When it comes to the conditions that you encounter in big mountain riding, not just any snowboard will do. With that in mind, we wanted to compile a list of the best big mountain snowboards for winter 2017. Having the ability to float in pow and slice quickly through trees, power, and hard pack whenever the conditions call for it are just a few of the features that you want to look out for to when shopping for a dedicated big-mountain snowboard. We’ve hand-picked this list of our personal favorites for this winter and are sure that you will agree that these are some of the industry’s best big mountian snowboards for winter 2017.

Never Summer Twenty Five Snowboard

Never Summer Twenty Five at Windward Boardshop

The Never Summer Twenty Five Snowboard completely embodies everything that Never Summer’s big mountain snowboards stand for. This model is a special edition board that was made to celebrate Never Summer’s 25th anniversary. With features that will remind you of the much-missed Heritage, the Twenty Five is a hard charging freeride machine and is everything that you would imagine it would be. Brand new for 2017 is the Hextech topshee. They took their carbonium top sheet and evolved it into a super strong, grippy top sheet that is scratch/chip resistant and removes the need for a stomp pad since it offers up grip on it’s own. RDS 1+ Dampening and Elastomeric Underfoot Stabilizers ensure the ultimate in chatter reduction regardless of conditions. Carbon Max Laminate technology adds more power and responsiveness so you can charge harder. Icing on the cake includes a low profile tip and tail reducing drag and unnecessary weight and the Vario Powergrip Sidecut drives your carves for unmatched precision. Available in both regular and wide (X = wide) options. Both are very limited, so be sure to jump on this before they are gone forever.

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Burton Family Tree Branch Manager Snowboard

Burton Family Tree Branch Manager at Windward Boardshop

If your big mountain riding style leans more towards the trees and powder days, then you are the perfect candidate to ride the Burton Family Tree Branch Manager Snowboard. Designed in collaboration with Japanese powder guru Beru Yoshimura, the Branch Manager was built to slay in the trees, carve precise lines and weave through open powder terrain like a hot knife through butter. With heavy design emphasis on float and the ability to turn on a dime, this tapered directional board drives through the deep stuff effortlessly while the 45 degree carbon highlights add snap and power for a fast, precise ride. Directional camber puts all the power under your back foot so you can lay back and enjoy the ride with the Recycled Sintered WFO base doing the heavy lifting on the bottom. If you’re lucky enough to ever get the chance to ride the magical fairy dust that is Japanese powder, this is the board you want strapped to your feet. While us homegrown folk will have to find our own magical powder stashes here on our local mountains, rest assured the Branch Manager is down to ride no matter where your adventure takes you.

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Lib Tech Mayhem Round Nose Fish Snowboard

Lib Tech Mayhem Round Nose Fish at Windward Boardshop

Arguably one of the best graphics in years of standout graphics, the Lib Tech Mayhem Round Nose Fish Snowboard will be turning heads this winter. This powerful “resort slasher” has the ability to slay powder stashes in the backcountry or drill the early morning courduroy warm-up runs like a boss. Lib teamed up with legendary surf shaper Matt Biolos to design a one of a kind stick to surf the mountains. Equipped with Lib’s XC2 modified-aggressive profile, you get a shortened rocker section between your bindings for the ability to pop the nose up and float but you’ve still got powerful camber under your bindings for a precise and powerful carve. The directional shape gives you more nose than tail for the added floatability, a short, elliptical sidecut allows for quick maneuvering and sharp turns while the split tail sinks into the powder for a clear exit and minimal drag at all times. Dreamy floatability, power where you need it and the ability to slay powder or groomers all come included with the Lib Tech Mayhem Round Nose Fish.

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Capita Charlie Slasher Snowboard

Capita Charlie Slasher at Windward Boardshop

Every single year, the BEST priced powder board in our entire shop is the one and only Capita Charlie Slasher Snowboard. So much bang for your buck, this deck is packed with tech and killer features normally reserved for boards that cost an arm and leg. With a sleek shape and 22mm tapered tail, the Slasher offers excellent float. The flat camber from mid-deck through the tail helps to drive the board with power and precision making it equally capable of handling hard pack and groomers with no problem. Dual 2 x 30mm carbon fiber beams built into the nose add a ton of power and help drive the board through the deeper fluff. On the base, the built in Triax top and Biax bottom fiberglass loads the board up with pop for a fun, lively carve and snappy response. The most fun part? You can DIY split the Slasher if you are really feeling saucy. The certified sustainable Touring Core features a split-ready ABS sidewall down the centerline of the board meaning you can slice this puppy right down the middle and still have full ABS sidewalls exposed on the newly cut line. Not every big mountain rider has a bottomless bank account. For the big-mountain/powder ripper on a budget, look no further than the Capita Charlie Slasher.

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Jones Hovercraft Snowboard

Jones Hovercraft at Windward Boardshop

It’s simple really, the Jones Hovercraft Snowboard is a game changer. This board will blow your mind and take you to speeds once thought unattainable. Built for slashing powder, slicing through the tree lines and powering through any thing in it’s path, the Hovercraft is a true big mountain beast. Besides standing out for it’s insanely good looks, the Hovercraft has a unique shape all its own that was built specifically for the big mountain charger in all of us. The wide spoon nose has a slightly beveled edge for improved float in deeper snow, the curvaceous Speed Channel tail is super minimal and sinks perfectly for quick maneuverability and zero drag. The directional rocker profile lifts the nose for additional float and puts powerful camber under your back foot where you need it. Mellow magnetraction adds that little extra grip for the hardpack or the odd icy day and the progressive sidecut radius makes carving fluid and fast. Finally, the bamboo topsheet is lightweight, snappy and damn good looking. Strap in, lean back and hang on when you choose the Jones Hovercraft.

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Never Summer Women’s Aura Snowboard

Never Summer Aura at Windward Boardshop

The first women’s board in the Never Summer lineup to feature the aggressive Ripsaw Rocker Camber profile is the new Never Summer Aura Snowboard. This big mountain powerhouse has all the bells and whistles of Never Summer’s highest performance mens boards, but scaled down for hard-charging ladies. There is a laundry list of tech on this deck to offer a light-speed, confidence-inspiring ride. The Carbon VXR Laminate technology loads the board up with power, extended transition areas makes for seamless carving, the RDS2 dampening system absorbs shock and reduces chatter and the sintered P-Tex sidewall adds a ton of strength for protection against impact and increased longevity. If in the past you found yourself reaching for mens boards because girls boards just didn’t seem to have the tech you were looking for, then you owe it to yourself to check out the Never Summer Aura.

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Burton Women’s Family Tree Day Trader Snowboard

Burton Family Tree Day Trader at Windward Boardshop

Possibly the dreamiest board in the entire Burton women’s lineup, the Burton Family Tree Day Trader Snowboard is nothing to sneeze at. This powder slashing, hard carving, float-a-licious ride is here for all your big mountain needs this winter. The ride is effortless thanks to the Flat Top bend and a slight taper to help sink the tail down while the wide, defined nose pops up and floats like a dream. The triax fiberglass adds a ton of snap to an already lively ride, making carving precise and effortless while the recycled Sintered WFO base ensures nothing will slow you down. This board is a fast, powerful ride and an absolute pleasure in almost any condition. From dipping in and out of the trees to powering through deep days to early morning runs on the groomers, the Burton Family Tree Day Trader is the true big-mountain-riding ladies dream board.

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Well this wraps up our top picks for big-mountain specific boards. Time to pick a winner and book that heli. Did we miss your favorite board? Feel free to hit us up, we always love to hear your feedback.

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