Bringing it once again with a few new models and updates on the OG’s, Arbor Snowboards has us SO hyped on the 2018 season. Classic designs, versatility for riders of all skill levels and a pro model for the ages – this year’s lineup is looking better than ever. No matter where you are at with your snowboard career, we can guarantee there is a board below that could be perfect for you.

Arbor Foundation

Arbor Foundation at W82

An excellent option for any beginner to intermediate rider that wants a board they can grow with, is the Arbor Foundation. The name says it all – the Foundation will give you all the tech you need to take your skills to the next level this winter. With a beginner-friendly Rocker profile, the Foundation offers a catch-free feeling so you can nail those carves with way less wipeouts. The Biax Fiberglass adds just enough pop to the board for a lively feeling ride, without being too stiff or aggressive while the the Extruded Base offers high durability and easy repairs when needed. If you are looking for a solid board, that won’t break the bank, that will allow you to take your riding skills to the next level this winter, the Arbor Foundation is an excellent option.


  • Rocker profile for easy riding
  • Biax Fiberglass adds just enough pop
  • Great all-around board for beginner to intermediate riders


  • The rocker profile can be too loose in icy conditions
  • Softer profile not ideal for aggressive riding.

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Arbor Element Black

Arbor Element Black at W82

The Element snowboard has been a cornerstone of the Arbor lineup for years and this year’s Arbor Element Black got a hand dyed Ash Powerply top sheet for an updated, bold look. Their quintessential all-mountain board, the Element comes with Arbor’s System Rocker profile for seamless turns and better float in powder conditions. The mixed Fiberglass offers a lively pop without feeling too stiff while the 360 degree rails up the durability for added impact protection. The Knucklehead Tips add a cool look to the board while also helping add to the float ability on deeper days and the Extruded Base offers maximum durability and great wax absorption for a dependable ride. A main stay in the line for many years, you truly cannot go wrong with the Arbor Element.


  • All mountain rideability
  • Great for riders of any skill level
  • Versatile tech that can cruise groomers and also perform in pow


  • Rocker profile can feel too loose for more aggressive riders
  • Intended for all-mountain riding but less park friendly

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Arbor Bryan Iguchi Pro Camber

Arbor Bryan Iguchi Pro Camber at W82

Few riders carry the weight of a name like Bryan Iguchi. In the snowboard game for decades – and not leaving any time soon – Bryan has found a home with Arbor snowboards and his pro model is the fruit of many years of hard labor. Built to cater to the big-mountain freestyle ripper, the Iguchi Pro has the ability to charge hard, handle steeps and launch of big kickers like a boss. Available in both Camber and Rocker versions, the Camber model is the more aggressive / responsive option and truly built for that seasoned shredder. For the most accurate description – we will let the man himself tell you all about the board –

“I wanted to design a board that worked for my style of riding…a daily driver, or ‘quiver killer’. Its roots are purely freestyle driven, but my riding has evolved. The design is inspired with the intention to perform well in all conditions. I wanted to have the ability to fully commit to carving as hard as possible, yet allow forgiveness in the entry and exit of each turn, regardless of how subtle or dynamic. I spend a lot of time in the backcountry searching for powder but in reality, I still can’t pass up a good wall hit at the resort or resist the urge to blast a method out of a good transition I come across. I love it because I can have fun on it on any mountain in any condition.”

So if you’ve been riding for years and are looking for a board that isn’t afraid to keep up on your steepest / fastest / heaviest adventures – then the Arbor Bryan Iguchi Pro Camber board might just be the board for you.


  • Aggressive big-mountain freestyle machine
  • Powerful camber for precise turns and hard carves
  • Responsive, snappy and powerful feel


  • Not intended for first timers
  • Camber profile and mixed glassing may be too stiff for beginners

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Arbor Women’s Swoon Camber / Rocker

Arbor Swoon Rocker Snowboard at W82

A board so good they had to make two of them – the Arbor Women’s Swoon Snowboard is now available in either a rocker or camber profile! The Swoon is an amazing all-mountain board that can enjoy the groomers, take a run thru the trees and event a hot lap or two thru the terrain park. For the lady looking for a more surfy-feeling ride, choose the Rocker version. For the more aggressive rider that wants to hit the steeps and is looking for a little more responsiveness, choose the Camber version. Both models come with a Bamboo Powerply Topsheet that has a natural pop and a lightweight feel. Mixed glassing adds the perfect amount of fiberglass right where you need it for a responsive, snappy and lively feeling ride. The Thunderhead tips scoop up for added float in deeper conditions and finally, the sintered base offers high-quality wax absorption for a guaranteed fast and durable ride. No matter your riding style – chances are one of the Arbor Swoon Snowboards will be perfect for you!


  • Available in either Rocker or Camber profile
  • Versatile shape that is excellent for all-mountain riding
  • Rocker profile great option for beginners while the Camber version ideal for those looking for a more aggressive ride.


  • None that we can find!

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This about wraps up our favorites from Arbor for this winter season! To check out our most up to date availability on the Arbor boards, click here. To see all our snowboards that we currently have in stock, click here.