Having the best snowboard boots can be a complete game changer. The difference between a good day and a bad day. The difference between warm & dry or cold & wet. The MOST important part of your snowboard setup and SO underrated most of the time. If you come into the shop and work with any member of our crew, we will preach to you to take the most time making the choice for your boots. We promise you will never regret that decision. That being said, we’ve hand picked some of the best snowboard boots for the winter 2017 season and broken them down by category so you can find the right pair for your style. Whether you are a beginner that needs a soft, forgiving boot or a an experienced ripper that needs a boot that can handle backcountry and charging hard, we’ve got a boot on this list that could work for you!

Soft Flexing / Beginner Friendly Snowboard Boots

32 86 FT Snowboard Boot

32 86 FT at Windward Boardshop

Topping off our list is one of the softest and most comfortable boots we carry each season, the 32 86 FT Snowboard Boot. These skate-inspired boots have a super flat sole for better board feel and offer the rider out-of-the-box comfort with little to no break in period. The 3D molded tongue has a shape that mimics the front of your ankle area for a comfortable, secure fit and the Fast Track lacing allows you to adjust the upper and lower zones independently for a perfectly customized fit. Aggressive rubber tread on the bottom adds a ton of grip for hiking the pipe or just wandering around the resort and the Intuition Level 1 liner is heat moldable and super cushy.Whether you are a dedicated park ripper looking for a soft and forgiving boot or a beginner that doesn’t want to deal with the woes of breaking in stiff boots, the 32 86 FT will be an excellent choice.

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Burton Moto Snowboard Boot

Burton Men's Moto at Windward Boardshop

The Burton Moto is the world’s best selling snowboard boot. No joke. You don’t get to that point by being a crappy boot. That’s why, season after season, newbies and seasoned riders alike that desire a soft flexing, comfortable boot, are choosing the Burton Moto. All day comfort, a soft, forgiving flex and top of the line warmth are just a few of the reason’s to choose this boot. The top reason? Probably the price. Coming in just under $200 it’s truly the best bang for your buck. Other key features include Speed Zone lacing, an internal snow gusset and sleeping bag reflective foil technology in the sole to keep you extra cozy. If you looking for a killer boot at a great price, you just found it.

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Burton Invader Snowboard Boot

Burton Men's Invader at Windward Boardshop

Another great, super comfortable boot from Burton is the OG lacing-system having Burton Invader Snowboard Boot. Classic, simple, super soft flexing and only $150, you can’t get out on the mountain, with a boot of this quality, for less. No confusing lacing system, fancy bells and whistles or gimmicks – just a super simple, cut and dry  snowboard boot. Traditional laces, a soft flexing tongue and DynoLITE outsole give you some serious benefits without adding tech that jacks up the price. As they say, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it! Comfort on day one at a price that no one can argue with.

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Vans Encore Snowboard Boot

Van's Men's Encore at Windward Boardshop

The crew over at Vans knows a thing or two about footwear and our favorite soft flexing boot from them is the Vans Encore Snowboard Boot. Out of the box comfort, single-zone Boa lacing for the quickest lace-up on the planet and the Trifit-X Liner that offers comfort and support all in one. Also, the V2 Footbed has specially placed padded areas to offer extra support in hot spots like your heel and the ball of your foot for added impact support when stomping big tricks or riding on hardpack. Everything you need in a solid boot, that can work for any skill level rider that desires cushy comfort and warmth, at a price that can’t be beat. The one one and only Vans Encore.

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32 Women’s STW Boa Snowboard Boot

32 STW Boa at Windward Boardshop

A best seller for us every season, that the ladies just seem to love, is the 32 Women’s STW Boa Boot. With an insanely cushy liner and soft tongue and footbed, there is no break in process, so you get cozy comfort on day one. The single zone Boa lacing gets you locked in quicker than any other lacing system on the market and the Level 1 footbed is heat moldable for customizable comfort. The STI Evolution Foam on the outsole is super lightweight and offers a ton of grip while the 3D Molded Tongue hugs your outer ankle area for a secure, comfy closure. Zero break in period, a majorly cozy liner and a boot that can work for beginner, intermediate or beyond. The 32 Women’s STW Boa is always a solid choice.

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Burton Women’s Mint Snowboard Boot

Burton Mint at Windward Boardshop

A best seller over the years and one of Burton’s most forgiving and comfy boots that they offer in the women’s lineup is the Mint Snowboard Boot. Ideal for beginners, or anyone looking for instant comfort, the Mint offers an Imprint 1 Liner that is heat moldable for custom comfort. A Speed Zone lacing system gets you locked in quickly for a secure, snug fit, the DynoLITE outsole offers cushioning and grip and the snow proof internal gusset makes sure the snow stays where it belongs, on the outside of your boots. Under $200, instantly comfortable and forgiving enough for first timers, the Burton Mint is an excellent option.

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Medium Stiffness / All Mountain Snowboard Boots

Burton Ruler Snowboard Boot

Burton Men's Ruler at Windward Boardshop

Time tested and rider-approved, the Burton Ruler Boot is a true OG in the snowboard boot game and has mastered that perfect balance between comfort and response. Ideal for all mountain cruising, the Ruler offers enough support to keep you holding strong on longer runs without being too rigid and stiff for casual riding. Key features to note include the dual-zone Speed Zone lacing which allows you adjust your upper and lower zones independently, Imprint 2 liner with 3M Thinsulate insulation, B3 Gel in the heel for extra comfort and shock absorption and a molded EVA footbed. Everything you need in a solid boot is how the Burton Ruler came to be the dependable all mountain boot that it is today.

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Vans Aura Snowboard Boot

Van's Men's Aura at Windward Boardshop

For the rider looking for a little more support, the dual-Boa Vans Aura Boot is one of our favorites. High comfort mixed with excellent support makes the Aura one of the best selling all-mountain Vans boots year after year. Besides the benefits of zonal adjustment thanks to the dual-zone Boa system, the Aura also offers their top of the line Trifit-X Liner and Classic Lite Outsole. An extra special feature? Check out the V-Cork Footbed. This specially designed and super lightweight footbed uses cork as a secret weapon for extra dampening and arch support. Less fatigue means more laps which is always a good thing. That classic Vans style with all the tech and support you could want is what comes standard with the mens Vans Aura.

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Burton Concord Boa Snowboard Boot

Burton Men's Concord Boa at Windward Boardshop

Slay everything in your path with the all-mountain assassin we call the Burton Concord Boa Snowboard Boot. Loaded with tech yet still super comfortable, the Concord is responsive enough for big mountain conditions and comfy enough for the casual weekend warrior. The Dual Zone Boa lacing system allows you to adjust your upper and lower zones independently for a customized fit. On the inside, the Imprint 3 Liner is one of Burton’s best featuring an Aegis antimicrobial lining. On the outside, a recycled rubber outsole offers a ton of grip with minimal weight. Inside the boot you will also find Level 2 molded EVA footbed for extra support and comfort while the PowerUP tongue adds responsiveness to your toe side turns. All mountain awesome, fast and focused lacing and comfort that is second to none. Step your boot game up this winter with the Burton Concord Boa.

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Vans Women’s Ferra Snowboard Boot

Vans Ferra at Windward Boardshop

Brand new for winter 2017 and an awesome all-mountain boot, the Vans Ferra Snowboard Boot is guaranteed to make a quick climb to the top. With design input from team ripper Hana Beaman and some unique lacing tech that is all it’s own, the Ferra is here and ready to help you tackle the entire mountain this winter. First, the lacing system. This hybrid traditional / Boa lacing system allows you to tighten the upper area with classic laces while the Boa lacing runs through the crucial instep area, allowing you to crank down on your heel lock and lower zone for a perfect hold. The heat-moldable liner has a dual-density foam and is highly responsive which will be helpful in big mountain conditions while the internal wrap harness around the liner allows for additional tweaking so you can find that perfect fit. Finally, the Waffle Flex Outsole adds dampening, comfort and extra grip for hiking or adventuring around. Plus, the classic Vans look never goes out of style so you don’t have to worry about being stuck with trendy boots that you will hate next season. Mornings in the park or afternoons on the groomers? The Vans Ferra is down for that adventure!

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Burton Women’s Emerald Snowboard Boot

Burton Emerald at Windward Boardshop

Ladies, if you are looking for a supportive, responsive and highly comfortable boot that doesn’t break the bank, then you just might be looking for the Burton Emerald Snowboard Boot. A staple in the lineup and a boot that is perfect for beginners and experienced riders alike, the Emerald comes stocked with Burton’s Imprint 2 Liner w/ 3M Thinsulate insulation, Speed Zone lacing for quick in and out, DynoGrip outsole for better traction and a Level 1 molded EVA footbed. The Emerald offers the perfect balance between responsiveness and comfort and for that reason it is continually a best seller. Treat yourself to some tech and comfort this season when you choose the Burton Emerald.

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Stiff & Responsive / Big Mountain Snowboard Boots

Adidas Energy Boost Snowboard Boot

Adidas Energy Boost at Windward Boardshop

One of the most interesting big mountain boots that we now carry comes from Adidas. The Adidas Energy Boost Snowboard Boot has intrigued many and has quickly become a responsive boot that so many riders are hyped to get into. Using Adidas’ signature Boost technology, these boots have energy returning properties built into the sole that are guaranteed to revive your ride and keep you light on your feet even after hours of hard riding. The Ultralon foam liner wraps your foot for a snug, secure fit and is heat moldable so you know you will get the right fit. Dual Speed Zone lacing allows you to adjust your upper and lower zones independently for a customizable fit and the rugged, grippy outsole guarantees a solid grip when hiking. These boots will offer a lively, responsive feel that won’t compromise in extreme conditions which is why we love them for all your aggressive riding, big mountain needs this winter.

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 32 Focus Boa Snowboard Boot

32 Focus Boa at Windward Boardshop

Not for the weak, the 32 Focus Boa Snowboard Boot guarantees to offer support and response in the gnarliest of conditions. This dual-zone Boa boot has an articulated cuff and built in heel harness for insane heel lock and a super secure, stable fit so you can charge hard without having to worry about heel lift or pressure points. Dual zone Boa laces allow you to completely customize the fit while the independent eyestay in the toe box area assures you are tightening without squeezing and putting harsh pressure points in the wide part of your foot. The Performance Backstay adds a ton of support and responsiveness on your heelside while the Evolution Foam Outsole offers mega grip in an eco-friendly and lightweight material. Finally, the Level 3 Intuition Liner is completely heat moldable and comes stock with J-Bars and customizable heel hold pockets for the ultimate in response and performance. If you’ve got some big mountain adventures planned for this winter, then you need a boot that can offer you all the support you need. And that boot is the 32 Focus Boa.

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Burton Photon Boa Snowboard Boot

Burton Photon Boa at Windward Boardshop

Big-mountain responsiveness mixed with the ease of Boa lacing is what you can expect from the Burton Photon Boa Snowboard Boot. If you ride hard then you need a boot that does too. Thanks to the specially designed lacing system known as Lockdown Tech, you can rest assured that these boots will be working hard with you all day long. The Lockdown Lacing increases heel hold by integrating 3 lacing zones around the ankle to ensure the best responsiveness and ultimate heel lock. Other features to note are the Imprint 3 Liner, Vibram EcoStep Outsole and B3 Gel integration. Insane comfort mixed with top of the line responsiveness means all you need to worry about is finding that next line and the Photon Boa Boots will take it from there.

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Hopefully, no matter your personal riding style, you have found a boot on this list that interests you. We also want to stress that personal comfort will always win when it comes to choosing your next boots. Sometimes you might like a super soft boot even if you only tackle the steepest of steeps or a super stiff boot in the park. Try on as many as you possibly can and you are bound to find the one that is right for you!

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