If you are like most of us, when it comes to snowboarding, there isn’t just one single thing that you like to do all day. Maybe you want to dabble in the terrain park. Maybe you like to warm up on the groomers. Maybe you are feeling frisky and want to hit the trees after lunch. If this sounds like you then you might in the market for an all mountain snowboard. A solid all mountain snowboard is going to have certain characteristics that will allow it to be versatile enough to enjoy the entire mountain. We’ve put together a little list of our personal favorites and will break down what makes each of them so perfect for all mountain riding. If you like to take advantage of the entire mountain, then there might be a board on this list for you!

Mens Boards

Burton Amplifier

Burton Amplifier at W82

If you are searching for a solid all-mountain snowboard that won’t break the bank then the brand new Burton Amplifier may just be the perfect option. With a versatile shape and flex, the Amplifier is down to hit the park in the morning and cruise the groomers all afternoon – making it the ideal board for anyone looking to “amp” up their skills this winter. The True Twin shape allows you to master the art of riding switch, the Flat Top profile offers the perfect happy medium between rocker and camber and Biax Fiberglass adds just enough pop to the board without increasing the overall stiffness. An Extruded Base is durable and easy to maintain in case you do some damage in the early season while the Infinite Ride Technology guarantees that from day 1 to day 100 this board will still be responsive, snappy and ready for the ride. If you’ve mastered the basics and are now ready to explore all that the mountain has to offer, the Burton Amplifier is the perfect do-it-all ride that will keep you progressing all throughout the season.

Key Features

  • Beginner friendly and budget friendly
  • Twin shape for added versatility
  • Medium flex for an easy, fun ride

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Burton Free Thinker

Burton Free Thinker at W82

Open your mind and explore the entire mountain this winter on Danny Davis’ newest creation, the BurtonFree Thinker. Intended for the experienced all-mountain ripper that has a love for freestyle riding, the Free Thinker was built to float in pow, slay the groomers and launch off big, natural kickers. With a traditional camber profile, true twin shape and blunted nose and tail, the Free Thinker also loves a good run thru the park or searching out natural terrain. 45 degree Carbon Highlights load the board up for a snappy, responsive ride, the FSC Certified Superfly 2 Core weighs just 700g which reduces the overall weight of the board for a lighter feel under your feet and finally, the Sintered WFO Base guarantees nothing will slow you down – even those nasty flat spots. And an added bonus – the Free Thinker has been blessed with artwork by the one and only Mark Gonzales – famed artist and legendary skateboarder. For the seasoned rider who wants to take advantage of the entire mountain and enjoy every square inch of it, there is no board better than the Burton Free Thinker.

Key Features

  • Freestyle influences
  • Great for more experienced riders
  • Very snappy, responsive flex

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Lib Tech TRS HP

Lib Tech TRS at W82

An award winner season after season and a staple in the Lib Tech lineup, the TRS is back for your all-mountain thrashing pleasure. Originally designed to be a freestyle board, the TRS has morphed into an all mountain machine thanks to the versatile shape and hybrid profile. This true twin board comes loaded with Lib’s C2x rocker / camber profile – with a shortened, yet defined rocker mid section and lengthened, more pronounced camber section, the TRS can flex, press, lock in on rails and still rip precise turns and carve hard in fast conditions. On this board, riders have won Olympic Pipe medals, World Freeride Tour Gold and Slopestyle Championships – if that doesn’t validate the versatility, then we don’t know what will. Ideal for the experienced rider – or the determined beginner – that wants to be able to slay the entire mountain and not be held back by board design, the Total Ripper Series (aka the TRS) is the one board that can do it all.

Key Features

  • All mountain freestyle board
  • Rocker / Camber hybrid profile
  • Award winning board that is ideal for riders of all skill levels

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Never Summer Proto Type Two

Never Summer Proto Type Two at W82

When the Proto Type Two hit the shelves a few years back, we could NOT keep the board in stock. Well a few seasons have passed and we are still selling out of this board faster than any other model in the Never Summer lineup! The true twin all-mountain beast that we know as the Proto Type Two has proved to be the solution to the do-it-all freestyle board. The Asymmetrical love child of the Ripsaw and Funslinger, the Type Two offers a freestyle-forward construction that can still carve hard and handle the steeps when you need to. The Asym shape beefs up the heel edge for switch riding ease, the Carbon Max Laminate technology loads the board up with pop and responsiveness, the low profile tip and tail reduce swing weight while the extended transition area makes for seamless, smooth carves. The RDS2 Dampening system reduces chatter on hard pack days and the Sintered P Tex Sidewalls add a ton of durability for the inevitable slam. If you are the type of rider that views the entire mountain as your terrain park, then you need a board that has the balls to conquer the entire mountain – and that board is the Never Summer Proto Type Two.

Key Features

  • Asym shape
  • Loaded with carbon for pop and power
  • Extensive dampening for chatter reduction and stability

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Never Summer Snowtrooper

Never Summer Snowtrooper at W82

The Swiss Army Knife of the Never Summer lineup is once again the Snowtrooper. This all-mountain masterpiece is ideal for riders of any skill level that are looking for one snowboard to tackle the entire mountain. With Never Summer’s classic Rocker Camber profile, the Snowtrooper offers a softer flex thru the middle of the board with camber under the binding area for a balanced feeling ride that offers precision without feeling too stiff. The slightly setback stance allows the board to float better on deeper days, the low profile tip and tail also come with P-Tex protection built in for added durability while the Vario Powergrip Sidecut offers seamless, precise turns and carves. The mid flex is ideal for all-mountain riding conditions and just another reason we consider the Snowtrooper to be one of the most rideable boards in the Never Summer Lineup. Whether it’s your 5th or 25th season on snow, the Snowtrooper is excellent choice for the all-mountain ripper.

Key Features

  • High end construction suitable for riders of all skill levels
  • Setback stance great for deeper days
  • Vario Powergrip Sidecut for smooth, precise carves

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Jones Aviator

Jones Aviator at W82

Take your riding to the skies this winter with the Jones Aviator. This elite all-mountain freestyle board was created to do it all – and do it well. The quiver killer of the Jones lineup and an ideal board for any rider that is looking for speed, precision, stability and versatility. Loaded with pop and power, the Aviator comes equipped with Triax Fiberglass with added fiberglass reinforcement in the nose and tail, Carbon Stringers for stability and consistency (even after seasons on the board) and the brand new Technora Fiber that both absorbs shock and improves pop. The Aviator gets a 7/10 on the stiffness scale, comes with the Jones Power Core that features hardwood bamboo stringers for added pop and durability and a 3D Contour Base 2.0 that is camber heavy throughout the midsection and then bevels up at the nose and tail for major float-ability. Jones refers to the Aviator as the “Resort Razor” and we can certainly see why. A lively pop, stability at high speeds and a shape that is powder friendly – you literally cannot go wrong with the Jones Aviator.

Key Features

  • Elite all mountain board
  • Carbon stringers for added power and stability at higher speeds
  • New Technora Fiber that absorbs shock and improves pop

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Arbor Element Black

Arbor Element Black at W82

The Element snowboard has been a cornerstone of the Arbor lineup for years and this year’s Arbor Element Black got a hand dyed Ash Powerply top sheet for an updated, bold look. Their quintessential all-mountain board, the Element comes with Arbor’s System Rocker profile for a soft flexing, effortless ride and better float in powder conditions. The mixed Fiberglass offers a lively pop without feeling too stiff while the 360 degree rails up the durability for added impact protection. The Knucklehead Tips add a cool look to the board while also helping add to the float ability on deeper days and the Extruded Base offers maximum durability and great wax absorption for a dependable ride. A main stay in the line for many years, you truly cannot go wrong with the Arbor Element.

Key Features

  • System Rocker for soft, forgiving ride
  • Mixed fiberglass for a lively pop
  • 360 Degree rails for added durability

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Women’s Boards

Roxy Torah Bright

Roxy Torah Bright at W82

For the advanced all mountain/freestyle shredders who are looking for a board that can handle big kickers and steep drops, the Roxy Torah Bright Pro Model is an excellent option. This aggressive, twin-shaped board can handle high speeds like a champ thanks to the medium-stiff flex and the snappy C2x hybrid profile. The C2x hybrid shape offers a shorter rocker section and longer camber sections for hard carving and a more responsive feel overall. The nose and tail kick back up slightly so yes, she can handle those pow days too. Renewable, organic bio-fibers offer vibration-dampening properties for those cold, hard pack days and the eco-sublimated topsheet offers strength – without all the nasty ingredients that are bad for the environment. For the ladies who are sending it, all over the mountain, trust a board that’s approved by a gold medal winner when you pick up the Roxy Torah Bright Pro Model.

Key Features

  • C2X Hybrid has a medium-stiff flex for better response
  • Great for the more experienced female rider
  • Added dampening for shock absorption and stability

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Burton Lip Stick

Burton Lip Stick at W82

The sassy, do-it-all ride for the progressive freestyle lady – and one of our personal favorite boards – is the Burton Lip Stick. A staple in the women’s line for many seasons and barely tweaked (cause if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it), the Lip Stick continues to reign in the female snowboard community. Able to tackle everything from park laps to tree runs, the Lip Stick is a versatile and playful board that is sure to help you push your skills to the next level this winter. The True Twin shape offers maneuverability and the ability to ride switch with ease, the Flat Top profile is the perfect happy medium between aggressive camber and too-loose rocker while the Triax Fiberglass adds a snappy, responsive pop to the board for a lively feeling in and out of the park. Burton added their signature, top of the line Sintered WFO Base to make sure that nothing slows you down and the Frostbite Edges come in handy on those unpleasant hard pack days, adding a ton of extra edge hold and control in those rough conditions. If you see the entire mountain and your playground and are looking for one board to do it all – look no further than the Burton Lip Stick.

Key Features

  • Flat Top profile offers better edge control
  • Triax fiberglass for a snappy, lively feel
  • Sintered WFO base is extremely fast and reliable

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Never Summer Aura

Never Summer Aura at W82

The women of snowboarding spoke and Never Summer listened. The Never Summer Aura was built for the type of rider that in the past may have gone to a mens board for added stiffness and big mountain capabilities. No more shopping in the mens section ladies! The Aura is an all mountain freeride machine that was designed for the ladies that are getting after it and are not afraid to hit the steeps. With a  mid-firm flex thanks to the Ripsaw RC profile and Carbon VXR Laminate Technology, the Aura can charge thru heavy snow on the deep days and offer stability under the fastest conditions. An extensive dampening system adds to the overall stability and reduces underfoot vibrations, the NS Superlight Wood Core reduces the overall weight for a more lively ride and the low profile tip and tail help you feel more nimble when dipping in and out of the trees. The strong yet slightly femme graphic lets everyone know that although you came to kick ass, you are still a lady while the overall shape of the board is WAY better for you than that hand-me-down ride from your old boyfriend. If you are a lady that rips and are a looking for a board that can do the same, skip all the other fluffy girl boards and head straight to the Never Summer Aura.

Key Features

  • Designed for the more aggressive all-mountain rider
  • Carbon VXR Laminate creates a stiff, precise ride
  • Extensive dampening for stability and chatter reduction

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Arbor Swoon

Arbor Swoon Rocker at W82

A board so good they had to make two of them – the Arbor Women’s Swoon Snowboard is now available in either a rocker or camber profile! The Swoon is an amazing all-mountain board that can enjoy the groomers, take a run thru the trees and event a hot lap or two thru the terrain park. For the lady looking for a more surfy-feeling ride, choose the Rocker version. For the more aggressive rider that wants to hit the steeps and is looking for a little more responsiveness, choose the Camber version. Both models come with a Bamboo Powerply Topsheet that has a natural pop and a lightweight feel. Mixed glassing adds the perfect amount of fiberglass right where you need it for a responsive, snappy and lively feeling ride. The Thunderhead tips scoop up for added float in deeper conditions and finally, the sintered base offers high-quality wax absorption for a guaranteed fast and durable ride. No matter your riding style – chances are one of the Arbor Swoon Snowboards will be perfect for you!

Key Features

  • Available in either Rocker or Camber
  • Bamboo topsheet offers a lightweight, natural pop
  • Mixed fiberglass for just the right amount of response

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This wraps up this year’s list – we hope that we’ve given you some ideas, or at least a place to start, on your search for a new all mountain snowboard! To see our most current availability on all of our boards, shop snowboards here.