In this video HOW II we take a look at how to build a longboard. We explore putting together a longboard with a drop-through deck style. This process is slightly different than your traditional top mount longboard or skateboard.

We will assume that you have a deck with griptape already installed. If you are curious on how to grip your deck, check out our video on how to build a skateboard for proper instructions on applying grip tape. Let’s do it…‘How to Build a Longboard’ with Windward Boardshop and the man in the black pajamas.

how to build a longboard


  • deck
  • tool
  • trucks
  • bolts
  • bearings & spacers
  • wheels

step 1: disassembling the truck

  • Using your tool remove the kingpin bolt, bushings, and hanger.

step 2: attaching the trucks

  • Insert the base plate with the kingpin facing the end of the deck.
  • Insert your bolts, add the washers, then tighten the nuts.
  • Place your bottom busing first, then the hanger. After that, add the top bushing, pivot cup & kingpin bolt.

step 3: attaching wheels and bearings

  • Add the first the wheel firmly down on the bearing until it sets into place. 
  • Add spacer and second bearing on the other side of the wheel.
  • Finally, add the second washer & bolt.