In this video HOW II we take a look at how to tune a snowboard with a basic edge and hot wax treatment. Keeping your board in tip top shape will make it ride to it’s potential allowing you to go faster and help your board last longer. Without further aidu, ‘How to Tune a Snowboard’ with Windward Boardshop and the man in the black pajamas.

how to tune a snowboard: what you’ll need


  • gummy stone
  • edge tool
  • hot wax
  • tuing iron
  • base cleaner
  • cloth
  • brush

tuning your snowboard edges

step 1: debur the edges

Use the gummy stone to remove rust and de-bur the edge.

step 2: sharpen the edges

Sharpening the edge from nose to tail, make 2-3 passes with the edge tool.

hot waxing your snowboard

step 1: clean the base

Spray the base throughly with base cleaner and wipe clean.

step 2: apply the wax

To apply the wax, set your tuning iron to around 160ºf.

When heated press the hot wx against the iron and drip.

Drip wax on with 1-2″ between drops. It’s ok to be generous with the wax.

step 3: melt the wax into base

Make circular motions to melt the wax into the base.

Be very cautious to not leave the iron sitting in the same place for to long. It will burn the base.

After the wax is spread, let wax dry for 20-40 minutes.

step 4: scrape the Wax

Once dry,give the nose a few good scrapes. Continue down the board until a light film of wax is left. Also, dont forget to scrape the wax from the edges.

step 5: brush to finish

Brush off the excess wax from nose to tail.

Now go Snowboarding.

Go faster.

Take Chances.



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