Regardless of whether you are just getting started, or you’ve been slaying the park for years – you know that the right board makes all the difference. When it comes to terrain park riding, there are some key features that each board should have so that you can fully enjoy your day in the park. Although personal preference certainly plays a role, many park boards will possess similar traits and that’s how we compiled our little list below. Whether you prefer urban park riding or launching off big natural kickers in the backcountry, we promise that we’ve got a board for you. Here is a list of our favorite park snowboards for winter ’18!

Mens Boards

Yes Greats UnInc

Yes Greats UnInc at W82

Every year, Yes outdoes themselves with their Greats collection and this year was no different. Paying homage to a disbanded team of legends, the Greats UnInc is an Asym Twin board that is lightweight, snappy and created for the true freestyle junkie. The carbon-loaded heelside creates a tighter side cut for a more balanced natural feel that plays off the body’s asymmetrical tendencies. This shape also makes the transition between switch and regular nearly seamless which park shredders everywhere can appreciate. The shaped / blunted nose and tail reduce swing weight for quicker spins while the Camrock profile gives the rider the best of both worlds with rocker between the feet and camber outside the bindings. If you were a fan of the UnInc crew back in the day, you can still show your love – and take advantage of some killer tech – with the Yes Greats UnInc.

Key Features

  • Asym Technology
  • Camrock offers happy medium of camber / rocker balance
  • UnInc collection is probably one of the best Greats yet

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Lib Tech Sk8 Banana

Lib Tech Sk8 Banana at W82

Countless years in the game and still a best seller for Lib Tech, the OG Sk8 Banana is back for the 2018 season and ready to slay in the park as usual. Barely changed after all these years, the Sk8 Banana still has Lib’s classic Banana (BTX) Rocker profile mixed with their signature Magnatraction technology. This combo removes some of the issues with rocker being too loose – the Magnetraction adds extra contact points for better grip in hard pack offering better edge hold than classic rocker boards that don’t have Magnetraction. Truly built for the park enthusiasts but also great for the beginner park rider thanks to the forgiving flex and versatile shape, the Sk8 Banana also come stock with a Triax / Biax Fiberglass Combo that adds the perfect amount of snappy response without feeling too stiff or rigid. Other key tech to note is the Birch Internal Sidewalls and the Eco Poly Sublimated Top Sheet. Made in the good ‘ole USA and still kicking a$$ after all these years, the Lib Tech Sk8 Banana is always a good choice.

Key Features

  • Rocker profile ideal for butters, presses and locking in on rails
  • Around for years with minimal changes = time honored design
  • Key durability features like birch sidewalls

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Jones Mountain Twin

Jones Mountain Twin at W82

One of the most versatile boards in the entire Jones lineup and a favorite of freestyle rippers everywhere is the Jones Mountain Twin. Intended for the big mountain freestyle rider that wants one board that can do it all, the Mountain Twin is precise yet playful and one of our favorite models in the lineup. Key features include a true twin shape, rockered tip and tail for better float in powder, camber under food for power and stability and Traction Tech for added grip and edge hold. Triax Fiberglass adds to the snappiness on this board that gets 7/10 on the stiffness scale – this means you can slay the park and still hold an edge under fast, steep conditions. Oversized recycled steel edges add major durability, an Eco-Plastic Topsheet made from Castor Beans is ultra light and chip / scratch resistant and a Sintered 7000 base with added carbon for maximum wax absorption and top notch speed. If you view the entire mountain as your terrain park, then you are the perfect candidate for the Jones Mountain Twin.

Key Features

  • Park build with big mountain capabilities
  • Snappy, responsive camber
  • Fast base and oversized steel edges for added durability

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Burton Descendant

Burton Descendant at W82

Perfect for the park rider that is just getting started thanks to the great price and beginner-friendly tech, the Burton Descendant guarantees to get you ripping in no time. This progression-friendly ride is a true twin, traditional camber board that is soft enough to press and butter on but offers enough edge control to give you a really precise carve. Biax Fiberglass and Squeezebox Low help to maintain a snappy flex while still being on the softer side so you can enjoy a responsive ride that still feels super playful. The True Twin shape and flex allow you to ride switch easily and for those beginners out there, it will let you experiment riding both regular and goofy so you can find your perfect stance. Other features to brag about are the 3-year warranty and the highly durable Extruded Base. A ton of bang for your buck and a board that has the ability to satisfy both the beginner and more experienced rider, we give two thumbs up to the Burton Descendant.

Key Features

  • Twin shape and flex
  • Purepop Camber for a playful, responsive ride
  • Squeezebox Low for a softer flex that still maintains pop and ollie power

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Burton Name Dropper

Burton Name Dropper at W82

Burton went all-out when they released the Name Dropper a few years back. This park-specific ride was built for one reason and one reason only – to be the softest flexing park slaying board in the entire Burton lineup. As the first board to offer the Filet-O-Flex profile, the Name Dropper quickly gained popularity thanks to the insanely soft flex and surprisingly snappy response. The Name Dropper also has an Off-Axis profile to better match the angles of the riders natural stance, the Flat Top bend gives riders the perfect balance between camber and rocker while the Triax Fiberglass loads up the board with a ton of pop for major ollie power. The upgrade to the sintered base means better wax absorption while the Frostbite Edges add just a little extra grip for better control on those icy or hard pack kind of days. If you are looking for a board that  you can press, butter and still load up and launch off the kickers, the Burton Name Dropper may just be the board for you.

Key Features

  • Off-Axis profile to better match the riders stance angles
  • Filet-O-Flex for the most flexy board ever
  • Flat Top profile for perfectly balanced ride

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Never Summer Funslinger

Never Summer Funslinger at W82

The softest board in the Never Summer lineup and a park board that was born to have the most fun on the mountain is the one and only Funslinger. This Asymmetrical park slayer may be a softer flexing board when it comes to Never Summer’s standards – but don’t be fooled – the Funslinger still has a responsive, snappy feel to it making it ideal for freestyle riding of any kind. The Asym shape and true twin design make switch riding smoother than ever, the Carbon VXR Laminate technology adds the perfect amount of pop for loading up on jumps, the low profile tip and tail reduces swing weight and the Sintered P-Tex Sidewalls add extra durability for the unintentional bonks. The Boost Flex Wood Core reduces weight and adds a natural pop while the Durasurf Sintered Base guarantees you will not be slowed down by a dragging, snagging base. Just when you thought Never Summer only knew how to make big mountain boards – they go and create one of the most iconic park rippers on the market. When you are ready to turn up the fun levels on your winter season, the Never Summer Funslinger is the only way to go.

Key Features

  • Asym shape
  • Carbon VXR Technology for major launching power
  • Great park board but also tough enough for big mountain freestyle

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Women’s Boards


Roxy XOXO at W82

To all of our ladies who enjoy playing in the terrain park –  the Roxy XOXO is back for another season of showing the boys how it’s done. With direction from gold medalist Torah Bright, the XOXO is a playful, lively board that is ideal for park enthusiasts of any skill level. Whether you are barely learning to jump and spin or are a seasoned freestyle rider, the C2e rocker / camber profile will offer the perfect balance of softness thru the middle of the board while still offering solid edge hold outside of the bindings. The true twin shape will allow you to ride switch seamlessly, the medium flex is snappy and still a little forgiving and the Kind Hearted Columbian Gold Core offers a lightweight and environmentally friendly option – which makes us love this board even more. Whether you spend your whole day in the park – or view the entire mountain as your terrain park, the XOXO is the perfect board to help you fully enjoy this winter season!

Key Features

  • Ideal for beginner to intermediate park riders
  • C2E Rocker / Camber offers best of both worlds for flex / control
  • Lightweight and environmentally friendly Kind Hearted Columbian Gold Core

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Jones Twin Sister

Jones Twin Sister at W82

I can – and gladly will – personally attest to the awesomeness that is the Jones Twin Sister. One of my personal favorite snowboards, the Twin Sister is the perfect balance between a snappy park board and a powerful all mountain freestyle machine. I can hot lap the park in the morning and keep up with the boys in the afternoon thanks to the versatile twin shape and powerful Camrock profile. The nose and tail slightly bevel up for the ability to float on deeper days while the camber under your feet offers the precise edge hold and power that we’ve come to expect from Jones. This board pops in and out of carves in the most lively way thanks to the Triax Fiberglass and Master Core while the Traction Edge allows you to hang on tight under fast or hard pack conditions. The Progressive Sidecut guides you in and out of turns for a fluid, smooth feeling ride while the blunted nose and tail reduce swing weight for quicker spins or more maneuverability in the trees. In short, there is nowhere that I would NOT take this outstanding board. For the freestyle loving ladies that look at the entire mountain as their terrain park, there is no better option than the Jones Twin Sister.

Key Features

  • Poweful Camrock profile offers the responsiveness of a camber board
  • Blunted nose and tail for reduced swing weight
  • Triax Fiberglass adds more pop for ollie power

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Capita Jess Kimura Pro

Capita Jess Kimura Pro at W82

If you’ve ever seen her ride then you know why the Capita Jess Kimura Pro snowboard is making this list. One of the most iconic female snowboarders with a riding style that is second to none, her pro model snowboard was built to slay just like Jess. With a few upgrades for this season, her pro model now comes with a new fiberglass and resin system as well as new formula sidewalls and more fast, durable base. This Hybrid Camber board is also loaded up with 2 Carbon Fiber beams that add a ton of stability and power for launching off big jumps, a Canadian Maple Dual Core that was built for durability and control and a Titanal Base Inlay for even more stability and power. Due to the more aggressive flex of this board, we would recommend it to the more experienced rider  – or a highly determined beginner. From your local terrain park to the big mountain kickers, the Capita Jess Kimura Pro guarantees to get the job done.

Key Features

  • Twin shape, positive camber
  • Added carbon beams for more power and stability
  • Ideal for the more experienced lady shredder

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Burton Socialite

Burton Socialite at W82

For the ladies who are tough in the terrain park – but prefer a super soft board – the Burton Socialite is the only way to go! Loaded with a poppy, lively flex and super thin thru the middle of the board, the Socialite can lock in on rails, butter all the way down the mountain and still give a mean launch off kickers. The Flat Top profile is the perfect happy medium between rocker and camber, the True Twin shape and flex allows you to ride switch with ease while the Triax Fiberglass loads the board up for a snappy, responsive feel. The Off-Axis Technology gives this board a dedicated heel edge to better align to your stance for a board that “fits” perfectly while the Filet-O-Flex Technology thins out the board as much as possible for unmatched flex without losing any snap or responsiveness. For the girls that are buttering, pressing and jibbing their way thru life – we highly recommend the Burton Socialite.

Key Features

  • Flat top, true twin
  • Off Axis and Filet-O-Flex tech
  • Super soft and ideal for pressing and buttering

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Never Summer Onyx

Burton Onyx at W82

Building off the popularity of boards like the Evo and Funslinger, Never Summer knew it was time to build a park-specific board for the ladies – and that’s how we ended up with the Never Summer Onyx. This True Twin, freestyle specific board is the softest and most playful board in the women’s lineup. If you are into presses, buttering, jibbing and hot-lapping the terrain park in general then you may be the perfect candidate for the Onyx. Besides the true twin shape, you also get a low-profile tip and tail for reduced swing weight, Bi-Lite Fiberglass for the perfect amount of pop, the Press Flex Core for maximum press-ability and the FDS Dampening system for added stability and reduced vibrations. For the girls who want to play all day, the Never Summer Onyx is just what the Doctor ordered.

Key Features

  • Super soft Press Flex Core
  • Bi-Lite Fiberglass for perfect pop
  • FDS Dampening for stability and minimal vibrations

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Well there you have it! Once again, this is just “our” list and we hope that you found a board or two that suits your search. If you want to check out all the snowboards we have in stock and our most up to date inventory, check out our snowboards in-stock. Happy shredding!