We know that learning to snowboard can seem like a daunting task, but we promise that once you narrow down the selection of beginner snowboards, the process gets much easier. All the boards on this list will have some key features that will make your first few seasons on snow much easier to handle. Whether you are just starting out and want to venture into park riding or have dreams of all-mountain domination, there will be a board on this list that will be perfect for you. We also kept in mind that cost is generally a factor when you are building that first setup so you will notice that many of the boards on list fall around or under the $400 mark. We will stop rambling so you can get your search going – introducing our top picks for 2018 beginner snowboards.

Mens Boards

Lib Tech Sk8 Banana

Lib Tech Sk8 Banana at W82

Generally regarded as a park board, we also love recommending the Lib Tech Sk8 Banana to beginners due to the soft flex and easy to ride nature. Barely changed after all these years, the Sk8 Banana still has Lib’s classic Banana (BTX) Rocker profile mixed with their signature Magnatraction technology. This combo removes some of the issues with rocker being too loose – the Magnetraction adds extra contact points for better grip in hard pack offering better edge hold than classic rocker boards that don’t have Magnetraction. Truly built for the park enthusiasts but also great for the beginner crowd thanks to the forgiving flex and versatile shape, the Sk8 Banana also come stock with a Triax / Biax Fiberglass Combo that adds the perfect amount of snappy response without feeling too stiff or rigid. Other key tech to note is the Birch Internal Sidewalls and the Eco Poly Sublimated Top Sheet. The true twin shape allows beginners to get comfortable riding both regular or switch while the Banana shape reduces the catchiness of the board so you can figure out those carves with less wipeouts. A great option for a beginner looking for a fun, easy to ride board and a perfect option for the beginner that wants a future in the terrain park – you cannot go wrong with the Lib Tech Sk8 Banana.

Key Features

  • Extremely soft and forgiving
  • Banana (rocker) shape for easy glide
  • Great for someone who wants a future in park riding

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Lib Tech TRS

Lib Tech TRS at W82

If you are a first time rider that wants a board that you can grow with – we highly recommend the Lib Tech TRS. An award winner season after season and a staple in the Lib Tech lineup, the TRS is the quintessential all mountain board that you will never grow tired of. Originally designed to be a freestyle board, the TRS has morphed into an all mountain machine thanks to the versatile shape and hybrid profile. This true twin board comes loaded with Lib’s C2x rocker / camber profile – with a shortened, yet defined rocker mid section and lengthened, more pronounced camber section, the TRS offers a balanced feeling ride that gives the best of both worlds when it comes to flex and stability. On this board, riders have won Olympic Pipe medals, World Freeride Tour Gold and Slopestyle Championships – if that doesn’t validate the versatility, then we don’t know what will. Ideal for the determined beginner that want to be able to slay the entire mountain and not be held back by board design. The Total Ripper Series (aka the TRS) is the board that will get you started and keep you ripping for years to come.

Key Features

  • A higher end board that you can grow with
  • A versatile all-mountain shape that will allow you to conquer the entire mountain
  • Ridden by pros but user friendly enough for beginners

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Arbor Foundation

Arbor Foundation at W82

An excellent option for any beginner to intermediate rider that wants a user friendly, fun to ride board, is the Arbor Foundation. The name says it all – the Foundation will give you all the tech you need to take your skills to the next level this winter. With a beginner-friendly Rocker profile, the Foundation offers a catch-free feeling so you can nail those carves with way less wipeouts. The Biax Fiberglass adds just enough pop to the board for a lively feeling ride, without being too stiff or aggressive while the the Extruded Base offers high durability and easy repairs when needed. If you are looking for a solid board, that won’t break the bank, and will help you lock down those fundamental skills this winter, the Arbor Foundation is an excellent option.

Key Features

  • All the basic features you need to learn
  • A board that you can grow with
  • Budget-friendly

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Burton Ripcord

Burton Ripcord at W82

Coined as Burton’s most progression-friendly board in their lineup, the Burton Ripcord is an excellent option for any first time rider. With a wallet-friendly price tag and all the tech you need to get yourself cruising confidently this winter, the Burton Ripcord is a no-brainer. This directional board has a very slight taper which helps to keep the board pointed in the right direction, the Flat Top bend offers the perfect balance between rocker and camber for a balanced feeling ride while the Biax Fiberglass adds just enough pop to the board so you get a lively, fun feeling ride without feeling too stiff. The Extruded base is nearly maintenance free and very easy to repair if need be, you get unlimited stance options thanks to the Burton Channel System and you can still pair any bindings that you like with this board. Short of strapping you in and physically teaching you how to ride, the Ripcord will give you all the tools you need to lock down those basics this winter and really start to enjoy the ride!

Key Features

  • Burton’s most progression-friendly board
  • Extremely forgiving flex and catch-free shape
  • Budget-friendly

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Burton Instigator

Burton Instigator at W82

Brand new from Burton for 2018, the Instigator has quickly become one of our favorite beginner-friendly boards. A slight jump up in tech from the Ripcord and (in our opinion) a cooler graphic that appeals a little more to the older crowd, the Instigator is another great option for all the newbies out there. Intended to create a catch-free ride that allows the rider to master edge-to-edge control with way less wipeouts, the Instigator comes detuned with a Cruise Control edge tune and also has a very slight taper so the board can help to keep you pointed in the right direction. The Flat Top profile is a perfect happy medium between aggressive camber and too-loose rocker so as soon as you are ready to start using those edges, they are there and ready to go to work. Some other key features include Biax Fiberglass for a soft yet snappy flex and the Extruded Base is easy to care for and extra durable in case of any early or late season crappy conditions. Cut that learning curve in half by choosing the right board when it’s time for you to commit to snowboarding. The Burton Instigator will get you where you want to be and let you have some major fun along the way.

Key Features

  • Detuned Cruise Control Edge great for beginners
  • Flat Top shape is forgiving but then allows you to use your edge easily when you are ready
  • Budget-friendly

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Never Summer Snowtrooper

Never Summer Snowtrooper at W82

We’re going to cut to the chase, this is a beginner board for grown ups. This is the board that will help you nail your fundamentals but still be fun to ride 10 years down the road – the Swiss Army Knife of the Never Summer lineup is once again the Snowtrooper. This all-mountain masterpiece is ideal for riders of any skill level that are looking for one snowboard to tackle the entire mountain. With Never Summer’s classic Rocker Camber profile, the Snowtrooper offers a softer flex thru the middle of the board with camber under the binding area for a balanced feeling ride that offers precision without feeling too stiff. The slightly setback stance allows the board to float better on deeper days, the low profile tip and tail also come with P-Tex protection built in for added durability while the Vario Powergrip Sidecut offers seamless, precise turns and carves. The mid flex is ideal for all-mountain riding conditions and just another reason we consider the Snowtrooper to be one of the most rideable boards in the Never Summer Lineup. Whether it’s your 5th day or 25th season on snow, the Snowtrooper is excellent choice for all-mountain domination. *(Bonus tip – if you’re a big-footed rider, check out the wide version when you click on the Snowtrooper X)

Key Features

  • High end construction means a board that you can grow with
  • All mountain shape will allow you to enjoy the entire resort
  • Timeless graphic that you will not get sick of

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Women’s Boards

Roxy Sugar Banana

Roxy Sugar Banana at W82

Sugar and spice and all things nice are definitely a few of the ingredients in the Roxy Sugar Banana Snowboard. This flexy and forgiving ride is perfect for beginners – or really any riders – who want a fun, playful, easy to ride snowboard. The BTX profile mixes a true banana rocker shape with added Magnetraction which helps to make up for some of the edge control that you can lose with traditional rocker boards – but does so without making the board too catchy which is a major win. Great for many conditions, the BTX profile also allows for great float in deeper conditions, the True Twin shape means you can fine tune your switch riding skills or simply enjoy the maneuverability of being able to ride either direction while the Radial Sidecut helps for smoother transitions into turns for seamless carves. Slightly beveled edges again reduce the catchiness for a beginner-friendly ride while the Co-Ex extruded base offer major durability and is easy to repair in case you run over some hard ground in the pre-season. Perfect for a beginner but fun for riders of all skill levels – if you are looking for an effortless ride then look no further than the Roxy Sugar Banana.

Key Features

  • All mountain or park-ready versatility
  • True twin shape allows riders to get comfortable going either direction
  • Budget-friendly

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Burton Feather

Burton Feather at W82

Ladies, take away the fears of learning to shred when you jump on board the Burton Feather. This effortless ride will help guide you thru the basics and float your way to snowboarding greatness. The Directional shape with slighter Taper in the tail helps guide the board in the right direction, the Flat Top profile is less catchy than camber but lets you get up on your edge easily when you are ready and the Biax Fiberglass adds a little lively pop to the board which you will appreciate down the road. The upgrade to the Filet-O-Flex reduces the thickness of the board making it even easier to flex and maneuver this board – even for the light-footed beginner. The fun, multi-colored graphic makes this years version attractive to riders of any age while the Burton Channel system offers unlimited stance options and top notch board feel. (and yes, you can still use non-Burton bindings if you want!) When it comes to learning to snowboard, trust a board that has been teaching girls for years – the rider approved Burton Feather.

Key Features

  • Easy to ride directional shape
  • Filet-O-Flex tech for premium flex and maximum stability
  • Great price for the tech that you get

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Never Summer Infinity

Never Summer Infinity at W82

The most popular women’s board in the Never Summer lineup and an excellent option for the newbies out there is the one and only Infinity. Thanks to the versatile shape and effortless ride-ability, the Infinity continues to be one of the most popular all mountain women’s snowboards that we sell. Mixing their original Rocker Camber profile with a perfect Medium Flex, the Infinity will satisfy the experienced rider without being too intense for a beginner to ride. The blunted nose and tail reduce weight and offer better maneuverability in tight conditions, Bi-Lite Fiberglass adds the perfect amount of pop for a lively ride, the RDS2 Dampening System adds stability and reduces vibrations under your feet and the Sintered P-Tex Sidewalls add major durability in case of any unexpected run-ins. So let’s break this down, you get a perfect medium flex, stability, durability and a shape that will not only help you learn but help you grow your skills for seasons to come – I think we see why the Infinity continues to be one of the most popular women’s boards on the market. Now it’s time for you to find out for yourself.

Key Features

  • High end construction means a board that you can grow with
  • Great for beginner to intermediate riders and beyond
  • Durable build means the Infinity will last for years to come

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Arbor Ethos

Arbor Ethos at W82

A beautiful new model from Arbor and perfect for our list of beginner-friendly boards is the Arbor Ethos. An all-mountain board that was built to make things easy for beginners, the Ethos is a Rocker board with Spoonhead tips and that combination slightly lifts up some of the heavier contact points for a smooth ride that is less likely to have you catching your edge and biting it. 360 degree rails add durability for the inevitable lift-line run ins or chair lift wipeouts, the Biax Fiberglass adds just enough pop to the board so it feels lively under your feet while the Extruded Base offers reliable durability and easy maintenance. In short, the Ethos is a well-made board that gives you everything you need to start your snowboard career off on the right foot. Kick your season off in style with the Arbor Ethos.

Key Features

  • Gorgeous design, well made board
  • Rocker shape and Spoonhead Tips reduce edge catchiness
  • Budget-friendly

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Capita Space Metal Fantasy

Capita Space Metal Fantasy at W82

Sometimes categorized as a park board but definitely suitable for beginners, the Capita Space Metal Fantasy is another one of our personal faves. Definitely a great choice for any ladies that want to eventually get into freestyle but also a perfect all-mountain board thanks to the medium soft flex, true twin shape and flat camber profile. A blunted nose and tail also reduce weight and add maneuverability, the Flat Kick helps to reduce catchy edges and full ABS 1000 Sidewalls add some major durability and impact protection. Whether you are looking towards a future in the terrain park or just looking for a fun and forgiving board to cruise around on – you can’t go wrong with the Capita Space Metal Fantasy.

Key Features

  • Great for those interested in terrain park riding
  • True twin shape for added versatility
  • Flat kick profile reduces catchy edges

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Well we certainly hope that this list points you in the right direction in your search for a solid beginner snowboard. And now that you know what you’re looking for, shop our full selection of snowboards. See you on the mountain!