf Sintered Base guarantees you will not be slowed down by a dragging, snagging base. Just when you thought Never Summer only knew how to make big mountain boards – they go and create one of the most iconic park rippers on the market. When you are ready to turn up the fun levels on your winter season, the Never Summer Funslinger is the only way to go.


  • Soft flexing asym park slayer
  • True twin shape with blunted nose and tail for reduced swing weight
  • Snappy and lively despite the softer flex


  • Will float well in pow but will really excel in park conditions
  • Can handle big mountain conditions but intended for freestyle riding
  • Softer flexing so may be too loose for heavier riders

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Never Summer Snowtrooper

Never Summer Snowtrooper at W82

The Swiss Army Knife of the Never Summer lineup is once again the Snowtrooper. This all-mountain masterpiece is ideal for riders of any skill level that are looking for one snowboard to tackle the entire mountain. With Never Summer’s classic Rocker Camber profile, the Snowtrooper offers a softer flex thru the middle of the board with camber under the binding area for a balanced feeling ride that offers precision without feeling too stiff. The slightly setback stance allows the board to float better on deeper days, the low profile tip and tail also come with P-Tex protection built in for added durability while the Vario Powergrip Sidecut offers seamless, precise turns and carves. The mid flex is ideal for all-mountain riding conditions and just another reason we consider the Snowtrooper to be one of the most rideable boards in the Never Summer Lineup. Whether it’s your 5th or 25th season on snow, the Snowtrooper is excellent choice for the all-mountain ripper.


  • Medium flex and hybrid camber great for riders of any skill level
  • Set back stance helps to float better in pow conditions
  • Loaded with tech for a reliable, long term ride


  • None that we can find!

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Never Summer West

Never Summer West at W82

When you think of a brand like Never Summer, you think of a board like the West. True big mountain riding means taking advantage of all the mountain has to offer – from tree lines to steeps to natural kickers – and the Never Summer West is the board that you need to get the job done. With an aggressive, enhanced Ripsaw Rocker Camber profile and medium flex, the West is powerful yet agile and is able to handle in many conditions. The directional shape allows you to charge hard and the extended nose helps in deeper conditions while the Bi-Lite Fiberglass and Carbon VXR Laminate Technology load the board up with responsiveness and major launching power. The low profile tip and tail and Carbonium topsheet reduce overall weight along with the NS Superlight Wood Core – while the underfoot stabilizers and RDS2 Dampening System reduce unnecessary chatter which can drain your energy and be a killer on your legs. P-Tex tip and tail protection add to the overall durability of the board while the Durasurf Sintered 5501 Base guarantees to keep you moving at top speed all season long. If your snowy travels take you West this winter, bring the only board that you need to enjoy the mountain to the fullest – the Never Summer West.


  • Aggressive yet agile construction
  • Added dampening for chatter reduction
  • Snappy, responsive and loaded with power


  • Directional shape less ideal for freestyle enthusiasts
  • More aggressive version of the Ripsaw Rocker Camber profile may be too stiff for entry level or light weight riders

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Never Summer Chairman

Never Summer Chairman at W82

The Never Summer Chairman did not come to play. This big mountain freeride board was not created for the sissies of the mountain – hence the name, “The Chairman”. A true big mountain board, the Chairman is a carving machine with a specially designed 7 contact point sidecut for maximum effective edge that allows you to hang on tight even under the most extreme riding conditions. Built to offer stability under the fastest conditions, the Chairman also comes equipped with Never Summer’s most extensive dampening system – offering unmatched high speed capability and performance. Other key features to brag about include the Carbon Max Laminate Technology, Low profile tip and tail, an extended transition area for smooth and precise carves and STS Pre-Tensioned Fiberglass for a broken in, yet snappy response. If you are the type of rider that likes to lead the pack, then you should probably be riding the Never Summer Chairman.


  • Extensive dampening system
  • Specially designed sidecut for maximum effective edge
  • Loaded with carbon for a responsive ride


  • Stiff, agressive flex
  • Additional contact points can be catchy if you don’t know how to use them
  • Directional, tapered shape less ideal for freestyle conditions

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Never Summer Maverix

Never Summer Maverix at W82

Part of the Shaper Series, the Never Summer Maverix was inspired by surf culture and will truly give you the feeling of surfing on the mountains. With a shape that’s more versatile than it looks, the Maverix is nimble yet effortless and can slash the groomers just as well as it surfs on pow days. Equipped with the new Fusion Rocker Camber profile, you get edge gripping hold, quick snappy turns and a floaty, surfy feel thanks to the extended transition area at the nose. The Vario Powergrip Sidecut helps keep your carves strong yet fluid, the Early Rise Nose helps to keep your front end elevated on deeper days while the RDS 1 Dampening System offers stability and chatter reduction at high speeds. Fun the groomers, nimble in the trees and the ability to lean back and send it on those dreamy powder days – the Never Summer Maverix is quite possibly the perfect snowboard.


  • Versatile despite the unique shape
  • Able to cruise groomers and perform in powder conditions
  • Fusion RC profile offers a balanced, fun ride


  • Directional shape less ideal for freestyle enthusiasts
  • Many people may mistake the shape for a powder-specific board

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Women’s Snowboards

Never Summer Women’s Proto Type Two

Never Summer Women's Proto Type Two at W82

Ever since it’s inception, the Never Summer Women’s Proto Type Two has been loved by riders everywhere – and in the past few seasons it’s only continued to gain more steam. This perfect asymmetrical twin board is the true go-anywhere, do-anything type of ride. With a slightly more aggressive flex, true twin shape and deep heelside sidecut, you can hot lap the park, maneuver quickly in the trees and lead the crew on a high speed chase on the groomers. One of the most fun boards we’ve ever ridden, we can honestly say that the Type Two is a board that almost any snowboarder could appreciate. Other key specs to mention would include the super snappy Carbon Max Laminate technology, an Extended Transition area for smooth turn initiation and Elastomeric Underfoot Stabilizers for better stability at high speeds and chatter reduction on hard pack conditions. A high quality base keeps you moving, the NS Superlight wood core removes any unnecessary weight while the Sintered P Tex Sidewalls add major durability for the inevitable slams. Send it in the park, rip thru the trees and lead the pack this winter when you choose the insanely versatile Women’s Proto Type Two.


  • Versatile shape is loved by freestyle enthusiasts and casual riders alike
  • Ripsaw RC profile slightly more aggressive for a powerful yet fun feeling ride
  • Able to handle at higher speeds thanks to the added dampening system


  • Let us know – we’ve ridden this board and can’t find one thing we didn’t like!

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Never Summer Aura

Never Summer Aura at W82

The women of snowboarding spoke and Never Summer listened. The Never Summer Aura was built for the type of rider that in the past may have gone to a mens board for added stiffness and big mountain capabilities. No more shopping in the mens section ladies! The Aura is a freeride machine that was designed for the ladies that are getting after it and are not afraid to hit the steeps. With a  mid-firm flex thanks to the Ripsaw RC profile and Carbon VXR Laminate Technology, the Aura can charge thru heavy snow on the deep days and offer stability under the fastest conditions. An extensive dampening system adds to the overall stability and reduces underfoot vibrations, the NS Superlight Wood Core reduces the overall weight for a more lively ride and the low profile tip and tail help you feel more nimble when dipping in and out of the trees. The strong yet slightly femme graphic lets everyone know that although you came to kick ass, you are still a lady while the overall shape of the board is WAY better for you than that hand-me-down ride from your old boyfriend. If you are a lady that rips and are a looking for a board that can do the same, skip all the other fluffy girl boards and head straight to the Never Summer Aura.


  • Agressive, big mountain riding for the ladies
  • Extensive dampening for major stability
  • Loaded with carbon for maximum responsiveness


  • Not intended for beginners
  • More freeride specific so freestyle riders may find it a little too rigid
  • Overall stiffness may feel to catchy for beginner riders

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Never Summer Infinity

Never Summer Infinity at W82

The most popular women’s board in the Never Summer lineup continues to be the Never Summer Infinity. Thanks to the versatile shape and effortless ride-ability, the Infinity continues to be one of the most popular all mountain women’s snowboards that we sell. Mixing their original Rocker Camber profile with a perfect Medium Flex, the Infinity will satisfy the experienced rider without being too intense for a beginner to ride. The blunted nose and tail reduce weight and offer better maneuverability in tight conditions, Bi-Lite Fiberglass adds the perfect amount of pop for a lively ride, the RDS2 Dampening System adds stability and reduces vibrations under your feet and the Sintered P-Tex Sidewalls add major durability in case of any unexpected run-ins. So let’s break this down, you get a perfect medium flex, stability, durability and a shape that can take advantage of nearly the entire mountain – I think we see why the Infinity continues to be one of the most popular women’s boards on the market. Now it’s time for you to find out for yourself.


  • Versatile, easy to ride shape
  • Perfect for riders of any skill level
  • All mountain board that perform on almost any conditions


  • May be too soft for true big mountain conditions

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Never Summer Onyx

Never Summer Onyx at W82

Building off the popularity of boards like the Evo and Funslinger, Never Summer knew it was time to build a park-specific board for the ladies – and that’s how we ended up with the Never Summer Onyx. This True Twin, freestyle specific board is the softest and most playful board in the women’s lineup. If you are into presses, buttering, jibbing and hot-lapping the terrain park in general then you may be the perfect candidate for the Onyx. Besides the true twin shape, you also get a low-profile tip and tail for reduced swing weight, Bi-Lite Fiberglass for the perfect amount pop, the Press Flex Core maximum press-ability and the FDS Dampening system for added stability and reduced vibrations. For the girls who want to play all day, the Never Summer Onyx is just what the Doctor ordered.


  • Softest board in the lineup
  • Perfect for freestyle or park enthusiasts
  • Fun, playful and perfect for pressing, jibbing and buttering


  • Soft flex not intended for big mountain conditions
  • May be too loose for heavier weight rider

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Kids Snowboards

Never Summer Shredders

Never Summer Shredders at W82

Even the tiniest of groms can now get their start on a Never Summer snowboard thanks to the Shredders Series. Starting as small as 80cm, the Shredders boards are the perfect way to get your mini comfortable on their board and off to a great start in their snowboard career. These twin-tipped boards will make it easy for Junior to figure out if they want to ride goofy or regular, the soft flexing Bi-Lite Fiberglass is forgiving enough for light weight riders while the Press Flex Wood Core offers a light weight foundation for an easy-to-maneuver feel. The Vario Power Grip Sidecut helps guide the board in and out of carves while the P-Tex Tip and Tail protection add major durability for the inevitable lift-line run ins. This isn’t the 60’s and you no longer have to put your kids on skis first. Start them off on the right foot with the Never Summer Shredders Snowboard.


  • Twin shape for versatility
  • Easy to ride construction
  • Perfect for beginners

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Never Summer Bantam

Never Summer Bantam at W82

When your little ripper is starting out but they are too big for the Shredders Series, then it’s time to step them up to the Never Summer Bantam. These true twin, soft flexing boards are ideal for first timers and also perfect for the Grom that wants to start learning some tricks in the park. The Vario Power Grip Sidecut will help guide the board into turns to help Junior learn how to carve, the low profile tip and tail reduces overall weight and adds to the maneuverability while the Bi-Lite Fiberglass adds just enough pop to make the board lively without being too stiff. Help your little shredder take their riding to the next level this winter with the Never Summer Bantam.


  • Beginner friendly
  • Twin tipped for versatility
  • Soft flex is forgiving and ideal for lighter weight riders

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Never Summer Mini Proto

Never Summer Proto Mini at W82

If your kid is already ripping then it’s time to help them up their board game this winter with the Never Summer Mini Proto. Built after the long-running mens Proto (now Prototype 2), the Mini version is downsized for the Groms and made for the kids that want a bright future in the terrain park. A freestyle specific ride, the Mini Proto offers a True Twin shape, soft flexing Bi-Lite fiberglass and a low profile tip and tail for when he or she starts throwing 3’s off the kicker in the mini park. Mom and Dad’s favorite tech feature? The super durable True Grit Top Sheet and P-Tex Sidewalls that keep the board looking good even after the inevitable lift-line run-ins and mid-mountain slams. So if your little ripper has been improving and is now ready to kick things up a notch in the park, set them up on a board that guarantees to get the job done – the Never Summer Proto Mini.


  • Park-specific build with a true twin shape and soft flex
  • Low profile tip and tail for reduced swing weight
  • Durable features like True Grit Topsheet and P-Tex Sidewalls

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We hope you’ve enjoyed our run down of the Never Summer 2018 lineup! To see our most up to date Never Summer inventory, click here. To check out all our current snowboards, click here. See you on the mountain!