On Saturday, February 7th we took another bus full out to Chestnut Mountain for what ended up being an awesome day on the snow! The bus was at max capacity when we left the city and everyone on board was happy with the 35 degree temps we pulled up to once we arrived at Chestnut. A little warmer than ideal but who can complain about riding in a hoodie all day? Not us.

The rest of the day was near perfection. We were hyped to run into a huge crew from the Windy City Boarders and rode with the pack all day. We ran into some of our favorite regular customers and it’s always nice to take turns with the people we sell gear to. We even got to see one of our favorite local groms, Kaleb, nail his first tail grab! Nice work buddy!

The day wrapped up and before we knew it we were on our way home. The ride back to the city was one of our rowdiest yet. One innovative bus rider brought a collapsable shot-ski which was the source of much entertainment on our 3 hour tour back to the city. We gave a ton killer prizes away from brands like Volcom, Vans, Adidas, D-Day Snowboards and Burton.

If you missed out, you can enjoy the quick video above and then get your seat booked for our last trip of the season coming up on Saturday, February 28th. Thanks to Windy City Ski, Windy City Boarders, Goose Island & 312 and all our brands that hooked up giveaway prizes. See you on the next bus trip!