When it comes to shopping for the best snowboard bindings, there a few main things to consider:

  • materials
  • overall response level
  • what you want out of the bindings.

Generally speaking, softer flexing bindings will be more forgiving and more comfortable.  Stiffer bindings will offer more support, response and essentially do more of the work for you. Many people will choose to pair softer bindings with a softer snowboard and boot combo or go the opposite with a stiffer setup, but not always. Some people may prefer stiffer bindings with a softer board for better response. The choice is yours and it’s always best to go with what is most comfortable for you. In this article we will run down some of our favorite options for each category, from soft flexing and more forgiving options, all the way up to the most responsive and super stiff options. Read on and find your future bindings below!

Soft Flexing / Park / Beginner Bindings

Union Flite Pro Snowboard Bindings

Union Men's Flite Pro Bindings at Windward Boardshop

If minimal weight and maximum flex is your cup of tea, then the Union Flite Pro is your binding. Developed and tested by Gigi Ruf, the Flite Pro is perfect for the all terrain ripper who wants an unrestrictive, fun and easy to ride binding. The CP1 highback is arguably one of the best looking highbacks in the lineup. It is also one of the lightest and was built to support without restrictions. The Direct Connect ankle strap locks you in without uneven pressure points, the (new and improved in 2017) rubberized toe straps keep a perfect hold on the toe of your boot for excellent toe-edge control and the injected aluminum buckles makes your strap-in time next to nothing so all you need to worry about is hitting the park lineup. Insanely lightweight, super soft flexing and perfect for both beginners and experienced riders alike, you can’t go wrong with the Union Flite Pro.

Shop the Union Flite Pro

Gnu Gateway Snowboard Bindings

GNU Men's Gateway Bindings at Windward Boardshop

If you are looking for a soft flexing binding that you can get in and out of in seconds flat, then you might be interested in the Gnu Gateway Snowboard Bindings. With the ability to strap in conventionally or step in quickly using the Back Door, the Gateway bindings are versatile, easy to use and offer a forgiving and comfortable flex. The Asym highback offers ergonomic support, the EVA foam footbed cushions any hard landings and dampens the overall ride and the Asym ankle strap gives you lightweight support for better comfort and responsiveness. Quick entry, comfortable flex and a binding that is great for beginner to intermediate riders makes the Gnu Gateway an excellent choice.

Shop the Gnu Gateway

Bent Metal Logic Snowboard Bindings

Bent Metal Logic at Windward Boardshop

With a completely unique Urethane High Back and cushy drive plate, the Logic bindings are the softest flexing and most freestyle friendly bindings that Bent Metal makes. The soft urethane high back flexes with your boot for a smooth, seamless response and secure fit. The soft flexing drive plate is made from a bi-axial calcium fiber that offers great edge-to-edge performance and rebound for the ultimate freestyle experience. The Cube makes adjusting your forward lean easier than ever, the Light Form ankle and toe straps lock you securely into place with minimal weight and zero pressure points and the forged aluminum buckles promise to work smoothly in all temps and conditions. Soft and forgiving while still packed full of tech, the Logic is one of our favorite high-end freestyle bindings for 2017.

Shop the Bent Metal Logic

Burton Stiletto Snowboard Bindings

Burton Women's Stiletto Bindings at Windward Boardshop

An excellent options for the ladies looking for a soft flexing binding from Burton comes from the one and only Stiletto Snowboard Binding. With tech that pushes progression while still offering a comfortable and forgiving flex, the Stiletto is perfect for beginner or intermediate riders looking for a dependable do-it-all binding. This lightweight, soft flexing binding comes with a canted highback, women’s specific True Fit Lush Strap ankle strap, brand new Gettagrip toe cap strap for top-notch toe hold and a Fullbed cushioning system in the footbed for added dampening and shock absorption. Everything you need in a binding to get the job done this winter, without the price tag that requires you emptying your bank account. Trusty performance and comfort is guaranteed with the Burton Stiletto.

Shop the Burton Stiletto

Union Rosa Snowboard Bindings

Union Women's Rosa Bindings at Windward Boardshop

Stylish comfort with a forgiving flex and friendly price tag are just a few of the reasons so many female riders love the Union Rosa Snowboard Binding. The beginner-friendly flex allows for a forgiving and comfortable ride, the Ultragrip straps keep you locked securely in place for better overall control, the built in EVA bushings offer dampening and comfort under foot and the asymmetric highback gives ergonomic support for a luxurious ride. Just because you are on a budget doesn’t mean you have to compromise on performance. The Union Rosa will help you step up your skills this winter without breaking the bank.

Shop the Union Rosa

All Mountain Snowboard Bindings

Burton Mission Snowboard Bindings

Burton Men's Mission Bindings at Windward Boardshop

One of the best selling mid-range flex bindings of all time is the always stylish Burton Mission Snowboard Binding. With tech that gets better every year and style that doesn’t stop, there is a Mission binding out there that is perfect for you. This binding is available in both EST and non-EST so you can easily pair them with any brand board and offers the perfect balance between comfort and support. The single component baseplate has a 30% short-glass / nylon composite for a super strong, lightweight feel. In the back, the single component hi-back is canted and has zero forward lean for a fully customizable fit while the Reactstrap ankle strap and Gettagrip capstrap guarantee a perfect lock for ultimate responsiveness. Both the Re:Flex and EST full bed offers cushioning and top notch board feel while the Smooth Glide buckles get you strapped in securely in seconds flat. If you are looking for a perfect all-mountain binding that doesn’t cost a fortune then the Burton Mission will be perfect for you.

Shop the Burton Mission 

Shop the Burton Mission EST

Burton Genesis Snowboard Bindings

Burton Men's Genesis Bindings at Windward Boardshop

The unofficial “Shop Guy Binding of Choice” is once again the Burton Genesis Snowboard Binding. Also the go-to binding for Jake himself, the Genesis is like a work of art blending high end materials with luxury-grade comfort making this one of the most effortlessly awesome bindings we’ve ever had the pleasure of riding. Slightly softer flexing but all the bells and whistles you could ever desire is why so many riders are choosing the Genesis. Available in both Re:Flex and EST, the single-component baseplate is constructed out of a short glass / nylon composite for reduced weight and added strength. The zero-lean highback comes with the Kickback Hammock built in which is a lighter weight version of the classic heel hammock that adds suspension and a ton of comfort. On the bottom, the footbed is loaded with shock-absorbing cushioning features like a B3 gel pad and the EST or ReFlex fullbed. With a stylish yet clean look, minimal weight and over the top comfort, the Burton Genesis is guaranteed to blow minds this winter as one of the best all mountain bindings on the market.

Shop the Burton Genesis

Shop the Burton Genesis EST

Union Force Snowboard Bindings

Union Men's Force Bindings at Windward Boardshop

Year after year, the most bang for your buck when it comes to the Union lineup will come from the Union Force. Tough enough for the pro’s but priced right for everyone else, the Union Force is one of our personal favorites year after year. With a mid flex rating, the Force is perfect for all mountain riding and offers enough support for seasoned riders without being too stiff for a beginner. The Stage IV baseplate is essentially indestructible, the extruded 3D aluminum heelcup adds strength and power to your heelside, Sonic Fuse straps secure you into the binding with minimal weight and no bulk and the Multi-Density Thermoformed EVA bushings add dampening for chatter relief and support when stomping big landings. Referred to as the “workhorse” of the Union line for a good reason. No need to have an endless bank account to afford good bindings this winter, treat yourself to the Union Force and still have beer money left over.

Shop the Union Force

Flow Five Hybrid Snowboard Bindings

Flow Men's Five Hybrid Bindings at Windward BoardshopBuilt on Flow’s beliefs of producing strong products that are comfortable to use, the Five Hybrid Snowboard Binding is the proof that those two things can exist together. With a nearly bullet-proof construction and forgiving 4/10 flex rating, the Five can handle rowdy park runs, aggressive riders and anything in between. The Hybrid Power Strap offers support and responsiveness, the molded composite Uniback highback is strong and lightweight, the locking Slap Ratchets allow for quick tighten up’s on the go and the full EVA toe and heel inserts dampen your ride for all day comfort. If durability and high comfort is what you are looking for then the Flow Five Hybrid might just be the binding for you.

Shop the Flow Five Hybrid

Gnu B-Real Snowboard Bindings

GNU Women's B-Real Bindings at Windward Boardshop

Gnu keeps it real season after season with the one of our favorite women’s bindings, the Gnu B-Real. With a medium flexing, lightweight construction and super fast Backdoor Entry, the B-Real makes it so easy to strap in and go. The highback drops down for quick Back Door entry, the Asym Highback offers ergonomic support, the EVA foam footbed dampens your ride for chatter-free fun and MicroBuckles still allow you to make quick adjustments on the fly if needed. Whether you are hitting the park or slaying the entire mountain, the Gnu B-Real is down to ride this winter.

Shop the Gnu B-Real

Union Milan Snowboard Bindings

Union Women's Milan Bindings at Windward Boardshop

To the ladies who are taking advantage of the entire mountain this winter, feast your eyes on the 2017 Union Milan Snowboard Bindings. With the all mountain freestyle rider in mind, the Milan offers the perfect amount of flex and responsiveness while features like the Asymmetric highback and straps offer added support in the right spots for better control on presses, jibs and buttering. The Multi Density EVA foam bushings load up your under-foot support for better cushioning and top notch comfort, tool-free adjustments let you make quick changes on the go, the Mini Disk allows for a more true board flex and the overall female-specific design hugs a smaller foot for a perfectly tailored fit. From the groomers to the park and everything in between, the Union Milan is here to get the job done.

Shop the Union Milan

Burton Scribe Snowboard Bindings

Burton Women's Scribe at Windward Boardshop

A top pick for the all mountain riding lady, the Burton Scribe is one of the most versatile women’s bindings that Burton makes. Available in both ReFlex and EST, the Scribe is perfect for intermediate riders that are ready to step up their binding game this winter. The canted Living Hinge highback offers ergonomic, customizable support, top of the line ankle and toe straps keep you locked perfectly into place and FullBED cushioning system offers major dampening for a smooth, chatter free ride.On the ReFlex version, the baseplate is made of a super lightweight short glass / nylon composite. Responsiveness, comfort and a versatile ride is what you will get when you choose the Burton Scribe Bindings.

Shop the Burton Scribe

Shop the Burton Scribe EST

Big Mountain / High Performance Snowboard Bindings

Burton X Base Snowboard Bindings

Burton Men's X Base Bindings at Windward Boardshop

For those that demand the absolute best when it comes to quality and response, you should be considering is the Burton X Base Bindings. Available in either traditional disc or Burton-specific EST construction, the X Base is one of the most premium snowboard bindings that money can buy. With direction from the team and by sourcing the best materials available, the X Base was born. Single component base plate construction with a 50/50 fiberglass / nylon composite, carbon composite ultra highback, double take buckles for no-slip closures and an asym hammock strap for added support. Insanely light, highly supportive and the best materials that money can buy. No matter the conditions or terrain, the X Base is guaranteed to offer premium response, support and major stability. If you want the best, then the Burton X Base is the binding for you.

Shop the Burton X Base

Shop the Burton X Base EST

Union Ultra FC Snowboard Bindings

Union Men's Ultra FC Bindings at Windward Boardshop

The high tech boss of the Union lineup, and one of the most responsive bindings we carry at the shop is the Union Ultra FC. With a forged carbon highback AND baseplate, these are some of the stiffest bindings money can buy. By blending some of the stiffest materials available with the highest quality closed cell foam cushioning, the Ultra FC is able to achieve second to none responsiveness with high end comfort. Here are all the stats: forged carbon symmetric highback, MD X-carbon baseplate, forged carbon heel cup, integrated Vaporlite bushings and magnesium buckles. Union essentially took all the best materials and tech and merged them into one, super-hero status binding. A stiff flex rating means these are not for the weak. If your season takes you to where the eagles dare, then you shouldn’t be riding anything less than the Union FC Ultra.

Shop the Union Ultra FC

Bent Metal Solution Snowboard Bindings

Bent Metal Solution at Windward Boardshop

Two words, “Carbon Fiber”, are what make the Bent Metal Solution Snowboard Binding so outstanding. Their lightest weight, highest performing binding that is packed with top notch materials and their finest tech advancements is one seriously impressive binding that is guaranteed to turn heads on the mountain this winter. The highback is made up of a super firm-flexing aerospace carbon for instant response, control and precision. The carbon Drive Plate adds to the responsiveness with it’s maple wood core and carbon fiber sandwich construction for instant binding-to-board response. An overall flex of 8/10 makes the Solution the stiffest binding in the Bent Metal lineup and ideal for any big mountain riders who demand the best when it comes to support and responsiveness. Other key features include the Cube for quick forward-lean adjustment, the Light Form ankle and toe straps for a secure lock and supportive fit and forged aluminum buckles

Shop the Bent Metal Solution

Burton Lexa Snowboard Bindings

Burton Women's Lexa at Windward Boardshop

Shop girl favorite and long-standing OG of the Burton women’s binding lineup, the Burton Lexa Binding is back for another season of support. With top features like the Heel Hammock and Asym Hammockstrap ankle strap, the Lexa is insanely comfortable while still offering excellent response. Other key tech to note would be the Double Take Buckles that lock you in place in second flat, the Supergrip Capstrap that pulls your boot back for the ultimate heel lock, AutoCANT FullBED cushioning for comfort and dampening and a B3 Gel pad in the heel for shock absorption and a little extra support when stomping those landings. So many shop girls and pro riders can’t be wrong. Treat yourself to one of the best bindings out there when you choose the Burton Lexa.

Shop the Burton Lexa

Shop the Burton Lexa EST

Union Legacy Snowboard Bindings

Union Women's Legacy Bindings at Windward Boardshop

The name says it all, the boss lady of the Union binding lineup is the one and only Legacy Snowboard Binding. One of the lightest weight bindings on the market and super responsive, the Legacy is ideal for the experienced lady shredder who wants a premium binding that can handle a seasoned rider in all mountain conditions. Besides the benefits of the lightweight construction, you also get a supportive medium flex in the highback, a full Vaporlite bushing bottom for top notch shock absorption, a Minidisk baseplate for better board feel and flex and magnesium buckles for a smooth strap in every single time. If high performance is what you demand in a binding then you should be riding the Union Legacy.

Shop the Union Legacy

Well we are pretty sure we covered all our bases in this article We hope you found some great options and maybe even learned a thing or two. To see our most up to date availability on all our bindings:

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