Inflatable SUP boards are not what many people think. They are not cheap, glorified rafts that will bend and deflate and get easily damaged. They are not random impulse purchases that are meant to sit in your garage.

These are high quality, super rigid, very versatile boards for literally EVERY member of your family (maybe even those 4-legged family members).

Inflatable SUP boards have come a long way in recent years. If you like to travel, inflatable SUP boards are very easy to bring along. If you have limited storage space in your home, they are easy to stow away. If you are into SUP yoga, they are much more comfortable than traditional fiberglass boards. These are just a few of the reasons we love these boards. Read on and see why an all around inflatable SUP board may be the right board for you. As you read, keep in mind that each board listed below comes with the following: board, carrying bag, fins, pump and repair kit. All you need in addition to get out on the water is a SUP paddle and SUP leash.

Red Ride 10'6 at Windward Boardshop

Red Ride Inflatable SUP Board 10′ 6″

If you look up “versatile inflatable SUP board” in the dictionary, the Red Paddle Co Ride 10’6″ Inflatable SUP Board should be the top result. With a higher PSI rating than most brands (25 psi), the Ride 10’6″ is super rigid and highly stable for riders of just about any size. With a 32″ width, the Ride offers a comfortably sized deck that even a beginner could step onto and feel comfortable and confident. Red’s drop stitch construction creates a level of stability that most would only expect from a traditional fiberglass board, making the Ride great for surfing small waves or simply cruising around.

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Red Paddle Co Ride 10'8 at Windward Boardshop

Red Ride Inflatable SUP Board 10′ 8″

For the most stability you can get from an inflatable SUP board, look no further than the Red Paddle Co Ride 10’8″ Inflatable SUP Board. New for 2015, what once was the Mega 10’8″ has changed to the 10’8″ Ride. This extra wide ride is perfect for beginners, families looking to tandem paddle, pet enthusiasts that may want to bring their pup along for the ride or just big dudes that want a board that can handle some serious weight.. The Ride 10’8″ is a whopping 36″ wide and can hold rider weight of up to almost 300 lbs! If you are looking for the most comfortable, stable inflatable SUP board out there, the Red Ride 10’8″ is the only way to go.

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Naish Nalu Air at Windward Boardshop

Naish Nalu Air Inflatable SUP Board

Naish makes some of our favorite boards to paddle and their inflatable boards are top of the line, which is why the Naish Nalu Air Inflatable SUP Board is making our list. The Nalu line from Naish is their slightly narrow, small surf friendly, casual cruising do-it-all kind of board line. The Nalu Air 11’0 has a progressive rocker which is great for choppy conditions, a narrow 30″ width so the more aggressive paddler can get a nice fast stroke and fully inflated weights under 24 lbs so it’s a breeze for any rider to carry. In addition to the changes to the shape, the 2015 Nalu Air gets a new sleek design similar to their fiberglass Nalu design. For 2015 the Nalu Air is now available in a 10’2″ option for lightweight riders up to 180lbs. Find out for yourself why so many trust Naish for all their water sport needs.

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C4 BK Pro at Windward Boardshop

C4 BK Pro Inflatable SUP Board 10’11”

If this was a style competition, the C4 BK Pro Inflatable SUP Board would absolutely take the cake. The only inflatable SUP board we’ve ever seen with a swallow tail, this surf friendly cruiser board is perfect for smaller waves and the compact shape is super fun and highly maneuverable. Coming in under 11 feet long you may think this board could be unstable but thanks to the 33.5″ width, you still get a super stable ride that any paddler could handle. Heading on a surf vacation and want to spice things up? Pack the C4 BK Pro and hit some small surf to enjoy the performance of a top of the line inflatable SUP / surf board!

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C4 Isup XXL at Windward Boardshop

C4 XXL Inflatable SUP Board 10’9″

Big riders need boards too and that’s why C4 created the C4 XXL Inflatable SUP Board. For the type of rider who shops at the “big and tall” stores or maybe just for the family who knows all the kids love to pile on the same board, the C4 XXL is one sturdy beast that can definitely handle the party. With a full nose, 34″ width and oversized square tail, this board has a TON of deck space and you could darn near hold a dance recital on this board. So, for the NFL guy looking for a board or the family looking for one ride that will keep everyone happy, the C4 XXL is an excellent choice.

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C4 Isup CMAC ATB at Windward Boardshop

C4 CMAC ATB Inflatable SUP Board 10’6″

The C4 CMac ATB Inflatable SUP Board is not only C4’s original iSup (inflatable SUP), it’s also their best selling inflatable to date. There must be some reason so many people choose this board. This perfectly shaped cruising board has a 30″ width and completely inflated weighs under 23 lbs which means just about any member of the family can lug this board around with no problem. Surfable in smaller waves and perfect for flat water cruising and touring as well, the C4 ATB (all terrain board) certainly lives up to it’s name.

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Bic SUP Air at Windward Boardshop

Bic SUP Air Inflatable SUP Board 10′ 6″

For those looking for a good inflatable SUP board at a great price, the Bic SUP Air Inflatable SUP Board will give you some serious bang for your buck. With a classic SUP / surf shape and compact 10’6 size, this board is great for smaller paddlers, ladies and kids. The length makes it easy to maneuver while the 33″ width offers a generous footing area so the rider can have a comfortable, wide stance. Yoga enthusiasts, beginners and kids will enjoy this sturdy cruising board.

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Starboard Inflatable Technology

Before we get into our picks from Starboard, here is a quick overview of how their sizing works. Each Starboard inflatable board is available in two different constructions: Zen or Deluxe.

Astro Zen

The Zen model boards come with a 4.75″ drop stitch construction for a perfect balance between volume and overall stiffness. The deck and bottom have a Denier polyester plain weave laminate over the 500 Denier drop stitch making the hull extra strong and stiff. The rails are covered with a bi-axial polyester mesh for added stiffness and the flexible permanent side fins aid in tracking and safety.

Astro Deluxe

The Deluxe model boards have a 6.0″ drop stitch construction which is Starboard’s stiffest inflatable technology. The deck and bottom have an extra high strength Denier laminate over a uni-directional Denier drop stitch and the rails have a Denier polyester plain weave for 100% air tightness. For 2015, the rails are 70% thicker and stronger than seasons past. For additional stiffness a dual stringer has been added and the parabolic compression band in the deck edge area creates a slight curve for increased stiffness, even with heavier weight riders.

Starboard Blend at Windward Boardshop

Starboard Blend Inflatable SUP Board 11’2″

Appropriately named, the Starboard Blend is their solution for riders looking for a board that offers both stable cruising and small wave surf ability. No matter the skill level or age of the rider, they can jump onto this buoyant, sturdy board and enjoy a cruise. The Blend offers a smooth glide in calm conditions and also handles chop well thanks to the rockered nose. Bungees are included so you can bring your gear along with you on longer missions and the additional handle at the tail makes for easy carrying.

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Starboard Astro Yoga Crossover Inflatable SUP at Windward Boardshop

Astro Yoga Crossover Inflatable SUP Board 11’2″

For those yoga enthusiasts that are ready to take their stretching to the water, the Starboard Astro Yoga Crossover Inflatable SUP Board is the perfect board. The 32″ width offers enough space for your poses but is narrow enough to glide quickly. An added EVA paddle holder gives your paddle somewhere to sit during your class and a full 2mm EVA deck pad gives the Yogi a comfortable and stable platform for your next Savasana pose. Every Astro board comes with a wheeled Magic Bag that makes transporting your inflatable easier than ever and the board itself also has a comfortable shoulder carry handle so you can get it from the sand to the water with little effort.

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Starboard Astro Touring Inflatable SUP at Windward Boardshop

Astro Touring Inflatable SUP Board 12’6″

If you are ready to do some exploring on your inflatable stand up paddle board, you may want to consider the Starboard Astro Touring Inflatable SUP
Board. With reduced rails, the deck area is closer to the water for added stability, the narrow nose slices the water for an overall smooth glide and the lowered rocker flattens out the board for increased speed, glide and stability. Starboard also includes a paddle holder and bungee tie downs for all your gear, and of course, the wheeled Magic Bag for easy travel and storage.

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Well I think we’ve given you plenty of places to start your search for the perfect inflatable SUP board. With so many great options and improvements in tech, the hardest part will be picking your favorite one.