The week you’ve all been waiting for is here. Spring break has arrived and you need to get prepared to party your face off for an entire week. Proper planning will be the difference between having the best week ever or being the moron who forgot everything. We’ve put together a little list of items that will assist in you having the time of your life. You will be the life of the party. You will be the friend who remembered everything. Go forth and read how to become this awesome person…

Burton Beeracuda at Windward Boardshop

Burton Beeracuda

The only thing wrong with coolers is you have to carry them. The solution to that problem is the Burton Beeracuda. Keep your hands free for high fives and head stands by rolling with the world’s greatest beer holder. Sling this puppy over your shoulder and have your favorite 6-pack at your disposal at all times. 5 in the cooler and 1 in the holster means you are prepared and you don’t have to lug around your hungover friends gatorade and that half eaten sandwich that someone shoved in the cooler. Sure, you can share if you want to, but with the Burton Beeracuda you can rest easy knowing you came prepared.

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Burton Lil Buddy at Windward Boardshop

Burton Lil Buddy

If you are looking to lug more than a 6’er, the Burton Lil Buddy is the only way to go. This perfectly sized stylish cooler can hold a 12-pack and has several options when it comes to transporting the goods. Easy carry handle, shoulder strap or skate straps on the bottom (yes, you can strap this to your skateboard) means no matter what it takes, you and your frosty beverages are going to make it to the party. Insulated enough to sit at the beach all afternoon and way cooler looking than a cheap styrofoam container. Stock enough cold ones for you and your BFF and hit the house parties with the Burton Lil Buddy.

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Go Pro Hero 4 Silver Edition at Windward Boardshop

Go Pro Hero 4 Silver Edition

Let’s be totally honest here, you’re not going to remember the majority of Spring Break, but your Go Pro Hero 4 Silver Edition will. With a million ways to attach this lightweight, durable camera to really anything you can think of, you will be guaranteed to come home with some seriously hilarious footage and and likely some that can be used for bribery in the future. The most technical camera that Go Pro has produced, the Hero 4 Silver is the first to offer a built in display so you can actually see what you’re filming so you don’t come home with endless hours of bad angles and wondering what the hell you’re looking at. More tech than most will use on vaca but if you’re feeling frisky you can shoot time lapses, photos, videos and basically create the worlds greatest spring break recap video ever. Piece the week back together with help from your friends at Go Pro.

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Quiksilver Outsider Straw Hat at Windward Boardshop

Quiksilver Outsider Straw Hat

We can pretty much guarantee you will end up with at least one bad sun burn before the week is over, but if you come prepared with the Quiksilver Outsider Hat, at least that burn won’t be on your face. Protect that money maker and basically look like some kind of tropical baller with this oversized straw hat. Sun protection for your head and shoulders, an adjustable strap so you don’t end up losing it in the ocean and the classic Quiksilver mountain and wave logo to let everyone know you really do belong at the beach.

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Burton Honey Baked Hammock at Windward Boardshop

Burton Honey Baked Hammock

If you end up strung between two trees lounging on the Burton Honey Baked Hammock, just go ahead and bask in the fact that life at that moment can’t really get any better. This travel size hammock fits perfectly in a backpack or small bag and weighs almost nothing, so it’s not like you’re lugging around a bunch of extra weight. Built in straps mean setup is super easy and it even comes with a built in stash pocket and coozie so you can store your important items safely and crack open a cold one and enjoy the day. Once again, people will be amazed with your ability to be prepared and we can almost guarantee this hammock has the ability to attract those of the opposite sex. The even better news is it has just enough room for two. The other really better news is it’s machine washable. So you can wash away that random person when you get home from spring break.

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Sun Bum Sunblock at Windward Boardshop

Sun Bum Sunblock

Let’s go ahead and assume you’re actually going to be smart enough to remember to put your Sun Bum Sunblock on. If that is in fact the case, good for you! Skin cancer is no joke and neither is a bad sunglass tan. With the help of the tan people down at Sun Bum, you can maintain a golden brown look all week long. Available in both lotions and sprays from 15-70, even your ghosty white ginger best friend can spend the day in the sun without ending up in the ER. For hot spots (forehead, shoulders) we like the Zinc Oxide and for quick re-ups on the face, the SPF 30 Face Stick is awesome. If you do screw up and get burnt, they’ve got something for that too. From cool down sprays to lotions and pure aloe gels, you can recover quickly and get back to the beach before anyone realized you were gone. As good for you as it can be while still working in the water, Sun Bum is the only sunblock you need for this year’s spring break.

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With this list of items in tow, we are pretty sure the good times will be guaranteed. Be safe, party hard and with any luck you’ll remember enough of the trip to come home with some good stories.