Several of our favorite brands have really stepped it up for winter 2014. In this article we will break down some of the brand spanking new 2014 snowboard technologies out there and why it might be just what you are looking for. Whether you are in the market for new boots, goggles or a brand new board, there is sure to be a product on this list that will interest you. 


Lib Tech C3BTX

New for this winter is yet another variation of rocker blended with camber from our friends at Lib Tech. C3BTX is their new camber dominant hybrid shape, offering the most precision and control for carving and digging deep in your turns. The mild banana tech rocker between your feet allows this board to have great float in powder while the exaggerated camber outside your feet allows for maximum nose and tail pressure. Who knew this kind of precision was available in a hybrid? Check out the Lib Tech Hot Knife if you are interested in checking out this new profile. 


Burton Filet O’Flex

For the park rider looking for the ultimate in flex and strength, Burton’s brand new Filet O’Flex might be just what you need in your next ride. Burton found a way to thin out the profile of the board without sacrificing the strength or durability – leaving one super soft flexing, strong, rail ripping machine. Another benefit of this new development is a subtle underfoot padding that Burton adds to dampen your landings and keep the height of the board where it needs to be to properly sit under your bindings. For the most flexible and strong park board yet, check out the Burton Name Dropper and see for yourself why Filet O’Flex is so sweet! 


Never Summer New Hybrid Shape (extended transition)

Limited to their brand new Ripsaw CR Snowboard, this new “CR” (camber / rocker) shape is heavy on the camber – two times the amount of camber to be exact – offering one snappy and powerful ride. This new shape offers extended transition areas and low profile tips for better glide, edge to edge transition and float in powder. This combination creates a beast of an all mountain board that is versatile and fun like the Proto but charges harder than ever before. 


Spy Snap-On Locksteady Goggle Lens

Spy got in on the quick change lens game with the addition of their brand new Doom Goggle for 2014. Thanks to their innovative “Locksteady” lens changing mechanism, you can swap lenses out  with the click of a button and then lock back into place with a solid “snap” so you know you have your lens on properly. This new system is air tight, super durable and is sure to rival some of the fastest changing lenses on the market. For now, this is only available on the new Doom frame – a perfectly oversized spherical that is perfect for both guys and girls. 


Anon M2

What’s faster than a single snap? Magnets. Anon’s brand new 2014 M2 Goggle will have you swapping lenses so fast that you will forget that lens changing was ever inconvenient. With 8 magnetic connection points using 16 rare earth magnets, the M2 goggles are second to none in self-aligning engagement. Each magnetic connection point has the retention power of 2.75 pounds making the total power of retention 22 pounds! So will these just pop off if you wipe out? The answer is no. 


DC Boot Revamp

When someone like T. Rice backs your boots, you know the brand is doing something right. DC has been a big name in snowboard boots for years. For 2014 they’ve made several upgrades that will only add to the awesomeness of the lineup. The most notable upgrade is the overhaul of their boot lasts. They are now offering a full and half size of both the boot and liner, which gives the rider the best (and most snug) fit possible. The overall footprint of the boot shells have been slightly reduced, giving you less toe and heel drag and new in-step reduction offers better fit and a more secure heel hold. Each model also now has a color coding, letting you know what kind of features will come standard with that particular liner – Black, White or Red. The Black liner is their top of the line option offering Aerotech Ventilation, anatomical support cage and J-bars, 360 degree powerstrap, heat moldable liner and moisture and temperature management liner. The White liner Impact S insole, J-bars, heat moldable liner, elastic closure assists and a moisture and temperature management liner. The Red liners will give you a heat moldable footbed, classic lace closure and a moisture and temperature management liner. 

Burton Infinite Ride 4 Liner (Boot Update)

2014-snowboard-tech-infintelinerStraight out of space and into your favorite pair of Burton boots, the Infinite Ride 4 Liner is here to take your snowboard boot comfort to the next level. Loaded with tech like Dryride moisture wicking formula, Tuff Cuff with a J-Bar interface and inner lace lock to secure your foot better than ever, Aegis Antimicrobial coating to keep your boots stank-free and a sock lock to keep your socks from sliding around inside your boot. These boots are built to feel like day 1 on day 100, reducing boot liner break down so you get the most bang for your buck and a much longer life out of your boots. The out of box comfort is top of the line so break in is something you won’t need to worry about with these new liners. 


Smith I/O Recon

Another outstanding goggle makes our list with a ton of new upgrades for 2014. The Smith I/O Recon is the goggle that we all dream of having. The lower right hand corner of your goggles has a display with all information you could ever need right there in front of your eyes. These goggles can log speed, jump analytics, vertical, altitude, distance, location, temperature, run counts, buddy tracking and text messaging (just to name a few). These hi-tech goggles can log all this information and give you some major bragging rights at the days end. The buddy tracking system is also a great safety feature for those backcountry adventures. Just make sure everyone in your group has a pair of Recon’s and you can stay connected all day long. More software upgrades are in the works for 2015 so we can assure you that these goggles will be worth the investment!


Burton Hammockstrap

Taking cues from the success of the hi-back hammock systems that Burton has been doing, they decided to add a similar feature to their ankle strap with the Hammockstrap. Adding a stitch-less 3D modeling that weaves a soft and super light weight hammock with a stiff spine gives the rider the most comfortable and most responsive ankle strap on the market. Giving you the snappy response of a super stiff binding while offering the comfort of a soft, forgiving binding – this is officially the best of both worlds. Find this in the Diode and Genesis Bindings for 2014.


Anon Helmets

Formerly knows as RED – Burton has re-categorized their accessories and now helmets and goggles fall under the Anon family name. With some new looks and upgraded features, the Anon helmet line is strong and better looking than ever. Super clean and simple skate inspired features make up the Raider helmet with the super tough endura shell and passive ventilation. Add a little flare  when you throw a brim on it with the Blitz helmet while getting some adjustable active ventilation and the perfect for all “simple fit.” Or dial it in for fit perfection with the brand new Rodan Helmet. Customize your fit with a Boa coiler system, get a low-profile fit thanks to the In-Mold construction, adjust your temps with the passive ventilation and rock your goggle strap under your helmet if you like thanks to the Strapstash construction. 



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