The best snowboard goggles can be the difference between an awesome day on the mountain and a total disaster. Fogging, blurry vision and cold eye balls are more than just a bummer, they can lead to actual injuries and potentially cut your day way short. All these bad things can be avoided when you pull the trigger on some solid snow goggles. Not only can they help you see better and keep you warmer, they can also add like a million style points to your outerwear kit so can feel as awesome as you will look. Goggle tech has come a long way in the past 10 years and if you are still rocking those cheesy hand-me-down Bolle’s from ’96 then it’s time to seriously step your game up. From magnetic lenses to insane wide-screen views to super anti-fog treatments, we’ve got a solid list of some of the most technically awesome goggles on the market. Take your vision and safety seriously this winter and treat yourself to one of these killer snow goggles.

Anon M2 Goggles

Anon M2 Goggle at Windward Boardshop

Topping off our list is the most well-known goggle in Anon’s magnetic series, the one and only Anon M2 Goggles. The M2 hit the scene a few years ago and we have to agree that once you go magnetic, you can never go back. This super versatile goggle comes in a ton of different color options and is a size that is perfect for so many different riders. Combining 16 rare earth magnets, it’s got the quickest lens change in the game and each pair of M2’s comes with both sunny and low light spherical lens options. No more struggling to swap your lenses on the chairlift and messing with those pain in the butt snaps and old-school closures – you can even leave your gloves on while you quickly detach and re-attach your lenses with zero effort on your part. Other features include triple layer face foam, Outlast Fog Management, full perimeter channel venting, a super lightweight TPU frame and the snap back closure on certain color ways. Say goodbye to the days of fingerprints all over your lenses and fumbling with spare lenses that are impossible to swap, and say hello to the Anon M2.

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Electric EG3 Goggles

Electric EG3 Goggles at Windward Boardshop

New from Electric and one of our favorites for the winter 2017 season is the larger than life Electric EG3 Goggles. This brand new design features a super wide frameless lens that offers next-level peripheral vision, seamless Press Seal Technology that allows you to swap lenses quickly and with a secure seal and 100% UVA and UVB protection. The lens is coated with both anti-fog and anti-scratch treatments, an anti-reflective technology is built in for top notch clarity at all times and the contoured triple layer face foam is super comfortable and keeps you nice and toasty on the inside. The silicone lined strap keeps your goggle strap in place at all times and despite the oversized fit, the EG3’s still fit well with most helmets. If you were a fan of the EG1 or EG2 from Electric, get ready to be blown away with the new fit and design. If you want a massive view range and top notch optical clarity, then the Electric EG3 is the goggle for you.

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Spy Doom Goggles

Spy Doom Goggle at Windward Boardshop

If you are looking for oversized-lens, quick -change awesomeness then you might be interested in the Spy Doom Goggles. Spy’s answer to the “lens swap on the go” phenomenon has been killing it the past few years and the 2017 version is sure to do the same. Featuring Spy’s Lock Steady system, you can pop the lens on and off quickly and securely, with no smudgy finger prints all over your lens. The frame is made from a flexible polyurethane that is super lightweight and extra durable, the anti-fog spherical dual lens is also highly scratch resistant. The triple layer face foam wicks away moisture while keeping you warm and dry and the silicone ribbed strap keeps your goggles in place around your helmet or beanie. Each Doom also comes with a replacement low-light lens and both lenses offer 100% UV protection. A huge range of vision including a massive peripheral view, super fast one-click lens change and a ton of awesome colors to choose from? Yes, that’s why the Spy Doom is one of our top picks.

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Oakley Flight Deck Goggles

Oakley Flight Deck Goggle at Windward Boardshop

The top notch wide screen option from Oakley is the one and only Flight Deck. These rimless, spherical lens goggles offer an optically correct and quite massive view range for optimal peripheral vision and an overall killer view. Small notches inside the goggle make these RX friendly if you need to wear your glasses underneath, a lens sub-frame allows for quick and easy lens change, and despite the oversized look the Flight Deck fits well with most helmets. Available in 2 sizes, those with smaller faces should check out the XM version while larger faces will appreciate the traditional Flight Deck. Oakley has been perfecting the eye-wear game for years and the proof is in the clean look and wearable tech that you get from the Flight Deck goggles.

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Anon Mig MFI Goggles

Anon Mig MFI Goggle at Windward Boardshop

The Anon Mig Goggle, is back for another season of steezy face protection. Besides the awesome built in magnetic face mask, the Mig also boasts a stylish snapback closure so you rock your beanie over your goggles if you like and the silicone inner straps will make sure your goggles stay in place no matter how you wear them. Some other bonus features include OTG (over the glass) capabilities and a seriously wide screen killer spherical lens for the ultimate in optimal clarity.

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Dragon X2 Goggles

Dragon X2 Goggle at Windward Boardshop

Massive view range, Swiftlock lens change technology and color options for days are just a few of the reasons why we love the Dragon X2 snow goggles. Available in 2 sizes so you can find the perfect fit for your face, the X2 took Dragon’s super successful frameless lens technology and mixed it with Swiftlock, which allows you swap lenses with a simple locking mechanism. Also included is the armored frame ventilation, triple layer face foam with a hypoallergenic fleece lining, and the lens is made with an extra durable injection molded polycarbonate and is treated with a super anti-fog coating. High durability, major style, massive view range and 2 sizes so each rider can find that perfect fit.

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Anon WM1 Goggles

Anon WM1 Goggle at Windward Boardshop

Ladies, the Anon WM1 Goggle and its simple magnetic lens system is hard to pass up. With a super sleek and sexy women’s fit and color variations galore, there is a WM1 out there for every lady shredder that we know. If you are not familiar with the WM1, 14 rare earth magnets connect at 7 points of connection for an absolutely air-tight closure and the fastest lens change in the game. Each WM1 comes with a sunny AND low-light lens and a sturdy hard case for easy travel. Select color ways offer a Snap Back strap that can be worn under your beanie or helmet, the Anon Spherical Lens Technology offers an optically correct line of vision, the Wall-to-Wall feature means excellent peripheral views and the triple layer face foam adds a ton of comfort and wicks away any unnecessary moisture that could get in the way. Hands down, our favorite ladies goggles are the Anon WM1.

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Oakley Airbrake XL Goggles

Oakley Airbrake XL at Windward Boardshop

With a unique look that is all it’s own, the Oakley Airbrake Goggle will definitely have you turning heads on the mountain this winter. The laundry list of tech awesomeness includes an optically correct dual-vented lens, Switch-Lock technology for insanely fast lens changes, a rigid exoskeleton faceplate and an overall fit that works well with most helmets. If style is as important to you as the overall tech is, then you should be buying the Oakley Airbrake. Not sure about the XL fit? No problem. The Airbrake also comes in 2 sizes. Smaller faces should check out the regular Oakley Airbrake.

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Shop the Oakley Airbrake XL

Anon M3 MFI Goggles

Anon M3 MFI at windward Boardshop

Large and in charge, the Anon M3 goggles are now available with MFI technology. The M3 is Anon’s largest cylindrical lens option. Combining the magnetic quick-change awesomeness of the M3’s with an optional magnetic face mask is sure to make these goggles a best seller this season. Besides the obvious benefits you also get a no-slip silicone strap so your goggle stay put, OTG (over the glass) capabilities, triple layer face foam for extra comfort and Outlast Fog Management Face Fleece to ensure your view is fog-free at all times. Despite the oversized fit, the M3’s still fit well with most helmets but we do recommend this model for larger faces since it’s got such a massive lens. Go straight Robocop on them this winter when you choose the Anon M3’s.

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Oakley Wind Jacket Goggles

Oakley Windjacket at Windward Boardshop

For the ripper who swears they don’t need actual goggles, the solution has finally arrived. The perfect hybrid between goggles and sunglasses is the Oakley Wind Jacket 2.0 Goggle. Straight out of a time machine from 1989, these massive shades offer the protection of goggles with the fit and comfort of sunglasses. They come with a removable strap for added security and the triple layer face foam is also removable so you can stash it during spring riding season or layer up for colder days. The Wind Jacket is the perfect mountain to hot tub solution. You no longer need to carry your shades and your goggles when you now have the two in one!

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This wraps up our 2017 best snow goggles list. Hopefully you are inspired to check out some new goggles. Upgrade your vision and become a better rider or just upgrade your look to impress all the snow buds or bunnies with a new set of snow goggles.

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