Still going strong after all these years, Burton Snowboards is back for another killer snow season and has brought us some gifts in the way of some brand-spanking-new models. From newbies to park rats to big mountain hard chargers, Burton once again has something to offer every single rider. The Women’s collection continues to grow as they add models like the new big mountain Story Board and the youth line is as strong as ever with boards that can work for groms of all sizes. Without further ado – here is a list of our personal favorites from Burton Snowboards for Winter 2018.

Mens Snowboards

Burton Instigator

Burton Instigator Snowboard at W82

Brand new from Burton for 2018, the Instigator has quickly become one of our favorite beginner-friendly boards. With a price tag that doesn’t hurt to look at and a tough graphic that can appeal to riders of all ages, the Instigator is sure to be a best seller this season. Intended to create a catch-free ride that allows the rider to master edge-to-edge control with way less wipeouts, the Instigator comes detuned with a Cruise Control edge tune and also has a very slight taper so the board can help to keep you pointed in the right direction. The Flat Top profile is a perfect happy medium between aggressive camber and too-loose rocker so as soon as you are ready to start using those edges, they are there and ready to go to work. Some other key features include Biax Fiberglass for a soft yet snappy flex and the Extruded Base is easy to care for and extra durable in case of any early or late season crappy conditions. Cut that learning curve in half by choosing the right board when it’s time for you to commit to snowboarding. The Burton Instigator will get you where you want to be and let you have some major fun along the way.


  • Beginner friendly
  • Excellent price point
  • Cruise Control edges reduce catchiness


  • Better suited for beginner / intermediate riders
  • Tapered tail less ideal for riding switch / park riding
  • Softer flex may be too loose for big mountain riding

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Burton Amplifier

Burton Amplifier Snowboard at W82

If you are searching for a solid all-mountain snowboard that won’t break the bank then the brand new Burton Amplifier may just be the perfect option. With a versatile shape and flex, the Amplifier is down to hit the park in the morning and cruise the groomers all afternoon – making it the ideal board for anyone looking to “amp” up their skills this winter. The True Twin shape allows you to master the art of riding switch, the Flat Top profile offers the perfect happy medium between rocker and camber and Biax Fiberglass adds just enough pop to the board without increasing the overall stiffness. An Extruded Base is durable and easy to maintain in case you do some damage in the rail garden while the Infinite Ride Technology guarantees that from day 1 to day 100 this board will still be responsive, snappy and ready for the ride. If you’ve mastered the basics and are now ready to explore all that the mountain has to offer, the Burton Amplifier is the perfect do-it-all ride that will keep you progressing all throughout the season.


  • Versatile all-mountain shape
  • True Twin flex ideal for learning to ride switch
  • Good price point for the included tech


  • Best suited for beginner to intermediate riders
  • More experienced riders may desire a stiffer flex

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Burton Process Off-Axis

Burton Process Off Axis at W82

Park Junkies rejoice, the Burton Process Off-Axis is back for another season as the reigning King of Pop. Built to cater to the needs of the terrain park rider, the Off-Axis Process is loaded with Pure Pop Camber for launching power, has an Off-Axis profile for better flex, edge hold and landing control and a True Twin shape for switch-riding ease. The Triax Fiberglass packs a powerful punch for better pop and responsiveness while the Sintered Base holds wax better for a smooth, fast, reliable ride. The blunted nose and tail reduce swing weight for more efficient spins and the Burton Channel binding system lets you pair the Process with your favorite Burton EST bindings OR a number of other non-Burton brand bindings. If you are the rider that is spending all your time hot-lapping the park, then you need a board that is built to handle those specific needs, and we can guarantee that the Burton Process Off-Axis has just what it takes to get that job done.


  • Park specific shape and construction
  • True twin / off-axis shape ideal for riding switch
  • Triax fiberglass adds major pop and responsiveness


  • Park specific shape less ideal for all-mountain / big mountain conditions
  • Off-Axis shape can be awkward for beginners
  • Blunted nose and tail less powder friendly

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Burton Deep Thinker

Burton Deep Thinker at W82

The latest and greatest brainchild of everyone’s favorite snowboarder, Danny Davis, is the park-friendly / powder-loving Deep Thinker. This insanely versatile board embodies Danny’s riding style and embraces the wide range of terrain that riders like him explore – making it the perfect board for the experienced all-mountain freestyle rider. The list of tech is heavy so we will dive right into some of the key features – Directional Camber with a slight 7mm taper allow the tail to sink a little in deep conditions without making it impossible to ride switch. 45 degree Carbon Highlights load up key zones with snappy power, the Sintered WFO Base guarantees the fastest, smoothest ride in the game while the Frostbite Edges beef up contact points for better edge hold in crusty conditions. Need one more reason to love this board? Check the graphics.. Artwork by the legendary skateboarding God Mark Gonzales. If the Deep Thinker gets us any closer to the insane style that Danny Davis has, then count us in.


  • Versatile shape that can perform in many conditions
  • Slight taper in the tail perfect for deeper days
  • Carbon Highlights add pop, power and resposiveness


  • Not ideal for beginners due to the more aggressive camber profile
  • Park friendly but we would stick to natural terrain – check out the Free Thinker for more a more park specific shape

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Burton Free Thinker

Burton Free Thinker at W82

The trouble-making brother of the Deep Thinker we told you about above is the equally amazing Burton Free Thinker. Also Danny’s creation and intended for the experienced all-mountain ripper that has deep roots in the terrain park, the Free Thinker was built to float in pow but deep down feels most at home launching big kickers in the park. With a traditional camber profile, true twin shape and blunted nose and tail, the Free Thinker can bonk, spin and pop your way into freestyle heaven. 45 degree Carbon Highlights load the board up for a snappy, responsive ride, the FSC Certified Superfly 2 Core weighs just 700g which reduces the overall weight of the board for a lighter feel under your feet and finally, the Sintered WFO Base guarantees nothing will slow you down – even those nasty flat spots. And just like his brother, the Free Thinker has been blessed with artwork by the one and only Mark Gonzales – famed artist and legendary skateboarder. For the seasoned rider who wants to take advantage of the entire mountain but has those deep park-loving roots, there is no board better than the Burton Free Thinker.


  • Versatile shape that can perform in many conditions
  • Ideal for experienced freestyle riders that want more out of their board
  • High end features like Carbon Highlights and WFO Base add value


  • The camber profile and Carbon Highlights may be too stiff for beginners
  • Can handle pow days but blunted nose and tail less ideal for deep conditions

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Burton Working Stiff

Burton Working Stiff at W82

Straight out of Craig’s Proto Facility in Burlington, Vermont – and a proud addition to the Family Tree Collection – is the brand new Working Stiff. This big mountain assassin is a force to be reckon with and was built for big days and tough rippers. With a fresh powder shape that is new to Burton, the Working Stiff offers a powerful, stiff nose for charging thru the snow while the Filet-O-Flex tech in the tails thins out the construction for the feel you would expect from a classic swallow-tail shape. The Directional Camber shape is accompanied by a 20mm taper in the tail to further accentuate that powder board feeling while the Triax Fiberglass adds a snappy overall feel for a lively, spring loaded response. Other features include the fast-as-hell Sintered WFO Base and Infinite Ride Technology that guarantees that day 100 rides just as well as day 1. For the hard charging big mountain guys out there that are looking for the stiffness of the early snowboarding days, the Burton Working Stiff will take you right back to your glory days.


  • Aggressive, powerful and fast
  • Progressive shape and construction that is unique to the Working Stiff
  • Family Tree board that is produced in the USA


  • Not intended for beginners
  • Will excel in big mountain conditions – would pass on this for those sticking to groomers

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Women’s Snowboards

Burton Socialite

Burton Socialite at W82

For the ladies who are tough in the terrain park – but prefer a super soft board – the Burton Socialite is the only way to go! Loaded with a poppy, lively flex and super thin thru the middle of the board, the Socialite can lock in on rails, butter all the way down the mountain and still give a mean launch off kickers. The Flat Top profile is the perfect happy medium between rocker and camber, the True Twin shape and flex allows you to ride switch with ease while the Triax Fiberglass loads the board up for a snappy, responsive feel. The Off-Axis Technology gives this board a dedicated heel edge to better align to your stance for a board that “fits” perfectly while the Filet-O-Flex Technology thins out the board as much as possible for unmatched flex without losing any snap or responsiveness. For the girls that are buttering, pressing and jibbing their way thru life – we highly recommend the Burton Socialite.


  • Soft flex ideal for lighter weight riders
  • Off-Axis Technology aligns the board better to your stance
  • Triax Fiberglass adds a poppy, responsive feel


  • Better suited for park riding, not ideal for big mountain conditions
  • Heavier weight riders may find the Filet-O-Flex to be too loose feeling

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Burton Lipstick

Burton Lipstick at W82

The sassy, do-it-all ride for the progressive freestyle lady – and one of our personal favorite boards – is the Burton Lipstick. A staple in the women’s line for many seasons and barely tweaked (cause if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it), the Lipstick continues to reign in the female snowboard community. Able to tackle everything from park laps to tree runs, the Lipstick is a versatile and playful board that is sure to help you push your skills to the next level this winter. The True Twin shape offers maneuverability and the ability to ride switch with ease, the Flat Top profile is the perfect happy medium between aggressive camber and too-loose rocker while the Triax Fiberglass adds a snappy, responsive pop to the board for a lively feeling in and out of the park. Burton added their signature, top of the line Sintered WFO Base to make sure that nothing slows you down and the Frostbite Edges come in handy on those unpleasant hard pack days, adding a ton of extra edge hold and control in those rough conditions. If you see the entire mountain and your playground and are looking for one board to do it all – look no further than the Burton Lipstick.


  • Versatile shape that performs in all conditions
  • High end construction that will keep charging season after season
  • Intermediate to expert level riders will love this board


  • Entry level riders may find the board to be a little stiff and fast

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Burton Day Trader

Burton Day Trader at W82

When a ripper like Kimmy Fasani teams up with the board design team at Burton, you know that some real magic is about to happen – and that’s exactly how we got the Burton Day Trader. This women’s specific back country ripper was built to handle pow days, out of bounds exploration and navigate thru the trees like a champ. This directional ride has a 12mm taper in the tail and a pronounced nose so you can just lean back and let her rip on those deep, dreamy pow days. The Flat Top profile lays down the edge for precise carves and strong turns while the Triax Fiberglass adds a responsive and lively feel to the board for popping in and out of your carves and quick reactions in tight quarters like tree runs. The Recycled Sintered WFO Base guarantees you wont slow down on the flats and the Infinite Ride Technology makes sure that day 100 feels just as amazing as day 1. If exploration and uncharted territories call your name on the mountain, then the Burton Day Trader may just be the perfect board for you.


  • Floats in powder but still lays down carves on hard pack
  • Pronounced nose helps to drive thru the snow
  • Can handle out of bounds exploring and still enjoys a day on the groomers


  • Directional / tapered shape better suited for big mountain conditions
  • Not ideal for newbies
  • No intended for park

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Burton Story Board

Burton Story Board at W82

Burton has paved the way for female riders for years now and when they realized that there was a need for a more powerful women’s freeride board, they accepted the challenge and created the Burton Story Board. Straight out of Craig’s Facility in Vermont and part of the coveted Family Tree Collection, the Story Board was built for the ladies who may have (up until now) had to ride mens freeride boards in the past, because they wanted the power and precision that was not found in many women’s boards. Well those days are over. With a Directional Camber and 10mm taper in the tail, the Story Board has the ability to drive thru powder conditions and still slay on the steeps. 2 x 60 degree Carbon Highlights load the board up with power for control and precision under extreme conditions while the Recycled Sintered WFO Base keeps you moving at top speeds at all times. The Women’s Specific Core Profile is one key feature that really sets this board apart from the rest – built for a rider with a smaller build but still intended to charge hard and keep up with (if not lead) the pack. For the ladies that are constantly striving for faster, steeper conditions, you need a board that can keep up – and that is the one and only Burton Story Board.


  • Aggressive, female specific freeride board
  • Stiff, fast and built to charge hard
  • Top notch tech that will perform for seasons to come


  • Not intended for beginners
  • Tailored pretty specifically for big mountain riding
  • Less versatile than other boards in the line

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Kids Snowboards

Burton Chopper

Burton Chopper at W82

The next time someone tells you that a kid has to start on skis, kindly inform them that it’s the 21st century and thanks to products like the Burton Chopper, you no longer have to subject your groms to the 2-plank lifestyle. Kids as young as 18 months old can now suit up and learn to snowboard on a legit board (forget that Target nonsense) and start their snowboarding career off right. With sizes that go all the way down to 80cm, the Chopper has a True Twin shape and a slightly beveled edge to make it way easier for Junior to start gliding back and forth on their way to linking turns. The Twin shape means they can figure out whether they are goofy or regular the natural way and the Extruded Base means they can run things over and Mom and Dad won’t have to break the bank making repairs. Best of all? The Chopper comes with the option to use the Riglet Reel – a retractable leash of sorts that you can attach to the board so you can pull your little one around and help them get the hang of balance and “standing sideways”. For the hesitant kiddos, you can even skip the bindings and just let them stand on the grippy pads until they are ready to fully strap in. If the whole fam is on a snowboard, there’s no need to alienate your youngest and stick them on skis – start them out on the right track with the Burton Chopper.

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Burton After School Special

Burton After School Special at W82

When you are helping your kid dive into snowboarding, the easier you can make things, the better – and there is nothing easier than the Burton After School Special. These pre-packed kits come with a board and the appropriately sized matching bindings already attached to the board – so all you need to do is get your little one the right size boots and they are ready to ride! The board included is the Burton Chopper which is an excellent board for your little one to learn on thanks to the True Twin shape and slightly Beveled Edge which allows them to glide back and forth easily as they start to master linking turns. The bindings have a user friendly latching system that makes it easy for kids to learn to strap in and out on their own and you also have the option of adding the Riglet Reel for pulling them around easily which is way easier on the adults back. No need to overload yourself on all the board / binding options out there – just figure out what size boot your little one needs, select the appropriately sized After School Special and hit the hill!

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Burton Process Smalls

Burton Process Smalls at W82

When it comes to the “not-so-little” little ones that are ready to progress on their boards – but not quite ready for an adult size ride – the Burton Process Smalls is an excellent option. If Junior is gravitating towards the freestyle side of things, the Process Smalls is ideal thanks to the super soft flex and True Twin Shape. The Filet-O-Flex Tech thins out the board for a majorly forgiving and press-friendly ride while Biax Fiberglass gives back a little responsiveness for better pop and a lively feeling overall ride. The blunted nose and tail reduce swing weight for when it’s time to learn those 180’s and the Extruded Base means durability and easy repairs for a low-maintenance ride. Built just like the adult Process – but tweaked for smaller riders, the Burton Process Smalls guarantees to help your little shredder step their game up this winter.

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Burton Custom Smalls

Burton Custom Smalls at W82


Burton’s best selling model of all time is also available in a version made just for the Groms, and the Burton Custom Smalls has gained nearly as much popularity as it’s big brother. The perfect all-mountain style board for your mini-shredder that isn’t quite big enough for the mens size, the Custom Smalls will help them fine tune their skills all over the mountain thanks to the versatile shape and beginner-friendly construction. The True Twin shape and flex allows them to experiment riding switch comfortably, the Flying V profile blends the perfect amount of both rocker and camber for a balanced feeling ride and the Biax Fiberglass adds the perfect amount of pop for a lively, fun ride. Whether your little one wants to tackle the groomers or start venturing into the park, the Burton Custom Smalls will help them get the job done.

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This is only a fraction of the boards that we offer from Burton, to see the full collection click here. To check out our entire snowboard collection, of all brands, click  here. See you on the mountain!