When it comes to big mountain riding, not many do it better than Jeremy Jones – and not many brands do it better than Jones Snowboards. With a few new models inspired by surf culture and some fresh takes on classic all-mountain capabilities, Jones certainly has a few boards that are turning heads this winter. In this article we will break down some of our personal favorite models as well as give you the run down on all the tech that help make the Jones boards so outstanding.

Mens Boards

Jones Mind Expander

Jones Mind Expander at W82

Brand new for winter ’18 and intended to be a fresh alternative for the all mountain snowboard – the new Jones Mind Expander will definitely be blowing minds this winter. With a progressive shape designed by Jeremy Jones and surf board shaper Chris Christenson, the Mind Expander was created to blend the lines between freeride, freestyle and surf style riding. This directional hybrid board also has a blunted nose and full size, squared off tail that is intended to feel nimble like the Hovercraft while offering freestyle capabilities like the Mountain Twin. With a 6/10 on the stiffness scale, the Mind Expander also has a progressive sidecut for smooth turn initiation, Biax Fiberglass for just the right amount of flex and the Christenson Surf Rocker Profile for maximum float at the nose while still offering grip where you need it. Another exciting feature is the brand new Bamboo Surf Core. With specifically positioned bamboo stringers, this new core offers better edge response and turning power. Forget the boring old shapes of the past and expand your quiver with this amazing new all-mountain masterpiece from Jones. The one and only Mind Expander.


  • Versatile shape that blends freeride and freestyle capabilities
  • Brand new bamboo core that offers better response and turning power
  • Surf Rocker profile gives you the feeling of surfing the mountain


  • The rocker profile could feel too loose for hardpack or icy days
  • The slightly softer flex may not be ideal for more aggressive big mountain riding

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Jones Lone Wolf

Jones Lone Wolf at W82

Another brand new board for 2018 and also a shape inspired by Chris Christenson is the lean and mean Jones Lone Wolf. This swallow tail, race ready board has a long sidecut for big carves, a directional rocker for major pow power and powerful camber under foot for strong, precise carves even in hard pack conditions. The narrow waist width reduces weight and adds to the sleek, fast nature of the board, the 3D Contour Base 3.0 features a balanced spoon bevel in the nose and tail and the new Bamboo Surf Core offers top notch edge response and turning power. With a 7/10 stiffness rating, the Long Wolf is fast and aggressive and although the shape craves powder days, this board can still slice thru the icy days and slay on the groomers like a champ. For the big mountain rider that wants nothing but speed, power and style for days – the only choice is the Jones Lone Wolf.


  • Fast, fast, fast
  • A long sidecut for arcing big turns
  • Powerful camber under foot for precision and speed


  • Swallowtail shape less versatile than traditional twin shapes
  • Not intended for the freestyle crowd

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Jones Mountain Twin

Jones Mountain Twin at W82

One of the most versatile boards in the entire Jones lineup and a favorite of freestyle rippers everywhere is the Jones Mountain Twin. Intended for the big mountain freestyle rider that wants one board that can do it all, the Mountain Twin is precise yet playful and one of our favorite models in the lineup. Key features include a true twin shape, rockered tip and tail for better float in powder, camber under food for power and stability and Traction Tech for added grip and edge hold. Triax Fiberglass adds to the snappiness on this board that gets 7/10 on the stiffness scale – this means you can slay the park and still hold an edge under fast, steep conditions. Oversized recycled steel edges add major durability, an Eco-Plastic Topsheet made from Castor Beans is ultra light and chip / scratch resistant and a Sintered 7000 base with added carbon for maximum wax absorption and top notch speed. If you view the entire mountain as your terrain park, then you are the perfect candidate for the Jones Mountain Twin.


  • True twin shape for great maneuverability
  • Rockered tip and tail for float in pow / camber under foot for power and precision
  • Stable at high speeds yet playful and fun to ride


  • Freestyle features less ideal for those looking for freeride boards

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Jones Aviator

Jones Aviator at W82

Take your riding to the skies this winter with the Jones Aviator. This elite all-mountain freestyle board was created to do it all – and do it well. The quiver killer of the Jones lineup and an ideal board for any rider that is looking for speed, precision, stability and versatility. Loaded with pop and power, the Aviator comes equipped with Triax Fiberglass with added fiberglass reinforcement in the nose and tail, Carbon Stringers for stability and consistency (even after seasons on the board) and the brand new Technora Fiber that both absorbs shock and improves pop. The Aviator gets a 7/10 on the stiffness scale, comes with the Jones Power Core that features hardwood bamboo stringers for added pop and durability and a 3D Contour Base 2.0 that is camber heavy throughout the midsection and then bevels up at the nose and tail for major float ability. Jones refers to the Aviator as the “Resort Razor” and we can certainly see why. A lively pop, stability at high speeds and a shape that is powder friendly – you literally cannot go wrong with the Jones Aviator.


  • All mountain versatility
  • Stable at high speeds yet super poppy and lively
  • Scoop tech at the nose and tail for powder days


  • May be too snappy / stiff for beginners

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Jones Ultracraft

Jones Ultracraft at W82

Like a rocket ship under your feet, there is nothing like taking a ride on a Jones Ultracraft. This all-mountain machine was built with premium materials and no cost was spared in the making of this board, which makes it ideal for the performance-driven ripper that knows what he wants out of his snowboard. With a large scoop nose and Speed Channel Tail, the Ultracraft can power thru powder conditions but can also hold a strong edge in any conditions thanks to the long camber section in between the nose and tail. The Progressive Sidecut guides the board in and out of turns for a seamless, strong carve, the Traction Tech adds additional contact points for better grip on icy days while the Carbon Stringers and Triax Fiberglass load the board up with a responsive, powerful feel for stability under fast conditions. Impress your friends with mach speeds while still being able to dip into the trees for hidden pow stashes when you take flight on the Jones Ultracraft.


  • Pow friendly shape with all-mountain capabilities
  • FAST, stable and powerful
  • Loaded with carbon and fiberglass for a majorly responsive ride


  • Directional shape less ideal for freestyle riding
  • All mountain ready but will excel on the steeps and deeps

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Women’s Boards

Jones Twin Sister

Jones Twin Sister at W82

I can – and gladly will – personally attest to the awesomeness that is the Jones Twin Sister. One of my personal favorite snowboards, the Twin Sister is the perfect balance between a snappy park board and a powerful all mountain machine. I can hot lap the park in the morning and keep up with the boys in the afternoon thanks to the versatile twin shape and powerful Camrock profile. The nose and tail slightly bevel up for the ability to float on deeper days while the camber under your feet offers the precise edge hold and power that we’ve come to expect from Jones. This board pops in and out of carves in the most lively way thanks to the Triax Fiberglass and Master Core while the Traction Edge allows you to hang on tight under fast or hard pack conditions. The Progressive Sidecut guides you in and out of turns for a fluid, smooth feeling ride while the blunted nose and tail reduce swing weight for quicker spins or more maneuverability in the trees. In short, there is nowhere that I would NOT take this outstanding board. For the freestyle loving ladies that want to conquer the entire mountain, there is no better option than the Jones Twin Sister.


  • Majorly versatile freestyle ride
  • Camrock profile offers best of both worlds
  • Poppy, responsive board that feels lively under your feet


  • If you are looking for strictly big mountain riding, chose a different board in the line

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Jones Airheart

Jones Airheart at W82

For the ladies that are reaching for new heights this winter, take flight with the Jones Airheart. This female-specific freeride board was created for the lady shredders that are tackling the steeps and leading the pack out of bounds. Built to carve hard and launch like a pro, the Airheart comes equipped with the Spoon 2.0 nose and tail and a long camber section in between for float ability when you need it, and a ton of camber for precision and stability. Carbon Stringers have been added for torsional stiffness and increased pop, Triax Fiberglass creates a responsive and snappy ride while the brand new Technora Fiber helps to absorb shock and improve overall pop. The Eco-Plastic Topsheet is lightweight and scratch / chip resistant, the oversized recycled edges are sustainably made and add a ton of durability and the Sintered 9900 Base is insanely fast thanks to the Ultra-High Molecular Weight Polyethylene and Carbon. For the hard charging ladies out there that need a board that can stand up to the conditions that they are searching for, the Jones Airheart is an excellent option.


  • Big mountain freestyle / freeride performance, just for the girls
  • Snappy, responsive and stable at high speeds
  • Hard charger and able to launch off kickers like a champ


  • Less ideal for the park enthusiast
  • Stiffer construction not intended for first timers

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Jones Women’s Flagship

Jones Women's Flagship at W82

A staple in the lineup and one of the stiffest options in the women’s collection is the one and only Jones Women’s Flagship. Intended for fast lines and steep runs, this freeride board was built for the confident female rider that is not afraid to lead the pack. With a directional rocker and Spoon 3.0 nose and tail, you will blast thru the snow on powder days thanks to the strong, defined bevel in the nose, and your tail will sink down into the snow so all you need to do is just lean back and let her rip. The Power Core is a triple density full wood core that features hardwood bamboo stringers for added pop, Flax is added to help with dampening, Power V Basalt Stringers are added at the nose and tail to help eliminate chatter while the Triax Fiberglass offers a precise and responsive ride in any conditions. Another key feature to note is the Fusion Tech which allows the traditional topsheet layer to be replaced with an ultra durable epoxy layer that saves on weight and materials. For any ladies looking for a fast, stiff and precise ride that can handle true big mountain conditions, there is no better choice than the Jones Women’s Flagship.


  • Stiffest option in the women’s lineup
  • Big mountain / freeride specific
  • Extensive dampening and stiffness for stability at high speeds


  • Not intended for first timers
  • Stiffness may seem too catchy for beginner to intermediate riders
  • Directional shape and pronounced nose less ideal for freestyle or park riding

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As you can see, Jones has once again delivered on some serious shred sticks for winter ’18. To see the most up to date availability for Jones, click here. To check out all our snowboards that are currently in stock, click here. See you on the mountain!