Nearing 10 years in the game, the crew at Yes Snowboards continue to push the limits of design and innovation with their small yet solid line of snowboards. With a heavy team and well over a decade of experience in the industry, riders like JP Solberg, DCP, Romain and Helen Schettini continue to push this brand – making it a leader in the industry despite the modest size. Versatility is at an all time high with boards like the 20/20, history buffs will fall in love with Un-Inc all over again with this year’s Greats board and the ladies get an extra special gift this year with the addition of the Hel Yes. Read on and see for yourselves why so many top riders are hyped on this magical little brand.

Yes 20/20

Yes 20/20 at W82

A few years ago when the Yes 20/20 hit the market, it was a design that intrigued us all – now a few seasons in and time tested, the 20/20 is better than ever. With a symmetrical true twin shape and specially designed 3D Powder Hull nose and tail, this board has the ability to float insanely well in deep conditions while the shorter length allows you to spin like a top with little to no swing weight. The 20/20 is available in 2 sizes – 150 and 154 – and the rider will size down from their traditional length about 8-10cm to find the right size for them. The 150 floats like a 158 and maneuvers like a 152 while the 154 rides like a 160, floats like a 165 and spins like a 156. Extra width is added to the waist of each board to account for a larger boot size so not to worry about any toe or heel drag issues. Another huge tech feature? The Weightless Core. Using a blend of Poplar and Paulownia, the 20/20 is insanely light on it’s feet to give you an even more dreamy, floaty feel when wafting thru the powder. But don’t let that reduced weight fool you, the 20/20 can still hold it’s own on the groomers – even though she will feel most at home on the deep days. Get rid of any unnecessary, excess board weight and feel the freedom under your feet of the magical Yes 20/20.


  • Shortened length reduces weight
  • Powder Hull lifts nose for extreme float in pow
  • Weightless Core is super light


  • Only available in 2 sizes
  • 3D Powder Hull is awesome but definitely raises the price

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Yes 420

Yes 420 at W82

Another “shorty” from Yes and one of the first to break the mold with this innovative reduced shape, the Yes 420 is still one of the best to ever do it. By extending the effective edge and getting rid of any unnecessary materials, the 420 rides like a board about 8-10cm longer – leaving the rider with a super maneuverable board that can still charge thru powder. Extremely nimble and excellent in the trees, the 420 has a directional shape with a slight taper in the tail for added float but the wide midsection adds a ton of stability under your foot despite the shorter length of the board. Available in 3 sizes, riders should plan to size down about 8-10cm to find the right size your needs. Freeride design in an insanely maneuverable shape, your season will get higher than ever when you take a ride on the Yes 420.


  • Shortened length reduces weight
  • Super maneuverable
  • Similar tech to the 20/20 at a lower price


  • Limited sizes
  • Not ideal for the freestyle enthusiast

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Yes Greats UnInc

Yes Greats UnInc at W82

Every year, Yes outdoes themselves when it comes to the Greats collection. From iconic females to the most legendary snowboarders – many “greats” have been featured on this series of boards. But the UnInc series – might just be the Greatest yet. Paying homage to a disbanded team of legends, the Greats UnInc is an Asym Twin board that is lightweight, snappy and created for the true freestyle junkie. The carbon-loaded heelside creates a tighter side cut for a more balanced natural feel that plays off the body’s asymmetrical tendencies. This shape also makes the transition between switch and regular nearly seamless which park shredders everywhere can appreciate. The shaped / blunted nose and tail reduce swing weight for quicker spins while the Camrock profile gives the rider the best of both worlds with rocker between the feet and camber outside the bindings. If you were a fan of the UnInc crew back in the day, you can still show your love – and take advantage of some killer tech – with the Yes Greats UnInc.


  • Asym shape awesome for freestyle riding
  • Legendary graphics
  • Snappy, versatile twin that is fun to ride


  • Versatile enough for all mountain riding but intended more for freestyle
  • May not be ideal for hard charging / fast conditions

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Yes Basic

Yes Basic at W82

Unlike the chick ordering the pumpkin spice latte at Starbucks, the Yes Basic is Basic in the best way possible. The quiver killer of snowboards and the only board you need to get it all done this winter, the Yes Basic is truly the snowboarders snowboard. Giving you all the tech you need and none of the unnecessary bells and whistles, the Basic has been a staple in the Yes line since day one and is clearly not going away any time soon. No matter what part of the mountain you plan to tackle, the Basic can get the job done. It was built to be the kind of board that you can ride anywhere and it performs in many conditions. With a true twin shape and hybrid Camrock profile, the Basic offers the best of both worlds with an evenly blended rocker and camber bend. Available in a slew of sizes ranging from 143 to a 163W, there is a truly a Basic for every ripper out there. A versatile shape, balanced flex, Underbite Edges for seamless carves and a full Poplar core for reliable strength and pop. Forget the fancy technology – get back to the basics this winter with the timeless Yes Basic.


  • Cut and dry – everything you need and nothing you don’t
  • Versatile do-it-all shape
  • Perfect for riders of all skill levels


  • A jack of all trades so not ideal for one dimensional riders

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Yes Hel Yes

Yes Hel Yes at W82

Helen Schettini has made quite the mark on women’s snowboarding – and now you too can see what the magic is made of, when you take a ride her pro model, the Hel Yes. This snappy, directional board has a true camber to rocker shape giving you all the edge hold and precision you need while still being able to offer great float in powder conditions thanks to the extra rocker in the nose. The Bamboo / Poplar / Paulownia core reduces weight while adding a lively, natural pop while the Sintered True base guarantees top notch wax absorption and retention for a fast, smooth ride at all times. And some brand new tech for 2018?Check out the Underbite outline. This new tech increases edge pressure by distributing the riders weight and energy for smooth, seamless turns and more precise edge hold. From deep days dodging the trees to fast lines on the groomers, the Hel Yes can get the job done and is the perfect ride for the lady who is not afraid to lead the pack.


  • All mountain domination – great in the trees or the groomers
  • Lightweight and snappy core for a lively ride
  • Underbite outline


  • Directional shape less ideal for freestyle enthusiasts
  • True camber profile may be too aggressive for newbies

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Yes Youth Fun Inc

Yes Fun Inc at W82

The Groms are the future, and Yes knows that – and that’s exactly why they invented the Youth Fun Inc. This progressive kids board is perfect for the ‘tween that is already ripping – or at least well on their way there. The Fun Inc is a true twin which is great for both the freestyle rider or the kid that wants to fine tune their switch riding skills, the rocker profile is perfect for lighter weight riders and offers a softer flex but not to worry – the biax fiberglass puts some snap back into the board so although it is a softer flexing board, it’s still got a nice pop for playing in the park. The extruded base is cost efficient and easy to repair which parents love and the full poplar core offers a strong, reliable flex that will offer support all season long. When they grow out of the kiddie boards but aren’t quite big enough for the adult sizes – the Yes Youth Fun Inc will get them where they need to be this season.


  • True twin shape is versatile
  • Rocker profile is forgiving for lighter weight riders
  • Biax fiberglass offers just the right amount of pop


  • Limited size availability

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That about wraps up this little list of our favorites – to see full the selection of Yes boards currently in stock, click here. To check out all our boards – regardless of brand – click here.